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Letters To The Editor

Protest Over Crime And Corruption In Marin Probate Court
†† This letter is in protest of what has transpired in the Marin County Probate Court. I am the daughter of Sophie Tucker Greenberg whose will leaving me her house, the house I shared with her after the death of my father, the house I lived in as I grew up, was hidden from the court for nearly five months by the attorneys and administrator brought into this probate case under false and misleading pretenses, their modus operandi in this and previous cases.
†† They were brought in to protect the estate; they did not. They fed from it like a bottomless trough until it was nearly empty. They forced me from my house and sold my house out from under me, illegally, turning a cold heart and deaf ear to my protests.
†† They went through the money as if my mother (parents) had left it to them.
†† Commissioner Harvey Goldfine, who inherited this less than honorable work in progress from the court of Commissioner Mary T. Grove, had an opportunity to do the right thing, to right the wrongs of those who have used the court to act as if above the law in order to rob the deceased of their wishes and their fortunes, small and large. He did not.
†† He had the opportunity to be the light in a system darkened by greed and disrespect for the laws of this country for which many fought and lost their lives. Perhaps the commissioner was up against a wall of deceit built by his predecessors which was too well-constructed for even him to bring down.
†† My sweet mother's voice was silenced by those who were overpaid to protect and uphold her wishes. They did not, and so I am the voice for my mother, my best friend, and I scream out loudly, SHAME ON YOU MARIN COUNTY PROBATE COURT and the lawyers and administrators who use it for personal profit, shamelessly and endlessly.
Susan Elliot Greenberg
Marin County

We Need The Alternative
†† Thanks for all you've done. We need the alternative view of news events that the Coastal Post provides-always thought provoking. Enclosed is my subscription for 2005, a "mean" $24.00.
Patricia A. Diluzio
San Anselmo

Happy To See You
†† Of course 30 years is a long time, but we only discovered you about 5 years ago (Oliver's Books in San Anselmo-no longer in biz). Oh well, time marches on and we all gotta do what we gotta do. We are always so happy† when your paper arrives. We enjoy reading about subjects most people are afraid to even discuss. We hope you will continue to write. It gives us hope.
Judd & Mary Jane Brown
La Jolla

Wonderful Paper
†† You are indispensable. The Coastal Post is the most wonderful paper in Marin. Readers will not let you down, because you and people like you will save the republic. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
†† The Coastal Post should not be free. Charge 25Ę. Install a collection box next to every news stand, store or restaurant. Voluntary. But every little bit helps. Try it.
Paul B. Torikian
Forest Knolls

"Getting The Job Done"
†† Getting the job done used to mean doing things like cleaning the garage, tidying the kitchen, or mowing the lawn. "Getting the job done" now means dropping thousands of "shock and awe" bombs on a country, killing thousands of its people, destroying its infrastructure, killing our own young servicemen and wounding thousands. The "Dogs of War" have made a grave mistake in thinking they can lead nations into democracy by first destroying them.
Catherine Davis
San Anselmo

Thanks For Being There
†† May you all thrive in five. Thanks for being there and being you.
Sarah Nome
Kaiser Hospital

†† The Federal Government is spending all our hard earned tax dollars in all the wrong places.† Instead of making life better for all of us they are making the rich richer by spending more money on the War.† The men and women in the military are sure as hell not getting rich.†
†† How does underfunding the Veterans Administration support the troops?†
†† As for the War on terror, that is ridiculous, how can you win a war against a word that is up for interpretation.† It will never end. Guess that's why they wont† say it is a war against Al Qaeda or
Iraq.† That would be doable.†
†† They don't want† to capture Ossama Bin Forgotten.† If they captured him the public might get the idea that the war on terror has ended.† We can't have that, there is too much money to be made.†
†† Everything was in place before 9/11, they just couldn't connect the dots.† Now they want to spend billions more while cutting Federal Grants to the States, and Federal spending for social programs.† Putting the States in a financial position that they will be forced to cut State and Local social programs.†
†† Our tax dollars are only being spent for monetary gain, not social.† If it hadn't been for meals on wheels my father would have passed away 10 years before his time!† We should send our Federal tax dollars to the States instead of supporting the Bush Administrations' effort at making the divide between the wealthy and the working class even wider.† If we really don't want to be a part of this mess maybe we should secede from the
Bruce Carlton
Mill Valley

