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May, 2005

Letter To The Editor

Inverness Fair Seeks Help
The Inverness Association seeks volunteers to help with the Inverness Fair, slated this year for Saturday, August 13. Interested parties please contact Ramon at 669-1529.
Ramon Cadiz

Sincerely Likes CP
Tomorrow is my f***ing 69th birthday, thank you.
I sincerely like the Coastal Post and thank you for your efforts.
Except-the one time each year when I have to write a check for $24 (am I saving money over the 6 month subscription?) for something that everyone else gets for free. What a dumb-dumb I must be…
Lois Joseph
Half Moon Bay

San Anselmo Cop Stops
San Anselmo police are cracking down on both motorists and cars.
Stop means cessation of all motion. In San Anselmo you can get ticketed nowadays for a California stop. Be sure to make a complete stop at San Anselmo stop streets.
San Anselmo police are tagging cars for overnight parking again, even on roads not city maintained. The police department sells tags that allow parking overnight. Most residents seem not to know about overnight parking until a ticket appears on the cars.
Name Withheld
San Anselmo

"God-given Rights"
I take issue when people refer to our "God-given" rights. Contrary to pronouncements of the religious, the rights we now enjoy were NOT bestowed by God.
Rather they were gained, painfully, earned through endless eons of struggle, high courage, extreme sacrifice and the blood of countless heroic individuals who wrested those rights by force, bit by tiny bit over the slow centuries, from the bloody hands of tyrants.
Please give credit where credit is due:

"Let no religious zealot claim
Our rights derive thru God's great Name.
In our world, for good or ill,
Mankind achieves by his free will.
The rights we hold come not from God,
But spring from blood where heroes trod."
Fielding Lewis Greaves
San Rafael

Shocked Over Greenberg Article
Having read the above-mentioned article ["The Lost Estate of Sophie Tucker Greenberg"], I am shocked that you allowed the printing of such an emotionally-charged and fabricated hit-piece.
Many of us who are actively involved in grassroots politics in the Bay Area all too often blame someone like Dan Rather or Fox News for unbalanced, unfair and untruthful reporting. Sadly, it seems we don't have to look any further than the Coastal Post for the same sort of slanderous editorializing which passes as "reporting" by Ms. Alvillar! One has to wonder if she has personal motivations for writing such a biased and inaccurate piece.
As a small business owner who has spent the past 8 years working with many reputable attorneys, conservators and family members, I can say that I have never seen a house, or its contents, in such a statement of filth and disrepair as the Greenberg house in Vallejo. Even the refrigerator had to be immediately sealed and hauled to the dump because of the unimaginable stench! Photos are available if you would like to see evidence of the "precious valuables" named in the article.
After taking this photographic inventory (Ms. Alvillar erroneously states that "No inventory was taken."), Ms. Greenberg and her husband Paul worked side-by-side with us every single day we were at the house. Paul himself directed us as to which items should be tossed in the dumpster, and frankly, often made sure to discard additional items when he was sure his wife was not looking! Ms. Greenberg and her brother Norman were at each other's throats in ways I have rarely seen among siblings. At one point, Ms. Greenberg even had her brother arrested for a supposed break-in.
So you can see, Mr. Deane, that there was a lot more to this story then is represented by your reporter! By printing Ms. Alvillar's story and its falsehoods, you have tarnished the name of several good, hard-working and honest people, including myself! As far as I am concerned, your paper no longer enjoys a reputation of critical, honest and independent reporting. As editor, if you cannot or will not take the time to check the work of a reporter with a personal angle on a story (is it not true Ms. Alvillar has previously tried to discredit Fiduciary Resources?), then everything you publish is not to be believed unless proven otherwise.
It is a sad day for Marin readers who have come to rely on you to shed light on real abuses against ordinary citizens… not ones fabricated by your reporters!
Susanne M. Karch
San Anselmo

International Affairs Budget Slashed
At a time when America is facing monumental global challenges, I am alarmed by this drastic cut the US International Affairs Budget when its programs are so fundamental to the protection of American interests. After a decade of dangerous under-funding, the President's FY06 request would have begun to restore this account, but sadly, today's Congressional action moves Americans' interests in the wrong direction.
It is baffling that Congress would cut $2.3 billion from the vital International Affairs Budget when both Houses had already passed budgets that are closer to the President's request. Not only are these cuts harmful to US security and business interests, they hurt our ability to demonstrate American humanitarian values, a critical facet of today's foreign policy.
The US spends only about one cent of every federal dollar on international affairs. With major political transitions, ongoing terrorist recruitment, humanitarian crises and opportunities for global economic engagement constantly emerging, investments in US international affairs at the level of the President's request are imperative if we are to meet challenges in the world today. We urge Congress to remember that this small investment provides huge returns for US and global stability, and that failure to invest only hurts American interests at home and abroad.
Peter Bauer
San Rafael

