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Letters To the Editor

Help And Hope For HEP-C Victims
   Carol, the kitchen manager at the free kitchen, St Vincent DePaul's in
San Rafael, CA, died last Tuesday from HEP-C.  There is no reason that she should have died.  She was a beautiful person, whose screaming kept chaos at bay at St Vincent's. I can't believe how much I miss her.
   The unfortunate thing is that she should have never died from HEP-C. Everyone should be tested yearly for the disease. If you test positive, a simple pill a day will keep your HEP-C in remission, and Interferon can actually cure you.
   There are many people who do not realize there is hope.  After speaking with many patrons at St Vincents, many who have HEP-C, none of them knew there was cure. Ignorance is not a virtue and education is imparative.  Needless death should not happen.
   Please support St Vincent de Paul at
Jim Fox
San Anselmo

Fairfax Denies Rightful Benefits
Fairfax saves 7 acres of land but continues to deny rightful benefits to the widow and minor child of Fairfax Police Officer Ric Alvillar who was stressed to death by his own department almost three years ago March 10, 2002.  Saying "yes" to the benefits would not cost the Town a dime.  This says everything about the priorities and integrity of the Fairfax Town Council.  Warped priorities and no integrity.
Terri Alvillar

   Best laugh for me in some time.  But Burner left out the big issue that make both Democrats (looking for another underclass to champion) and Republicans (serving corporate beneficiaries of cheap, illegal labor) look about as honorable as Dan Rather's producer: illegal immigration.
Tom Shuford
Lenoir, NC

No War Is First
   No war is first is politics. The study of how dangerous obligated emergency is, is important. Conscientious objection is active in the Bay Area. It has difficulties to make sense. People here in Marin County even objected to banking because money is used for military defense.
   The Coastal Post is full of conscientious objection, an inspiration to send to China. The Point Reyes Light is fair and decent. The Hearsay News as I listed to Betty Storz believes the plebeian's mental condition has merit but also since it is verbal reciprocation does not occur like a writer would like and it is a joke on myself if I cannot communicate an article really won't either.
   Everything we say and everything we do is only for life because we get sick and die. Science of social science, political science, medical and psychology science (if you even accept the word science which I don't) is the element to not kill in any consideration of fulfillment and happiness.
   The poverty of the farm, the hospital, the orphanage, has more substantiality people do not kill. You do not have to diagnose a person they feel better, think better are stronger and healthier. An establishment like yours only for life gives medical substantiality to air, water, food, TV., telephone and medical substantiality to free speech.  Please accept the phrases or slogan for your establishment, your right of life, for life, only for life; I will only give you life.
Dakar (Jane Blethen)

No Computer Voting In Italy
   Good morning/evening/night from Italy. My name is Emanuele Lombardi and I'm very interested in electronic vote. I have read your very nice "We the People Do Not Concede", and I would like to share with you my opinion about the topic.
   I think voting is one of the (few) human activities not suited to be handled by computers. The basis of this statement is not technical but theoretical and it is a consequence of the fact that votes MUST be kept secret (I'm sure we all agree on that!).
   The only way to ensure vote anonymity is to store votes without any reference which could ever link any vote to its voter.
   But if we have data without external entities we can check with, we can decide to trust it or not to trust it, but for sure we are not able to verify it.
   Just as an example let's suppose to have some data telling that a certain person is 20 years old. Obviously we could check such info only if we had a reference to the person, but if data is anonymous we can't check it (since we don't know who is he/she).
   In whichever way we might record votes, they will always be anonymous records and thus we'll never be able to verify each vote is actually the same one expressed by the elector (since we don't know who is he/she). As an obvious consequence, the final electoral results (being based on anonymous electoral records) are unverifiable, too!
   We can verify the number of anonymous objects, but we cannot verify the correctness of anonymous records: believe it or not, we can verify votes, but not vote records!
   In traditional elections we keep and count the vote itself (the ballot paper). That's why traditional election's result are verifiable!
   In electronic elections we store and count record of the vote (which vote is actually the pressing of a push button or the touching of a certain screen area). That's why electronic election's can't be verified and thus we must passively accept any result we are given!
   Since the object of elections is giving the power to rule nations with millions of people, we can't rely on the honesty of anybody (governments, parties, lobbies, economical powers, foreign countries...), but we need elections to be verifiable.
   That's way electronic vote, being unverifiable, is not suitable for democracy! I say e-vote is not only a technical problem but a social one! If you feel the above ideas are not completely stupid please have a look to my site "electronic vote & democracy" http.// I'll be very glad to have any feedback from you.
Emanuele Lombardi
Somewhere in