The Farewell Party
†† How will the hippies do it I had wondered….I was finding out, too soon.
†† There was a jazz band, a roaring fire, a magician and as the guest of honor walked slowly into the room he was preceded by an ex warden of San Quentin playing bagpipes… there were huge photos on the wall of the honored, lively life images… there would be no long speeches from all the loved ones… that we would save till after his death. For now he just wanted to thank us… and propose marriage, it turned out.
†† February 16, 2005 I attended my first farewell party of this sort, I say 'first' in hopes that more of us will be as generous… An ex beau had sent out a group email, the Subject of the email was: "PASSING THROUGH-IT'S PARTY TIME" I'm writing to you because in some way or another you have touched my life... perhaps I've admired your contribution to the human condition, maybe we shared a good joke, or maybe we mighta just had a particularly great beer together. Whether our connection was mundane or profound, I want an opportunity to thank you in person for what you've given me before I pass from sight." He had just received the news the week before that he had pancreatic cancer---late stages, too late
†† He asked us to bring our humor and liquor, We obliged. The parking lot in the
Marin County clubhouse was filled when we arrived on the dot of the party start time, suddenly there was nothing fashionable about arriving late. But where was he?, While we were popping champagne he and his girl friend were trying to figure out if he was capable of making it at all for this last hurrah. How many parties, invitations I've turned down ….oh, I'm tired, low energy, not in the mood….he was balancing, pain, morphine, death. All at once, a friend said, 'he's here".
†† Our friend was not the kind to be fawned over, he lives a life helping others, as one of the states' greatest defense attorneys, one of the strongest warriors in the fight against the death penalty. We greeted him briefly, a kiss, a light hug, an I love you, as he moved along past the tables filled with food, the bunches of people, streams of crepe paper to the main room. In a quiet voice he tried to smile, "this is funny isn't it, funny, right?"
†† …It wasn't a voice I was used to with him, he is the voice for people who have no voice, who would not be heard, if not for him, because of their skin color, income, circumstance, They used our friend's voice, our friend, Kim Kruglick had a voice you couldn't ignore, he seemed just slightly dizzy moving through, he was used to standing firm, even swaggering, in the face of injustice- he would not back down, he was used to facing cruel odds, The odds he now faced were the cruelest, as he said in his email: "I'm not afraid of dying, just a bit sad about not being around to cause more trouble for those who promote bigotry and arrogance and hypocrisy."
†† A magician was on the stage, making a smashed Budweiser can come back alive, pulling money out of lemons, he was so good I wanted to shake him and say, "come on do it- do it, make the cancer disappear, isn't that why you're here?" No. Illusion is delusion….our friend was dying for real. The music played on, we laughed, talked, and hugged when the damned gravity brought down the tears.
†† On the walls were the photos of his motorcycle racing days, move aside, young Marlon Brando… our friend exuded all that life asked of us, to live, to give with all we got. One photo had him in a t-shirt, "NO HONOR IN CRASHING WITH THE BRAKES ON!"
†† There were sky diving photos, and the photo from when I'd first met him, a newspaper clipping of him trying a high profile case.
†† He stood next to the Magician, our friend still the quickest wit in the room, making us laugh. another lawyer standing near in case he fell, everything was done with an ease, because that is how love between friends goes down, simple and easy.
†† There he was big as life, talking to us, telling us the different ways this illness would take him… and how long it may take. He told us the story that started him on his life path. Kim had been 7 or 8 when his father took him for a drive around Phoenix, Arizona where they lived. His father was pointing to this store, that restaurant, that club….pointing to places they couldn't go, because they were Jewish. Kim said he saw the depth of sadness on his father's face and that moment made a silent vow. He would spend his life making sure an end would come to such bigotry, an end would come to such cruel injustices, at least, he would live that work, and yes die trying.
†† He thanked everyone in the room for continuing to work for the betterment of the human condition, he started to walk away and then stopped. "I would be remiss if I did not introduce, Lisa….she began as my assistant two years ago, became my lover and my girlfriend and hopefully my wife next week"…..she was standing in the middle of the room, in front, it was his proposal; he put out his hand for her to join him on stage….as he told of her care, of how he would already have been dead without her.
†† It was getting late, people were tired; maybe more so because of the exalted energy of a brand new kind of celebration---how grateful I was for his courage to face his death in front of all of us, not even a snivel… at most just an aching kind of sigh at the beauty of being alive, at the inevitable end we'll all face. His most said saying played in my mind, "it is what it is"… this time I couldn't argue, there are no words.
†† He was right when he wrote in the invitation, "I can promise you it won't be maudlin and will be one very strange conglomeration of folks " the place was filled with judges, lawyers, old employees, I'd like to