Maxxam-Pacific Lumber Complaint
On March 17th, 2005, I filed a criminal homicide complaint, against Maxxam/Pacific Lumber, for the death of David "Gypsy" Chain. Gypsy was killed, on September 17th, 1998, when an enraged Maxxam/PL logger fell trees in the vicinity of a group of non-violent North Coast Earth First! activists. The complaint also included former Humboldt County district attorney Terry Farmer, former sheriff Dennis Lewis, and former homicide detective Juan Freeman, for criminal conspiracy, with Maxxam/PL, to conceal homicide.
Current Humboldt Co. district attorney, Paul Gallegos, mentioned re-opening the Gypsy investigation during his initial election campaign, during a KMUD radio program. Since he has been in office, he has refused to re-open the investigation, even though an eyewitness (myself) has stepped forward. So far, Gallegos has completely ignored the complaint, my e-mails, and a faxed copy of the complaint, marked "urgent" and "please reply."
It is outside the scope of the district attorney's office to ignore legitimate complaints from citizens who have suffered injury, and have legitimate complaints associated with those injuries. A fair hearing is the right of every person living in a legitimate democracy. I feel that I have sufficient evidence to prove that David "Gypsy" Chain's death was more than a mere "accident," and that a biased investigation led to that conclusion, as it rests on the Humboldt County record.
Let Paul Gallegos hear YOUR voice, and encourage him to give this case a fair hearing. Ignoring these problems will not make them go away, and we deserve the respect of being heard.
Shunka Wakan

"Anti-Zionism Is Inherently Anti-Semitic" -Martin Luther King, Jr.
Edward Miller's latest anti-Semitic diatribe would be laughable, if it weren't for the possibility that some gullible people might actually believe his lies. In his zeal to attack Jews, historical fact and reality fall victim to his fevered, paranoid fantasy.
Some of the most glaring examples are: "Nassar, who succeeded Sadat led a more independent Egypt until his murder..." In fact, Nasser preceded Sadat, and died of heart failure in 1970. "The US helped a secular Hosin Mubarak to the presidency" His name is Hosni Mubarak. He was head of the Egyptian air force until Sadat's assasination, and had headed the Egyptian delegation to the USSR.
Mr. Miller's thinly-veiled Jew hatred is no longer so thinly veiled. Interestingly, in a 3 column, 28 paragraph "article" headlined "Zionists in our Courts", Israel is only mentioned 4 times, and Zionists are only mentioned in 6 of the 28 paragraphs.
For Miller, the factual errors, the minimal treatment of Israel and Zionism, and the general incoherence of the piece are irrelevant. The point of this piece of writing could be easily summarized: You can't trust Jews (they could be Zionists). Jews control the courts. Jews control the media. Jews control the US government. Jews seek world domination. Jews are the devil. Delivering this hate-filled message is the sole purpose of the column.
"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is a notorious, 100 year old, Russian secret police forgery that purported to reveal the Jewish plot to achieve world domination. It was required reading in Nazi Germany and is now a best seller in the Moslem and Arab world. Egyptian TV (with the blessing of "US-backed" Hosni Mubarak) recently aired a 36-part adaptation of the Protocols that continues to be screened throughout the Arab world. I suspect Miller gets his "facts" from Arab sources who are furthering the legacy directly transmitted to them by their Nazi allies.
Jews have had to put up with people like Miller for thousands of years. If history is any indicator, good-hearted but ignorant people may believe his lies for a time, but eventually the truth will come out. When it does, these people will be shocked and ashamed that they supported people who dedicated their lives to the destruction of Jews.
I would hope that your paper would devote less space to this kind of fear-mongering, and consider publishing news articles that actually contain some true information.
Sheldon Whitten-Vile
San Rafael

Dangerous Abuses In Bush Appointments
Appointment of the absolute unfit candidate to represent us at the URN is only one example of the Bush's unprecedented abuse of the presidential selection and contempt for the democratic processes. If Americans understood the dangers stemming from the Bush intimidation tactics against senators who voice legitimate concerns regarding his appointments and judicial selections, they would demand more senate scrutiny-not less.
Bush has been selecting appointees and judges, who are not only tolerant his unprecedented & clandestine sellouts against environmental, health, and social reforms--but also back his dangerous theocratic agenda. With so many outstanding choices, such inferior selections are indefensible, as are his accusations of non patriotism to diligent senators--especially given his abandonment of his military duties.
Our constitutional framers required the senate's advice and consent because they feared such behavior. Had they envisioned this extent of abuses they would never had granted this trust to presidents--especially one who was wrongfully selected by the very judiciary he is entrusted to select.
Robert H Settgast
San Rafael