No Torture Here
   This nation does not and will not engage in torture. Besides, they deserve it.
   This seems to be the Bush Administrations policy on torture, summed up in a single sentence as written by a letter to the NYTimes.
   "Rendition". That's the word used. That word comes from the slaughtering of animals. You've heard of "rendered" fat? It's not music they're talking about here.
   Yet both the authors of this policy are confirmed, with Joe Biden, staunch defender of human rights who cares deeply about what the world thinks of us, prefaced all his questions to Condoleeza Rice with "I"m going to vote for you, but..."
   We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to Barbara Boxer for being the lone senator on 2 occasions, 2 of the most important issues facing us today: the integrity of our vote in a "democracy", and that of holding a mirror up to the tortured face of Dr. Rice facing confirmation as Secretary of State. All Dr. Rice could think of as response was "don't impugn my integrity". Maybe, just maybe the tide is turning. Maybe now that one senator has stood up others may get a spinal transplant.
Meg Brizzolara
San Quentin Village

The Invasion of Iraq Sets Stage for a Hot Bed of Flesh Eating Virus Super Bugs         
   With a War such as in
Iraq, comes the fallout of famine, sickness, disease, unsanitary conditions and a hot bed for pestilence such as the Flesh Eating Bacteria Super Bug. The Government has already admitted that the drug-resistant 'Super Bug' has been traced to war in Iraq, seven cases of Acinebacter baumanii from Iraq War Veterans, now there is recorded 136 cases and 2 Iraqi patients have died from it. (How many are they keeping hidden from the American Public to keep them from panicking?) These new Super Bugs coming out of Iraq are multiple-drug- resistant, and like viruses they mutate and evolve to a different unidentified strain.
   The military investigators in
Iraq should be taking a reality check to see exactly how many Iraqi citizens and military from the surrounding area have died of the infectious and contagious Flesh Eating Bacteria Super Bug Unknowingly! Also how many thousands of our own healthy military people are coming home to the US as the carrier of the disease going somewhere to happen. The hot bed of Iraqi Super Bug, has evolved into the Flesh Eating Bacteria that has the potential of overnight becoming enormous enough to turn out to make the Bubonic Plague and the worst historical flu epidemic of 1918, together look like a Sunday picnic.
   Now scientists are saying that there is a drug resistant super bug strain that spreads by skin contact is infecting thousands of people across the
US and possibly into Europe. The strain has been spreading here like wildfire. The infections usually appear as sores that resemble insect bites. If not treated properly nasty abscesses and boils can develop, which could require surgery. If it reaches the lungs or blood stream can cause pneumonia or septicemia, which can be deadly. The CDC does not know how many people have died from it. This bacteria super bug is not just infecting people who are sick, but healthy. If one has optimum immunity it doesn't work that way. They are potential carriers of the disease.  
Patricia Hellinger
([email protected])
Devon Star Route 529

Flaws With Capital Punishment
   The pending execution of Mr. Donald Beardslee once again highlights the systemic flaws in the system of capital punishment. The refusal of the original court to allow the jury to consider all the relevant evidence is more than enough reason to consider reopening this case, or at the very least allowing for a new penalty phase.
   The time has come for a Republican to stand up and point out these flaws. Other Republicans might be justified in hesitating to take a stance against the death penalty because they are afraid of being made out to be wimps in the eyes of the public, but Arnold Schwarzenegger will never have to worry about that. He's the Terminator, for heaven's sake! If he were to take a position against capital punishment, he would force the Republican Party to listen, because the Republican party rank and file, for the most part, like him. (It's sort of like the "Only Nixon could go to China" idea, i.e. only a life long anti-Communist could have had the credibility to deal effectively with Red China.)
   Let's be honest, the rest of the civilized world is moving beyond capital punishment, and although Governor Schwarzenegger might not be able to become President because of an archaic 200 year old clause in the Constitution, he can be the man who led
America to join with the rest of the civilized world. I think that would be a helluva lot nicer legacy than being the first Austrian-born head of state since Adolf Hitler to put a man to death.
Ronald O. Richards
Los Angeles