say pimps and whores and thieves but I really don't know, doesn't matter, it only mattered that we were there... Everyone I knew who I'd talked to before the party, "are you going?" "fo' sho'" "only this could get me out on a week night."
†† "I wouldn't miss it" all said with a huge sense of strong life current carrying us to the 'death party'.
†† Some of us lined up to meet his wife to be, what could I do but hug her and say, "congratulations and I'm sorry". Then there was time to enjoy our friend, to reminisce at first meetings, the good stuff of being human that we'd shared.
†† There was a guest book to sign on the way out, as well as colorful 'goody bags' to pick up… filled with things like bubbles, rainbow colored pin wheels, cookie boxes that read, "these made me throw up a little' and in each bag, there was a t shirt… on one side it read, "Kruglick's Farewell Tour 2005" I joked, "huh, my friend went to the other side and all I got was a t shirt?" but no, much more. On the front of the t shirt in bold black capitals it read, "NO HONOR IN CRASHING WITH THE BRAKES ON!" Full speed ahead then man, to carrying your work on, to improving the human condition; to living while we're here. Thank you Kruglick for helping us to not only face the truth of life, but to celebrate it….it ends….it ends, and no mother fucking brakes will stop death… Godspeed my friend, to whatever it is next.
Sandra Fish
Mill Valley

Homeland Security At
Drake High School
†† I am not a parent of a student, but in my extreme concern regarding (placing a police officer on the
Drake High School campus) this matter, I accessed the Drake site, and read the Principal's letter. In it he clearly states that:
†† 1 "The Officer will be an employee of the Town of
San Anselmo."† and† "... not an agent of the federal government..."
†† As we well know, this position is funded to a very large extent by The DOJ and Cits COPS program. It seems clear to me that Principal Drake's letter is deliberately misleading.
†† 2 Principal Drake justifies the presence of a gun by claiming that "...police officers have extensive training in firearm use and safety..."
†† All we need to do is read any local newspaper to witness the true story-especially regarding the use of Tasers on young people nation-wide, many of whom have died or suffered serve injury at the hands of these "exhaustively trained" policemen.
†† 3 If one reads the official Homeland Security Dept./American Red Cross guideline publication and directive-
††† For the html version of the file use the following url:
†† One can see that the FIRST priority, is to induce students, faculty and staff to " Be alert to suspicious activity and report it to proper authorities immediately..."
†† This insidious government program to promote snooping and spying will combine with a Federally funded armed "security" officer-and can only create a poisoned atmosphere-where fear and armed authority reign.
†† Hopefully, this can be stopped right now before it goes further.
†† Many thanks for everything you are doing.
David Rubinson
Mill Valley CA.

