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Election Fraud Ignored By Kerry
By Stephen Simac

A great wailing and gnashing of teeth was heard from half the country, while jubilant cheers rose from the other half. At least from the 60% of American citizens who actually voted in the Word Series of Politics.

Forty percent chose not to take part in choosing the Commander in Chief of the mightiest military force the world has ever known. Not to take part in choosing the Leader of the Free World. Not to take part in choosing the President of the Untied States. Those were the truly undecided ones and no exit poll was done for them.

Australia has mandatory voting with fines. There are still citizens of that democracy who would rather pay than vote. America makes it hard to vote and doesn't care how few participate in our democratic republic. 80% often don't vote in primaries and special elections.

Election Day should be a National Holiday in a Democracy, even the primaries. Special elections should be mail in or coordinated with national elections. In Oregon it's all mail in. It makes it easier for people to do their most basic civic duty. For all the talk about protecting democracy abroad, there's very little concern for preserving it at home.

And now we don't even care how the votes are counted. With computers the good news is you don't have to plow the cemeteries to come up with more votes than voters. There were 93,000 more votes than voters in Cayuhoga county alone in Ohio, discovered by Teed Rockwell of Sonoma State University by examining the county's official election website.

No word yet on who they were for, but most likely a Diebold votomatic system was counting them. That's the firm run by a man who publicly promised to carry Ohio for Bush. But he'd have no reason to cheat, would he? Bush won by more votes than any other president, after all.

The big media has already "debunked" the widespread reports of election fraud on the internet. They might have to keep debunking, because these reports are springing up like mushrooms.

If the normally accurate exit polls didn't match the final results, if Democrat majority precincts voted Republican, that's just because Bush lovers are shy, retiring folk who've never changed their Democrat registration while voting Republican since Nixon. The NY Times and the Boston Globe in their debunking articles did admit there were some minor flaws in the process.

Their final conclusion- Just Get Over It! Bush and his dark lord K. Rove pulled millions more out of their pews to stop Gay Marriage and Keep America Safe from Wolves and Flip Floppers. That's the Story! Now go and dialogue with those people to make it all nice and avoid tearing the country apart.

Where Are You Going, Little Red Riding Hood?

Kerry called Bush to concede before all the votes in Ohio were even counted. And unlike Gore, he never called back to say "Hell No, it ain't over!" Despite Kerry's boast about the army of lawyers he had out there to challenge any voting irregularities on November 2, despite his recent e-mail to 3 million of his supporters to Stand Firm!, it took the Green Party and the Libertarian party to raise $150,000 to demand a recount of the vote in Ohio. Kerry is sitting on $50 million in unspent campaign funds, but didn't cough up a nickel.

Sworn testimony at a public hearing in Columbus, Ohio indicates serious civil rights violations in that state, most of it conducted to favor Bush. It took up to 10 hours to vote in one heavily Democrat precinct, averaged four hours in many of these districts because of inadequate numbers of machines. Meanwhile, voting machines sat idle in the warehouses and Republican districts had surpluses per registered voter. Dozens of thousands of voters couldn't wait that long and many of those who waited had their votes challenged and were forced to fill out provisional ballots. Many more votes were counted in precincts than the number of signed polling logs and absentee ballots.The punch card voting machines that many poorer precincts were still using have a known spoilage rate for ballots. Greg Palast reported that over 90,000 votes wouldn't be counted because their cards weren't punched through, or they over voted. More than 150,000 voters were forced to fill out provisional ballots because of registration challenges, with reports that even long time voters had disappeared from the rolls.

The Republican secretary of state is the co-chair of Bush's Ohio campaign team. He'll use the slightest error to shred thousands of these ballots. He called the election in Ohio a "Success by any measure." Even hard core Kerry supporters remain dismissive of these and other reports on the internet. They sneer at the conspiracists to go back to your grassy knoll. This wasn't another stolen election by Bush. Face it, he got out his base, religious, ignorant homophobes and the elite. Who get to count the votes.

Kerry said he had 40, 000 lawyers out there to seize onto any election shenanigans like pitbulls. Where did they go? Maybe the Republicans who weren't challenging dark skinned voters did driveby's with ambulance sirens to draw those shysters away like hounds on a scent? It took a real attorney, Ralph Nader to challenge the New Hampshire and Florida votes. Florida is another state where evidence of criminal fraud has been reported. In Volusia county, which includes Daytona Beach and Deland, a Florida Fair Elections team and Bev Harris of, went to the elections office to request to view the 100 plus signed poll tapes from the optical scanner voting machines in that county.

