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March, 2006


Break The Law, HUD Takes Your House

The Department of Housing And Urban Development (HUD) has recently embarked on a nation wide witch hunt in search of Section 8 tenants that may or may not be caught up into illegal activities.
Tenants across the nation in the Section 8 program and public housing are being scrutinized like never before and are being forced to fill out and sign a "Personal Declaration", which they did not draft.

The so-called "Personal Declarations" are not uniform in the questions being asked and they vary from one city to another.

Tenants are being threatened with termination from the Section 8 program or faced with eviction from public housing if they do not consent to providing very personal information in the Personal Declaration that may be used against them later.

Going way beyond the demands of an "Income and Asset Statement" that is also filled out to verify a tenants income, some housing authorities have crafted the "Personal Declaration" like an interrogation, and they are demanding to know very personal questions and are directly asking tenants if they have been involved in ANY CRIMINAL ACTIVITY during the past three years.

"YES or NO". If the tenant fails to reply, they may face retaliation for not playing this vicious cat and mouse game.

If they give the wrong answer, it's off with their heads!

As an example, the Oakland Housing Authority (OHA) does not ask if the tenant was convicted of a felony or misdemeanor during the past 3 years, but instead asks directly if the tenants have been involved in ANY CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES during the past 3 years.

What does that mean?
Are they asking about traffic tickets, jay walking, illegal parking, murder, kidnapping, drug dealing?

If the tenant says no, and the OHA finds that a traffic ticket has not been paid, does it mean the tenant lied and will be forced out of the housing assistance programs for submitting incorrect information?

There are no exceptions, no pleading the fifth amendment, no place to check off a box to say that they do not understand the question, and there's no privacy because the housing authority claims the right to share this information with just about anyone they please including the Department of Defense (DOD)!

A violation of someone's right to privacy and an avenue for the DOD to spy on tenants in the nations housing programs!

After checking out a number of different "Personal Declarations" from across the nation that tenants are being forced to fill out and sign, it reveals that some Personal Declarations do not ask about criminal activities at all, while others get down and dirty, such as in Oakland.

HUD has provided a standard "Personal Declaration" form that tenants are being forced to fill out and sign, but local housing authorities across the nation are allowed to create their own forms that may differ from HUDs.

No free Americans should ever be forced to fill out and sign a "so-called Personal Declaration", under coercion, but this is exactly what is happening.

Oakland's housing authority claims that tenants must fill out and sign "ANY THING" presented to them, even if it may be unlawfull or unconstitutional.

Poor people are not slaves or so-called criminals that allegedly have no free will!

It is unethical and immoral in a free society of thinking human beings to force someone else to sign a so-called Personal Declaration that they themselves did not draft.

When it is time to make a Personal Declaration, let it be something that people freely do on their own and to do so willingly without the threat of punishment making them do so.

In addition to the phony Personal Declarations that people are being forced to sign, some housing authorities have even gone as far as to threaten US CITIZENS if they fail to prove their citizenship.

In America, only poor people are being made to prove their citizenship in order to keep a roof over their head, and people need to resist these blatant housing policies of discrimination.

Now the latest buzzzz is out revealing that poor people needing medical care may lose their healthcare coverage if they fail to prove their citizenship.

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