Reforming Social Security
†† Bush is reforming social security the same way he reformed the economy and everything else he's done as president. He's changing it from working to broken. We went for the biggest surplus in the history of the world to the biggest deficit in the history of the world. Now he's going to destroy social security the same way. It's all about giving tax cuts to the rich while old people live in poverty and eat dog food.
Marc Perkel
San Francisco

Anti-Semitism, Anti-Zionist? History And Perspective
††† Prince Harry "the thoughtless" of
England may serve as a catalyst for change within the European Union.† Reacting to Harry's swastika escapade, the European Union is not only contemplating a ban on the twisted cross, it may even go so far as to outlaw anti-Semitism (excepting of course that which is spewed down upon Europe from the al-Jezeera satellite).
††† Having recently read Ernest Abel's THE ROOTS OF ANTI-SEMITISM, it does seem that anti-Semitism is an anachronism, desperately in need of abandonment, particularly in secular
†† As rational beings, people who entertain prejudices against target groups feel an obligation to objectify their subjectivity, ethnocentricity and xenophobia.† No one wants to look like an unsophisticated red neck, an ignorant cracker, nor a racist thug. Rationalizing ones biases is a way of gussying up hatred to look like ideology.
†† Traditionally, for anti-Semites, a major plank in the objectification their bias has been the allegation of deicide:† the Jews killed God.† Ironically, I know of many atheists and agnostics who level this charge against the Jews.† Mel Gibson's recent opus did its best to lug this accusation back from obscurity.
†† Forgetting that the executioner, Pontius Pilot, was Italian, one has to ask oneself, how would the Christian Plan of Redemption have come to completion without Jewish complicity?† Do professing Christians indirectly have the first century Jews to thank for their Plan of Salvation?† How do Christians conveniently discount the Old Testament talk about the Jews and the
Promise Land a.k.a. Israel?
†† As a trendy liberal, I have always blamed either Nietzsche or the French Existentialists for the death of God: depending on whom I was trying to impress at the punch bowl.† Given that fashion conscious Europeans, steeped in humanism since the days of Erasmus, are not confessing Christians, how can they argue that the Jews killed Jesus, Son of God, if they scarcely believe in God, let alone an incarnate Son of God?† Rational people demand cognitive consistency, if not from themselves then at least from others.
†† Vogue Europeans are smart to abandon a 2000-year tradition of anti-Semitism. Time to call it a wrap. The days of pogroms, expulsions and things too cruel to mention here, are rightfully over. But how does one allay a gnawing sense of bourgeois mediocrity and retain a smug sense of cultural and etiological ascendancy over the Jews?† Simple:† Anti-Zionism.
†† Anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism repackaged in a stilted mantle of political correctness, hypocrisy and double standards myopically applied to human rights. While
Israel occupies a minuscule one percent of the Arab Middle East, to see the international news coverage and vilification that it garners, one would think Israel was as big as the entire state of New Jersey and not merely half the size of Delaware.
†† If the Jews really control the media as the anti-Zionists banally repeat with metronomic regularity, why does the whole planet know where the Gaza Strip is and yet no one knows or cares about the exact location of
Darfur? Why are we briefed daily on the deaths of teenage rocket launchers and mortar operators, yet are never confronted with the images of the 30,000 people killed in the last two years in Darfur? Does killing only count if the Israeli Defense Force can be implicated?
††† Zionism is about a Jewish homeland.† I do not know whom on planet Earth is entitled to a homeland.† The Kurds?† The Basques?† The American Indians?† The Koi?† The French Canadians?† The Irish Protestants? The Armenians? The Hispanics of
Alta California?
†† There are certain ships that argue the case for a Jewish homeland:† There was the
St. Louis that left Hamburg, Germany in 1939 and ricocheted around the ports of the western hemisphere looking to unload 937 Jewish refugees.† Its human cargo rejected, even in America, the St. Louis was forced to return its passengers to imperiled Europe.† Why could they not have disembarked in British held Palestine?† Hundreds of the refugees ultimately fell victim to Hitler's final solution. Was this negligence, anti-Semitism or anti-Zionist?
†† Then there was the
Struma, a refugee ship carrying 778 Romanian Jews that was deliberately and inexplicably sank by our W.W.II allies, the Russians, in the Black Sea in 1942. The Struma too was destined for British Palestine. Was the sinking of the Struma a capricious act of anti-Semitism or political act of anti-Zionism?
†† And finally, as recently as 1985, there was the hijacked cruise ship the Achille Lauro.† Leon Klinghoffer, an American Jew, an aged cripple in a wheelchair, was tossed overboard by terrorists. Was this an act of anti-Semitism or anti-Zionism?
†† I don't pretend to be au currant in Middle Eastern affairs. I have an inkling, that the Palestinians are currently allotted three homelands:
Jordan (80% of which was carved out of British Palestine with 70% of its population being Palestinian, albeit under a Hashemite yoke), the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip. If the bible is to be trusted, Israel is the Promise Land and Jerusalem is a Jewish capital dating back to when voyeur King David spotted Bathsheba in 1003 B.C.E.† Who then is entitled to have Jerusalem as a capital city?
†† Modern thinkers would see anti-Semitism as rooted in biblical mythology.† On the other hand, Anti-Zionist is an expression of double standards, special pleading and false hopes.† The anti-Zionists of the western world entertain the notion that terrorism will go away when
Israel is re-absorbed by the followers of Mohammed. Not likely. Osama Bin Ladin is a historian. He holds a map of Europe circa 732; it shows the followers of Mohammed in possession of all the lands around the Mediterranean: from the gates of Vienna to the gates of Tours. If terrorism works for anti-Zionists, then the weapon will not be retired: the reclamation of southern Europe will be next on the terrorists' agenda.
Jeffrey R Smith
Alameda CA