Fabulous Article
   Please pass along to Carol Sterritt that her article "We The People Do Not Concede" is fabulous!  I'll be linking to it from my website!
Kat L'Estrange

Sombody's Lying About Social Security
   Bush and Republican cronies say Social Security is broken, in a crisis. The nonpatisan Congressional Budget Office says: Social Security is more financially sound today than it has been throughout its history and can pay all benefits through 2042. Who are you going to believe? 40-50 million Americans can and have counted on Social Security for 70 years. Do you want George W. tinkering with it?
   The Bush administration misled the nation into war in
Iraq. Bush/Republicans snuck through a Prescription Drug bill in the middle of the night and recipients won't know how much they've been conned until the bill takes affect in 2006. The President's latest rush-rush venture, a Social Security revamp, is preceded by the usual dire warnings from the White House spin machine trying to scare the wits out of Americans hoping they'll make a snap decison and blindly follow the administration's lead.
   A perfect example of what can happen with the privatization of Social Security: Senate majority leader, Bill Frist, R-Tenn, had more than $750,000 in his campaign fund after the 2000 election. He invested it in a stock market index fund, much like a privatized Social Security would. His reports to the Federal Election Commission show that he lost $460,000 of the money in 2001 and 2002. Frist, or any politician can easily recoup his losses. If you lose your money in a stock market/Social Secuity scheme, you're out of luck.
*   *   *
    The master prevaricator is at it again with his usual menagerie of smoke and mirrors. Bush wants to redesign
America's premier safety and security net and to funnel vast amounts of Social Security monies into the coffers of the brokerage industry.
   The Social Security Trust Fund is not heading for an imminent disaster as alluded to by George W. This is just more White House spin and hype, playing on the fears of unsuspecting Americans. The President has concocted the Social Security crisis in his own mind and he is pushing all sorts of numbers around to justify the SS scheme. There is a disconnect in what the President is saying and what is true.
   Social Security privatization is another Bush boondoggle that the American public has to accept on blind faith, and you can be sure the usual Bush bravado, rhetoric and bullying will surface as this issue intensifies. The President in one of his more honest moments said workers should be allowed to share in the rewards and risks of the stock market. Social Security is not meant to be a roller coaster ride.
   People assume Bush/Republicans want to fix or reform Social Security. They don't. They want to abolish it. This small sampling from Bush's Social Security privatization petri dish is sure to expand.
*   *   *
Safer From Terrorism?
   Are we any safer from terrorism than we were before Bush took office?
U.S. war on terrorism simply fuels the flames of hatred in the Middle East.
   We have traded a dictator for chaos in
Iraq. Saddam Hussein was not a threat; he was quarantined, but made a perfect target for neoconservatives to demonize.
   The Bush administration has no time line or exit strategy from
   You may approve or disapprove of the invasion and occupation of Iraq, but it is clear beyond dispute that Iraq had no WMD's and had nothing to do with 9/11.
   The President started a war under false pretences and then claimed the deceptions were sanctioned under God's will.
Ron Lowe     
Nevada City

Make Condy President
    The people liked Mel's movie.
Hollywood and the Left hated it. The people want the border closed to illegals who are making this country Amexica. The President, the Senate, a majority of the House, the courts and higher education want open borders.
   Michael Savage has said there will be a revolution if nothing is done about the border. AND THE GOVERNMENT WILL BE AGAINST US AND FOR THE ILLEGALS!  George Putnam said that statement was a stretch. Oh? 80-90% of the people want the border closed to illegals. We pay our taxes but we are not being represented. A revolution is against the government. Right now the government is against us.
   Michael Savage is considering a run for the presidency in '08. And even though I'm apolitical, don't believe in democracy and know this country is going down, I'd like to see him run just for the excitement alone. I'm tired of blah and bah-ah-ah-ah-ah. I'm tired of blue Democrats and blue Republicans. I want to see them squirm. I WANT TO SEE ANGST!
   George Putnam also said that a man with the name of Savage could not win. I say that's exactly what we need. NO MORE MR. NICE GUY
AMERICA! Get the UN out of the US and the US out of the UN. Michael has said we should get our money's worth out of our nuclear subs and use missiles on the Sunni Triangle. Get the fat lazies off of welfare and into the fields and deport the illegals. And while we're at it, get rid of all those Hispanic activists. Did you know that Alberto Gonzalez is a card-carrying La Raza member?
   Condimenta Rice would not have been Savage's choice. She is now 4 steps away from the presidency. She's for affirmative action. That means she is a black first. A woman second. What a combination for division and weakness! Have the Islamic Fundamentalists considered that the best way to weaken
America would be to make her President?
Harold Reimann       
Lucerne Valley