Harris has been a major force in raising public awareness of the many flaws in Diebold computer voting software through her website and media interviews. The elections office knew they were coming for these public records, but gave them unsigned printouts that were dated November 15th .

Over the next two days Harris and FFE members found reams of the original, signed poll tapes in the garbage bags and dumpster of the election office. Comparing the original tapes they had with the printouts the Volusia county election board presented to the state for the official vote count, they found the numbers to be off by hundreds in each precinct, all of them favoring Bush. That's a major crime.

My, What Big Eyes You Have!

They are moving on to other counties with optical scanners in Florida. Owners and executives at two other computer voting companies, ES&S and Sequoia Pacific, which count more than half the votes in the country, have been convicted of bribing public officials in over a dozen states.

Daniel Hopsicker on his website reported these convictions after researching the two companies financiers. He wrote they have links with organized crime, currency manipulators, gambling resort owners and "untraceable shareholders." Just the kind of people you want counting the vote in a democracy.

The 4 p.m. exit polls gave Kerry a clear win in carrying the country. The tabulated results hours later put Bush over the top. Exit polls have been the most accurate polls in predicting final results. The swings from exit polls to final votes towards Bush in Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio were so far beyond the margin of error, that Dr. Stephen Freeman of the University of Pennsylvania calculated the odds at 250 million to one, or Bush would have had a better chance of winning the lottery in all three states. Georgie didn't look too worried in the Bush family gathering shown on television, while the exit polls showed him going down like his dad.

An analysis of the swing from projected results from exit polls to final tally in 50 states and district showed that in 42 states the percentage of final Bush votes veered upwards, some by as much as 10 %. Only 9 veered to Kerry, none more than 5 %. This was so odd that CNN actually "rebalanced" their late night "exit poll numbers" from their afternoon numbers to fit the results being tallied.

An MIT and CALTECH voting technology project team was used by the NY Times as an "expert debunker." Their report with no named authors said that "while exit polls predicted a significantly greater vote for Kerry nationwide than the official returns confirmed", they found "no particular pattern" to these anomalies.

Johnathon Simon on reports that this unknown team of statisticians was using the "rebalanced" numbers to conduct their analysis, not the actual exit polls. He notes that in order to get the final results for Bush in Florida, they would have had to exit poll only male voters. The 19th amendment was supposed to end that.

My, What Big Teeth You Have!

A UC Berkeley research team using public records and statistical patterns to predict results, found "an unexplained discrepancy" between counties with electronic voting machines and those without. Those with EVMs may have awarded Bush 130,000 to 260,000 extra votes in Florida alone. The three biggest boosters of Bush's excess were in the Democratic strongholds of Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties. In order to avoid another Florida debacle, the county officials purchased optical scanners from companies run by criminals. It makes sense in a Florida kind of way.

A congressional candidate in Florida, Jeff Fisher ran on the Constitutionally Progressive Liberal Democrat ticket, a party of one. He lost, but on his website he claims the computerized vote counting was hacked into from a juvenile detention and drug rehab facility in Dade county to raise vote totals for Bush. Not by the inmates, but by Republicans. Fisher says they used the same process to fix Jeb Bush's 2002 governor race, and the 2000 Bush/Gore election results. He hasn't produced the documents he claims he has to prove this yet. Gore did register a minus 16,000 votes in one Diebold counted precinct in Volusia county in 2000.

These Kerry libs who refuse to believe there was widespread and criminal election fraud by the Republicans must like feeling both dejected and superior to the dumb, Bush supporters in red meat America. Even if they agree that there was fraud, they passively counter there was not enough fraud to change the outcome.

They would rather believe that slightly more than half the country thought this JFK was a bogus war hero who skated out of combat after three cheesy Purple Hearts, who'd never done anything in 30 years in the Senate because he was too busy windsurfing, and would probably have gay weddings in the White House. And he liked wolves, or something. Even his supporters don't entirely disagree.

More people in the targeted swing states remembered the Terrorist Wolves for Bush ad than any other television campaign commercial except for the Swift Boaters against Kerry ads. Many based their votes for Bush on those enlightening commercials. Democracy, Isn't it great? It goes for so little.


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