Saddam or George?
†† I believe that we are more than even now.† Almost 3,000 persons were lost in the 9/11 Twin Towers tragedy and it is estimated that more than 100,000 Iraqis have been killed in the Iraq war just to get one guy President Bush wanted dead or alive... Saddam Hussein.
†† Having our troops remain in
Iraq for any longer period of time will prove as fruitless and tragic as the years the United States over extended its welcome in Vietnam.
†† The insurgents, over half of who are Iraqis, just don't like the Americans occupying their country.† Now that the election is over in Iraq they desire that the U. S. just put humpty dumpty back together again after demolishing many of its cities and go home.
†† Since President Bush's attempt to spread democracy in the region, many Iraqis ponder who has contributed most to their graveyard industry:† Saddam or George?† And now that the election is over they would like the industry to suffer hard more corpses please.
David A. Whelan
Forest Knolls

Redhill Field: Controversy Is Good
†† Behind Red Hill Shopping Center 5 acres is being developed into a recreation area by the Tamalpais and
Ross Valley School Districts and the Town of San Anselmo Town Council.
†† It is named
Red Hill Community Park and will be the home field for Drake High School boy's and girl's soccer and lacrosse teams practices and MCAL games. The Community Park will also include a major league 90' ball diamond for league play- boys ages 13-14 and ages 15-16 that currently have to be driven to West Marin to play in that League.
†† An acre will be a natural Bermuda grass on which people can exercise and play with their dogs off-leash within a fenced area. Additional off-leash dog walking (when no "organized sports" are on the field) will be allowed on the 8' wide decomposed granite walking track.
†† A variable† 8'-12'-20' height black chain link fence will surround the synthetic surface soccer-lacrosse-ball diamond field. A 30' backstop canopy will presumably protect spectators, vehicles, and Safeway store employees from errant flyballs.
†† This is
Red Hill Community Park. But there is more. Picnic tables, a concession stand, restrooms, terraced seating for more than 100 people, and one multi-use court where team sport basketball and volleyball can be played. Tamalpais District Measure A bond proceeds are being used to renovate only the athletic field portion of the public school property owned by Ross Valley School District.
†† $300,000 funding by Tam District will give the District on-going use of the field on a priority basis for the duration of the 20 year Lease. The estimated cost to develop the
Red Hill Community Park property† which is owned by Ross Valley School District will exceed† $2.5 million dollars.†
†† The San Anselmo Parks & Recreation Commission will set fees and charges for the public's use the facility,† for sport camps, tournament team play, adult league play, and recreation classes.† Fee generation is expected to pay for the annual park maintenance.
†† The synthetic turf are will require replacement in ten years, approximately $500,000. The natural Bermuda grass dog park may require annual re-seeding, just like
Robson Park.
†† Where is the controversy in
Red Hill Community Park?† Tam Trustee John Wright spoke the words "Controversy is good" at the February 1 Joint Powers Authority Board meeting.
†† Perhaps Trustee Wright is concerned about the limited parking at the site. 68 parking spaces are available for players and spectators attending a MCAL soccer game or a lacrosse show-down† Drake vs. Branson, the dog park users, the picnickers, the class attendees at Alive & Well, and the basketball teams using the muli-use court.
†Perhaps it is the poorly executed vehicle access to and from the site that has Trustee Wright concerned. Blind curve, no pedestrian crosswalks, not enough sidewalks, and no authoritative traffic impact study developed for Plan Scheme 2.
†† Perhaps it is a controversy as to how to develop the completed project when only modest funds have been publicly reported. If the funding is there, then why is the reporting deficit?
