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January, 2006


Depleted Uranium Testing For Returning US Servicemen

Radioactive depleted uranium (DU) is 1.7 times as heavy as lead. According to the Federation of American Scientists, "These solid metal projectiles have the speed, mass and physical properties to perform exceptionally well against armored targets."
During the Gulf War, munitions and armor made with depleted uranium were used for the first time in a military action; and during the recent war in Iraq, the US government has used more than 2200 tons of depleted uranium weapons.

However, in the aftermath of the Gulf War, some startling statistics have started to emerge.

Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who has been campaigning against the use of depleted-uranium weapons for years, says, "Of the 697,000 US troops who served in the Gulf, over 90,000 have reported medical problems. Symptoms include respiratory, liver and kidney dysfunction, memory loss, headaches, fever, and low blood pressure. There are birth defects among their newborn children. DU is a leading suspect for a portion of these ailments. The effects on the population living in Iraq are far greater. Under pressure, the Pentagon has been forced to acknowledge Gulf War Syndrome, but they are still stonewalling any connection to DU." As well as immediate illnesses, returning servicemen have experienced other, even more far-reaching effects. A US Department of Veterans study of the families of 251 Gulf War veterans found that 67% had children with severe illnesses or birth defects.

The World Health Organization and NATO both steadfastly deny that there is a problem. However, increasing evidence, including the spate of deformed babies born to US servicemen who have returned from the Gulf in the last year or two, will change that.

In a recent exposŽ in the New York Daily News, Democracy Now! co-host Juan Gonzalez interviewed Army National Guard Specialist Gerald Darren Matthew, who returned from active duty in Iraq suffering from constant migraine headaches, blurred vision, blackouts and a burning sensation whenever he urinated.

His daughter, conceived shortly after he returned from Iraq, was born without three fingers and most of her right hand. This is just one in an increasing dossier of stories in the same vein.

Testing is a starting point. However, what is the next step? According to the New York Times bestseller Clear Body, Clear Mind by writer and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard, there is something that can be done to remove the residual effects of drugs and other toxins, including radiation, which are stored in the fatty tissues. The book offers a carefully balanced program of exercise to increase circulation, vitamin and mineral supplements and time sweating in the sauna.

This program specifically reports successes with individuals who have been exposed to radiation. One graduate, who grew up in Utah and as a child was exposed to radioactive fallout from nuclear tests in Nevada, stated, "I feel I have now run out all the extreme radiation that I was exposed to in this lifetime. I regained my affinity for people there have been times on this program when I felt such exhilaration and felt the way I felt when I was a kid. My energy level has picked up tremendously."

Other graduates consistently report increased mental clarity, ability to face up to and resolve the problems of life, vitality and positive attitude. They are mentally and spiritually much improved by the program. For more information on this program, visit

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