Help! Medical Coverage Disappearing For Elderly
   Kaiser Permanente HMO has changed my coverage as of Jan. 1, 05. I was a private pay with "Medical Financial Assistance Plan" (MFAP). MFAP assisted me with Pharmacy and Co-pays. My MFAP was discontinued. Reason given by Kaiser "You have had it long enough." 
   In addition the monthly premium costs rose to about $220, including Delta Dental. Because of changes in my housing, out of my control, that resulted in a 6 time increase of rent, I can not afford the $220 per month, not to mention the pharmacy and co-pays for treatment. On the advice of HICAP, County Medi-Cal eligibility workers and others I was advised to switch to Medi-Cal and Kaiser Senior Advantage Plan. They said Medi-Cal would pick up the costs of my Kaiser's premium for "Senior Advantage Plan" that I was advised to join. I did. So in addition to my co-pays. I have had Medi-Cal IHSS for about 15 years also.
   I received a notice by mail from the County that I would have to pay a Co-payment of $460 per month to Medi-Cal to be covered. I asked them if $220 was out of my range, how was it figured I would be able to pay $460?  No answer, except to inform me that I will lose my IHSS Feb. 1. Medi-Cal did say that if I had more medical expenses I perhaps would not have to pay the co-pay. Perhaps I could go back on Kaiser private pay and my AARP supplement plan, which Medi-Cal and HICAP said I would have to give up to get Medi-Cal coverage. Of course I am not allowed to do that, per Kaiser and AARP (same plans no longer available).
   The $460 per month co-pay and my rent add up to more than my Social Security Disability.  If I become homeless again I could not avail myself to IHSS as I would not have a residence. My Multiple Sclerosis has exacerbated to the extent that I don't know how much longer I can hold on. 
   I can not seek medical help --- no funds.  I do not have the money nor strength to  move again so soon. It seems the "Expert" advice was not so expert. Those in then know, should know before they lead people off the cliff. It seems the medical system is as complicated and difficult as the Tax Code. There is no damage done to those who give out erroneous information, but great life threatening damage to those who rely on the so called "Experts." What to do now?? 
   Also, during this disastrous procedure I have had a County Social Worker (IHSS) who has not had my best interest at hand. I feel she has shown unimpressionable behavior in speaking out of turn to others about me and proves she knows nothing about me personally, nor my MS condition and practicing medicine with out a license by misinterpreting Multiple Sclerosis in general. In my 15 years with IHSS, this is the first such unprofessional Social Worker I have encountered.
Jerry R. Bakken
Novato, CA

Not Optimistic About America
   I am not optimistic about the future of
America. I wonder if we will still be a nation four years from now. When I look at how far America has fallen in the last four years I can't help but to wonder if we are at the beginning of the second dark ages. We are a nation who values war over peace and debt over fiscal responsibility. And now old people will have to eat dog food and go without medicine as we gut social security so that the rich can get tax cuts. Our children fight and die for oil company's profits. And I am ashamed to live in a country that no longer has any real moral values.
Marc Perkel
San Francisco

Badnarik Not Progressive
   Your article Election Crime Scene-2004 "We the People Do Not Concede" By Carol Sterritt called Michael Badnarik a Progressive.  If Ms. Sterritt were to do any research before she wrote her column, should would have found that Mr. Badnarik is anything but conservative.
Making a claim such as this discredits your organization.
   Ms. Sterritt wrote: "Within days after Kerry's Nov. 3rd concession, both of the men who ran for president as progressives, Badnarik, and Cobb, put into motion a chain of events leading to a vote recount in
   Mr. Badnarik does not believe in taxation, gun laws, welfare, environmentalism, public schools, Medicare/Medicaid, and he loves the death penalty.  This is not a progressive agenda, it is a libertarian one.  Please do not make this mistake again.
Denny Porto

Racism Is Alive And Well
   I marched the biggest hood (8th ward New Orleans)  in Louisiana yesterday for MLK's birthday there were twenty white people out of thousands, and I learned that at high school football games they still put chains up at the 35 yard line to separate the whites in the middle, the students on one third, and the blacks on one third, they are still burning crosses around here and I want you to know RACISM is alive and not only doing well it is strong as shit around here UNITED MY ASS truth to y'all
Dennis Kyne
Support the Truth