†† Perhaps it is a controversy of how to restrict adult leagues and outside area teams from renting the site while encouraging these same groups to donate to the fundraising effort.
†† Perhaps it is a Revenue Bond, an Urban Park Assessment, or an additional increase to the proposed San Anselmo Municipal Services Tax that may create the controversy that Tam Trustee John Wright makes reference.
†† Perhaps Tam Trustee Wright is concerned that there may be controversy when the Lease Agreement with
Ross Valley School District is not specifically amended to prohibit the installation and use of field lighting and the sound amplification equipment at the Site.
†† Perhaps Tam Trustee Wright is not really concerned at all about controversy because the Joint Powers Authority Agreement and Lease is a game all of its own, to be played when and how it chooses.
†† The Red Hill Community Park Joint Powers Authority Board of Directors is anxious to get Design Plan† Scheme 2 approved and finally get the plan outside the box of the public's right to explore all unanswered controversies of the planned development.
Louise L. Mathews
San Anselmo

Social Security-Grand Theft
†† The so-called privatization of social security is misnamed. Instead, let's call it† what it is: Grand theft.
†† We, the People, work hard for our money. The intention of this privatization is to grant OUR money to Wall Street, while OUR brows sweat. Elderly people who are ill or disabled, would probably be on the streets. There ought to be class action lawsuits filed.
††† Guess what. Feel free to do a Google search: The proposed Class Action Fairness Act would make class action lawsuits almost impossible to be heard in court. The Act would push class action lawsuits to the already over-burdened federal courts, assuring that hearings would be delayed for years, if even granted at all. If YOU have a legal challenge to a company's unfair employment practices, YOUR class action claim will not be heard. Please see OR
††† In my own opinion, it sounds like class action lawsuits, and its members, are being discriminated against.
††† Go, Go, People! Sign, sign, petitions! E-mail, e-mail, your Congressperson! Let's go, let's go!
Drina Brooke
Novato, California

Hard For Disabled And Elderly To Get Help
†† Shortly after† my last letter to the Coastal Post, a gentleman, an insurance salesman, wrote me offering to help. I am still attempting to obtain more reasonable housing-the† rent here is killing me.† But thankfully I do not have to pay a co-payment now on my medical and IHSS.† Took a great effort to accomplish this.
†† The following has also occurred.
†† I requested a Hearing with Medi-Cal (County), and IHSS (Sacto) to object to the injurious decisions made by these agencies. I obtained the assistance of a very knowledgeable Advocate in these matters as well as the assistance of Bay Area Legal Aid. I was fortunate to have a Medi-Cal Eligibility Worker who was a very caring, compassionate and extremely well versed on the different Medical programs (about 90 in all). With the guidance of this Worker and my Advocate we were able to solve the problem to my benefits with out going to a Hearing.
†† Even though I had excellent support, this experience proved to be extremely frustrating, laborious, frightening† and time consuming.† I am a person of average intelligence, but lack the physical ability to address this complicated, confused system that makes no sense to the average person.
†† One can see how so many of those in need (disabled, elderly) fall between the cracks and go without the medical and other care they need.††
†† In the case of In Home Support Services that keep people in their own homes, it is more economical than placing them in a Nursing Home at much greater cost to the Tax Payer and a loss life quality for the one placed there.†††
†† If the Tax Codes are in need of reform, Medical Codes are in need of reform also, at least made understandable.† But this may be impossible for the government to think in a logical and understandable manner I am doing a lot of Internet work for my different groups and people. Keeps my phone busy most of the time.
Jerry R. Bakken