Bush Administration Limping Badly
President Bush's administration is not only a lame duck, it is limping badly. Three failures in a row lately: No victory in sight after 2 years of war in Iraq, the Social Security private account debacle, and the rush to fly back from Texas at midnight to approve legislation intended to prolong the life of Terri Schiavo, the brain-damaged Florida woman.
The Pope requested Bush to stop the execution of a young woman when he was governor of Texas, which advice he ignored. But he was suckered into Congressman Tom Delay's grandstanding, thinking that this issue of saving Terri would improve his standing with the American people. But it bombed.
Bush's war with Iraq has caused the death of over 1,500 American soldiers and the wounding of over 11,000 others just to topple Saddam Hussein. A spokesman for the 100,000 plus Iraqi casualties directed his anger at the U. S. led coalition of the 2nd anniversary by declaring, "The occupation forces started with this place, and now from this same place, we want them to leave Iraq. We want them out. We see no good during these two years of occupation."
The Pope didn't want Bush to go to war with Iraq in the first place. Bush ignored his advice once again. But who was excluded from the Pope's funeral delegation? President Carter, the only former president who didn't approve of the war either.
The Pope detested war to solve international problems. I am sure he felt in today's world that brains should prevail over armed conflict.
David A. Whelan
Forest Knolls

Skeptic's Journal
Will the Seniors that move into the "EAH mess of pre-fab shacks" be ostracized and made to feel unwelcome in YOUR TOWN as "dumpees" for the perceived sins of a developer who is filling a need for these Seniors in need of a home?
You "have pretty much had it with" these folks for the sin of needing (not a fantasy) a home.
I hope others in the Community are more hospitable and neighborly.
Seniors need a kind and welcoming community! And who knows, they may even turn out to be an asset for the town.
Jerry Bakken

Opt Out Letter For Students
Under the No Child Left Behind Legislation, the US military is entitled to students' private information without parental, or student, permission. This information is freely given to military recruiters who are contacting our kids directly.
There is an opt-out provision in the legislation, providing for a simple "OPT OUT" letter to protect a students' privacy.
Please PUBLISH this little know fact to inform students and parents of their right to send an OPT OUT letter to their school administrators to protect their information privacy! A sample form can be found at
Diane Bauer
concerned Parent
Redwood City

Public Schools And Military Recruiting
I am writing to voice my concern about military recruiting in our public schools. While I support the troops and the rights of a volunteer military, I do not support institutionalizing involuntary recruitment practices. The No Child Left Behind Legislation automatically gives the military the right to take any students private information without any form of parental permission or notification! This snooping into students' private school information needs to stop! There is an opt-out provision in the legislation, but rarely are students or parents informed of it. I encourage students and parents all over our state to send a letter to their school's administrators asking them to keep their information private! A sample form can be found at
Steve Patton
Vietnam Veteran

Consistent George
One thing that most people believe about George Bush is that he's consistent. But I'm not sure being consistent is going to help persuade people to like his Social Security reforms. When you look at his legacy as president so far, it doesn't look real good. He turned the worlds biggest surplus into the worlds biggest deficit. He ignored the warnings about bin Laden, who is - still free. We went to war in Iraq on bad intelligence. Medicare reform is a failure. Taxes are up, the dollar is down. The flat worlders want to control the schools. And the government wants to put tracking chips (RFIDs) in federally issued ID cards to spy on everything we do.
So-do we want Bush to be consistent with his past when it comes to Social Security? I don't think so! I think we should put it off another four years and focus on paying off the national debt. I don't think we can afford to risk Social Security with someone who has a bad track record.
Marc Perkel
San Francisco

Red Light Bus
After dropping off my daughter at the bus stop in Lagunitas I nearly always see one or more cars pass the bus when it has its red lights flashing.
"The School Bus Safety Law requires motorists to come to a complete stop for buses with flashing red lights and remain stationary until the "pop out" STOP SIGN and the blinking lights are turned off. This law requires cars traveling in BOTH directions (unless it's a divided roadway) to stop every time a parked school bus begins flashing its red lights.
Motorists who disregard the School Bus Safety Law face stiff penalties. For a first-time offense, the fine is $400. If ticketed a second time, expect to pay $1300.
Please people stop for school buses with flashing red lights.
Kevin West

Jim Scanlon's Caring And Compassion
It was with great sadness that I saw of Mr. Scanlon's tragic accident on Wednesday.
I thought of Jim as a Friend. He showed such caring and compassion for those effected by unfair events in their lives.
He did so in my case also as he reported about my unfair treatment by the Marin Courts (Judge John Sutro) and Mercy Housing Corp. I feel a great loss as I will not be able to continue my e-mail correspondence with Jim. We shared some of the same concerns about some matters.
Jerry R. Bakken

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