Corporate Communism
   There is no crisis in Social Security. The way to eliminate the problem looming in 2042 is to remove the current earnings cap so rich people pay an equitable share of this country's future. Right now people who earn above $85,000 a year pay no Social Security on earnings above that amount. Rich people have profited enormously from the American System. It is their obligation to give something back to the workers and consumers who make their enormous profits possible. The issue here is redistribution of wealth in favor of those honest workers who are not ruthless financial manipulators.
   Most Wal-Mart workers make so little money they qualify for foodstamps and Medicaid. When I was growing up we called that Communism-where workers earned so little the government had to subsidize their food and healthcare. Have we come full circle?  Do we really need to subsidize the nation's largest employer? Did we sacrifice for four decades to overcome the Soviets so our very own rich people could institute a system of Corporate Communism on our own continent? Time for the disappearing middle class to stand up. Remove the Social Security cap.
Rich Zubaty

Stop Social Security Rip-off
   I hope the citizens of
America are not going to let the Federal Government privatize Social Security. If this is allowed to happen you will see generations of elderly working till they die or walking the streets homeless. 
   Do they actually think that the average citizen if given the money on their paycheck is going to have the discipline to invest that money every week into a 401K or some type of investment portfolio? They must be DREAMING.  The majority of people in this country are working poor. Living paycheck to paycheck without any savings. Social Security was brought about to help the working class retire. At least Social Security comes once a month and you know how much you are going to get.  People can't afford an annuity that would pay out what they would collect on Social Security.  
   During Bush's first term his administration started talking about privatizing Social Security.  Once the recession hit they dropped it. They must think we are all dumbed down.  Social Security is guaranteed, once you start collecting it you can count on that money every month.  Not like the people that invested in Enron and have now got to work for the rest of their lives because they lost all their savings. 
   We don't have enough jobs now with the two family income. That is all we need is to make it so you can't retire! The Feds have been raiding Social Security Funds for sometime.  How about allocating for pay back.  They can spend a billion dollars a week in
Iraq, how about spending it on security.  "SOCIAL SECURITY"!!!
Bruce Carlton
Mill Valley

Learn From Swiss About Voting
   I personally feel that if we can introduce even to a small state the "Swiss Voting System," then I think we can help to sow the seed that grows into monumental change for the better for all Americans, which is what we all want to see.
   The Swiss Voting System is very reliable, accessible, auditable, easy to handle, well used in
Switzerland and cost effective. I think that it could be easily possible to introduce the "Swiss Voting System" to the US. Personally, I believe that our system would avoid the problems of 2000 and 2004. No voting system ever developed is 100% secure or 100% accurate, I think ours is close and I know that electronic vote machines with no audit trail is a waste of money.
   We gave a presentation in
Colorado last week and although the presentation is over, we had a very positive feedback. Obviously then the boss of the company will be coming back to the US to give presentations on the Swiss Voting System and why we think that it is the answer, to get back to cost-efficient voting systems, which are trustworthy in their results and cost effective.
   Please take a look at our website and I am sure you will find a lot of answers to questions. If the site does not answer all for you, then I am available by email or efax at all times and also by telephone if you prefer.
   We would welcome the opportunity to give presentations in the areas that your paper is active. Please let me know if this interests you so that we can make arrangements for such presentations.
   Thank you for taking the time to read this email and view our website.
Kind regards,
Steven Butterworth
[email protected]