Social Security Change And Trillions In Debt
†† Vice President Dick Cheney is honest enough to say that startup costs for Social Security private accounts will create trillions, not billions, of dollars in new debt. This is a sticking point. Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is OK with this. Greenspan backs private accounts. His only reservation is that there needs to be a slow and cautious advance. Where will these trillions in Social Security funds go? To new private accounts and the investment brokerage industry. And where will these trillions come from? Future retiree benefits and FICA taxes. This sounds like a diversion of wealth, but Mr. Greenspan is OK with this?
†† There has been almost mute silence from the Bush administration about the fact that private accounts will be predicated on the whims of the stock market. Does anybody remember Black Monday, Oct. 87, or the stock market crash of '29? It took years to recover investments if you ever did; and President Bush wants you to stake your future and retirement years on this?
*††† *††† *
Starve The Monster
†† Governor Schwarzenegger's true colors seem to have sufaced: Make up for lost tax revenues by sticking it to the poor, elderly, disabled and society programs. Isn't that just the way of the " I've got mine" Republicans. Broken promises, reneged pledges, it sounds all too familiar. As above, so below. Bush's dirty laundry and ethics are being hung out to dry in
California. The Guv's "Starve the Monster" policy targets the public, you and me. The mint julip country club set are exempt from the enforcer's stringent new rules. Society services and needs take the brunt of Arnold's sweeping fiscal sword. Starve the public sector and privatize everything is the continuing GOP mantra.
†*††† *††† *
Social Security Fix Fixes Nothing
†† The Social Security "fix" is in and the numbers don't add up. What our alarmist President isn't telling Americans about privatizing Social Security. First, benefits that retirees receive now will gradually be reduced to pay for the implementation of the Bush overhaul. Will you as a Social Security recipient be able to live on significantly less than you live on now? Second, the new Social Security would divert two-thirds of an individuals payroll taxes into private accounts which will drain trillions from the Trust Fund. The trillions of borrowing would be needed to pay current benefits as workers direct some of their payroll taxes into the stock market.
†† What Bush-Cheney want you to do is give up a Social Security guarantee and replace it with private risk accounts fixed on the swings of the stock market.
†† Bush's plan is so outlandish that he is having trouble finding members of his own party to wholeheartedly support him. The issue is a 'hot potato' if you're a politician looking forward to the 2006 elections.
†† The easiest way to fix Social Security into perpetuity is to lift the limit on income subject to payroll taxes from the current $90,000 to $200,000 or eliminate it altogether. But oh no, anti-tax Republicans won't hear of it. They would rather create trillions of dollars of new debt than to inconvenience their rich constituency.
*††† *††† *
War Happy Face
†† In
Brussels Belgium President Bush is urging allies to move beyond Iraq. Is that the Iraq that has collapsed into a terrorist breeding ground?
†† 58 percent of Americans now disapprove of the way Bush is handling
Iraq yet the Bush administration continues to labor under the same delusions as fellow Viet Nam compatriots.
†† Three blasts kill at least 27 in
Baghdad. Bush says war in Iraq has made America safer. This doesn't compute. Car Bomb kills 17 outside of Iraq hospital; Attacks kill 21 at Shiite sites. Everyday 20, 30, 40 Iraqis are killed in gruesome carnage. Is this what the President wants Europeans to look beyond? How would you like to live in this type of environment? Iraqis have traded in one kind of fear and loathing for another kind.
†† Suicide bomber kills 18 in
Iraq. For Iraqis in their homeland every day has become a Bloody Sunday. 50 die in eight Iraq suicide bombings.
†† The President can't confuse Americans any longer about his Iraqi war so now he's off trying to play
Europe. The Bush administration has a deadly serious problem on their hands no matter what kind of happy face they try to paint on their war.
Ron Lowe††††
Nevada City