Constitution Does Not Apply To Military
   Many Americans, including most serving military members, are not aware that the very United States Constitution they have sworn to serve and defend does not apply to them.
   There is a secret unconstitutional law that prohibits military members from seeking final redress for wrongful actions taken upon them while serving.  These certain actions may include murder, reprisal, rape, human experimentation, medical malpractice, gross and criminal negligence, etc. 
   The shameful law is called the Feres Doctrine, named after the young Lt. Rudolph Feres, who died in a barracks fire caused by the negligence of the Army. This doctrine bars constitutional redress of wrongful acts or omissions resulting in injury or death arising from non-legitimate military necessity or decisions. 
   The Feres doctrine law was not created by the United States Congress, who makes laws and overseas the military, but judicially created. This law has been in existence for over 54 years, however Congress and the
United States "mainstream" media refuse to address and report respectfully.  Most of the tax paying public is unaware of the extreme human and constitutional abuses being silenced by this law.
   The attached is a Press Release from Veterans Equal Rights Protection Advocacy.  We are true American patriots seeking your support to ensure Military Members and Veterans are afforded equal protection of the United States Constitution.
   Included in our recent press advisory explains VERPA's initiatives to petition the United Nations (UN) and Organization of American States (OAS) to seek abolishment of the Feres Doctrine, as we has exhausted all constitutional redress means within our own government.  Our Feres Doctrine abolishment initiative seeks to restore constitutional rights to the men and women serving in our military.
    Please pass this information on to all Citizens you believe might be interested in this information.
Leigh E. Wise
VERPA Assistant Public Relations Coordinator

Stand Up With Barbara Boxer
   "This (inquiry into the voting irregularities, and stalling of the
Ohio electoral college election) is setting a dangerous precedent, and it needs to be clamped down on... insincere morality play...." "Circus noise" ...there was not even ONE mention of dry, cold, substantiating facts. "This election was conducted honestly and fairly" : Citizens waited to vote, anywhere from three to eight hours, outdoors and in the rain. That's "before"  2.9% (enough to sway the electoral vote, according to a Harvard study) of the predominantly Democrat, Black and Hispanic votes were shredded. A non-partisan person, I vote for any Candidate whose position seems right to me: I was appalled by the rudeness, by the brainless lack of substantiating facts. Above all, the flippant lack of care or concern for Us, the People. The Republicans really made themselves look like idiots, and I am sorry to say that, too.
   Let's be fair: Winners and losers alike should have confidence that our elections are fair and accurate. Investigating the Ohio election flaws, is to support our Democracy at large. Let's take that statement one step further: Isn't it setting a dangerous precedent, NOT to investigate this matter, NOT to stall the Electoral College vote? NOT to have a re-vote? (Not even a proposed matter, as it really should be).
   As OBama pointed out, this is "not" a partisan issue. Thump, thump interrupted the judge's hammer, as OBama spoke those very words: "Your time is up."
   Brava to the courage of Barbara Boxer, standing alone as the one Senator to sign her name in support of this election fraud inquiry. Bravo to the Representatives, who did not fear committing political suicide, as they staunchly spoke on behalf of Us, the People.
   I now, as of "yesterday," want to see each and every Republican politician ousted from public office. Election theft is good enough cause for impeachment, of those who stand firmly and unswervingly behind it. There ought to be citizen lawsuits: Let's get to work, People. WE are the government, THEY are our EMPLOYEES! WE can fire them. WE CAN sue them! WE have a strength which they do not have: Sheer numbers! Let's stand united, and press charges against them, demanding that they work behalf of the people-or tell them to get the hell out of public office!
Drina Brooke
Novato, Ca

Arnold's Special Butts
   Arnold Schwarzenegger is correct calling Registered Nurses a "special interest" group. These darn nurses are constantly fighting for their special interests, their patients. Arnie, on the other hand, is only beholden to his Billionaire Boy's Club buddies who give him money. For example, members of the California hospital industry gave him "donations" and asked that he stop the law setting a limit of five patients for each nurse. Arnie dutifully delayed the 5:1 ratio law for three years. 
   Studies show that if we go from our current 6 patients to one nurse ratio to a 4 to one ratio, patient deaths would drop by 14%.  Profits would drop by 5%, but with over $4 billion in profits last year, California hospitals have plenty of room to improve. Simply put, this is a battle between profits and lives.  Is it any wonder that nurses always rank among the most trusted professionals and politicians among the least trusted?  
   We are all just a drunk driver away from our own hospital bed and the complete reliance upon a nurse for our every need. Her patient load will determine how quickly and how well our needs are met. Arnie and his Billionaire Boy's Club buddies are unconcerned; knowing they'll always get the best care money can buy.
   For the next three years, whenever a patient complains of a delay in getting pain medication, antibiotics, wound care, food, or even a bedpan, his nurse should remind him that Arnie sold us out.  
   Arnold Schwarzenegger, you're the "girlie man." You're too weak to resist being pumped-up with injections of special interest money and too puny to fight the strings attached. You say you're kicking the special interests' butts, but we all see you kissing them instead. Pity, we had all hoped you were stronger.
Mike Kirchubel  

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