Support A Fair Tax
†† On the national level, we have heard President Bush talk of a change to the tax code. While it is a great idea, the chances are the changes will be minimal - and probably screw us average wage earning folks again anyway.† There has got to be a better way!
†† I think FairTax is the most logical tax plan I have ever seen. FairTax main plan is to flat tax everyone at the point of sale rather than through payroll tax deductions. The master stroke of the FairTax plan is that EVERYONE is taxed equally. There are no dodges, nothing to hide behind. FairTax taxes everyone equally on the items that they purchase.
†† This seemingly simple plan does not discriminate against anyone - if anything, it stops the finger pointing. FairTax allows for taxation of immigrants. Rather than immigration being a burden on our country, FairTax makes it so that immigrants would be paying their fair share.† In addition, the so-called underground money from borderline or illegal activities would also be taxed. The people who deal in these trades also buy goods and services and they would be taxed at the point of sale!
††† I believe that FairTax is a plan whose time has come.† We need to write to our President and members of the legislature and have them invoke FairTax. Visit their site - for more information on what is to me an amazing idea!
Dan Dressler
Dublin CA

Smoking Again
†† But the exit polls, viewed across the world as the results of infallible science, fell apart at the last minute.
†† "Infallible science?"† What have you been smoking?
David Malbuff
Strasburg, Virginia
[email protected]††

Lifetime Ban On The Coastal Post
†† Are you serious journalists who boldly go where mainstream media dares not tread? Are you heroic roosters crowing the previously hidden truths, urgently trying to wake the oppressed masses from the obedient sleep imposed by corporate masters?
†† Readers who want to hit the snooze alarm will look for an excuse to see you all as just a bunch of whackos. Those who want to believe that reasonable people can ignore the Coastal Post will feel validated by Stephen Simac's rambling, offensive, self-congratulatory article, "Affordable Housing: An Idea Whose Time Has Past (sic)." His racist remarks about Native Americans, "
fort injuns on firewater" and "scalping each other with stone tools," are certainly cause for a lifetime ban from your pages.
Kevin Lawson
Point Reyes

U.S. Bias An Obstacle To Mideast Peace
†† Isn't it amazing how the Bush Administration acted so fast in calling its ambassador to
Syria, inferring that its government was responsible for last week's car bombing that killed Lebanon's Former Prime Minister, Rafik Hariri?† In addition, the U.S. demanded that the Syrians immediately remove all its troops out of Lebanon--all this without one shred of evidence proving Syria had anything to do with this deadly attack.
†† On the other hand, we have the Israelis who attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 that killed 34 American sailors and wounded another 171 with evidence that could fill the Oval Office but, to this day, the U.S. Government has yet to condemn the Israelis for this attack.
†† Isn't it also strange that for 22 years the Israelis occupied
Lebanon without the U.S. once demanding Israel to leave?† The Israelis have been occupying Palestinian land since 1967 without any threats from the U.S.† But the most ironic tale of all, is that while the U.S. demands Syria to leave Lebanon, the Israelis have been illegally occupying Syria's Golan Heights for nearly 40 years, and as usual, receives no demands from the U.S. to leave.
†† Is it any wonder that according to the
U.S. government, the high moral ground in the Middle East belongs to Israel?† Is this what you call a Balanced Middle East Policy?
James J. David
Marietta, GA
James J. David is a retired Georgia National Guard Brigadier General† and a native of
Hopewell who served nearly 3 years of active duty in and around the Middle East.


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