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October, 2004 - Volume 29, Number 10

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The 9/11 Report, Part II: Toto, I've A Feeling We're Not In Kansas Anymore. By Stephen Simac
  The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States was completed in July after 18 months of investigation into 9/11. Their 500 plus page report went through a newscycle or two in the media spin dryer before being discarded like yesterday's news.
Missing Court Documents In Private Hands Contentious Divorce Case Returns By Jim Scanlon
A Sensational Announcement The foundation of our system of administering justice is the inviolability of the court record. Elaborate precautions are taken to preserved and protect the documents that record the facts, the who, what, when and where and what happens in court.
 President Bush Behind Haitian Terrorism By Kevin Pina
The second week of February 2004 President Aristide made a public pronouncement that he would never resign his elected authority, invoking the image of the fallen democrat Salvador Allende of Chile by announcing he was "willing to die in office."
A Letter About Bush Terrorism In Haiti
This letter was addressed to Mainstreet Moms Opposing Bush (MMOB) and forwarded to the Coastal Post: I am a mom and activist who is delighted to join your organization.
Vote Tampering Possible In California And Marin By Carol Sterritt
"If the thunder don't getcha, then the lightning will." Jerry Garcia, musician-philosopher
We live in America. On election day, regardless of party affiliation, we express our patriotism through our trip to the polls.
What I's Like For A Disabled Man To Be Evicted By Jim Scanlon
Jerry Bakken knew his time was coming to an end. He had been threatened with eviction from the Marie B. Freitas Senior Community but now judge Sutro had made an order of dispossession
 Soldiers Threatened With Iraq Duty
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) - Soldiers from a combat unit at Fort Carson say they have been told to re-enlist for three more years or be transferred to other units expected to deploy to Iraq, the Rocky Mountain News reported Thursday.
Dodging Draft Will Be Difficult Submitted By Perry Finkelstein
Right now there is Pending Legislation concerning a Military Draft in the House and Senate targeted for Spring 2005.
Jury Finds Walt Dixon Innocent. The Case of the Missing 911 Calls By Jim Scanlon
After a one week trial before Judge James Ritchie in Marin Superior Court, a jury of 12 men and women deliberated two hours and found Walt Dixon of Woodacre not guilty of charges of battery on a police officer, resisting arrest and being drunk in public.
Wind Carries GM Pollen Record Distances Wildland Invasion Feared By New Scientist
Pollen from a genetically modified grass has blown on the wind and pollinated other grasses up to 21 kilometres away
Bush Distorts Who Benefits From Tax Cuts
The administration and most of the mainstream press are billing the tax package passed by Congress on September 23 as a "middle class tax-cut."[1] The reality is that the new law is more of the same: tax cuts that benefit the rich and, in many cases, exclude the neediest families.
The 2004 Election and Censored News By Peter Phillips, and Kate Sims
Election 2004 is a serious test of democracy in the US. Perhaps no other time since the 1930s have we been so dangerously close to institutionalized totalitarianism.
Correction On Complaints Against Police
In Carol Sterritt's September 2004 article on Complaints Against Police, it was mistakenly reported that a young Fairfax woman, Lua, daughter of Jose Neto and his wife, Maria Kraft Neto, died in a car accident in which liquor was involved.
Attacks Disillusion Marines By Mike Dorning The Chicago Tribune
RAMADI, Iraq Marine Cpl. Travis Friedrichsen, a sandy-haired 21-year-old from Denison, Iowa, used to take Tootsie Rolls and lollipops out of care packages from home and give them to Iraqi children. Not anymore.
Attend The Ed Miller Celebration
This is just a reminder to your readers in case they didn't see the invite on the last page of last months C. P. paper to come with me Kate Hart and Celebrate the Long Life of Dr. Miller
Disaster Pot Pie In The Oven By Jim Scanlon
No, these disaster statements do not refer to hurricanes like Charlie, Frances or Ivan, which get all day, all night TV coverage, they refer to something all Americans, from Bill Gates in his mansions, to the alcoholic derelict in the gutter, love, treasure and use all day, every day --- money!
AIDS Voices Reheard-Council Replaces Commission By Karen Nakamura
There has been a reprieve of sorts for the Aids community in Marin. Marin County's Department of Health and Human Services, which oversees the distribution of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Funds in the County, has followed through with its pledge to form an organization to give legal voice to the AIDS community according to federal guidelines.
Letter From New York-Ground Zero 2004 By Jim Scanlon
It is hard to tell what people thought might happen during the Republican National Convention which ended a week before the third anniversary of the destruction of the World Trade Center.
Friends Help Marin Man Who Needs A Slice Of Liver
Doug Dion isn't asking for much as his 56th birthday approaches (in October)-so his friends are asking for him: can you give a piece of your liver to save Doug's life?
New Musical Satirizing Bush Premiers in Marin
An original new musical show satirizing the Bush administration, "By George, It's War!," written and directed by Marin County composer Dale Polissar, will have a timely pre-election premier this month in West Marin and Mill Valley.
Shark Season Arrives In gulf Of The Farallones
Late summer and fall are the "Season of the Shark" in the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary off San Francisco
County Free Library Increases Service to People Who Are Homebound
Library Beyond Walls is pleased to announce that, beginning September 1, 2004, we are able to serve people of all ages, not just those 55 and older.
Slide Ranch Celebrates Harvest
Slide Ranch celebrates the season of harvest and bounty in the style of an old time country fair On October 9, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Vote Yes On Measure B By Karen Nakamura
Congratulations are in order for GMO Free Marin for getting Measure B, the ban on genetically engineered organisms in Marin, on the November ballot. Get out and vote.
Bush Vs. Not-Bush By Frank Scott
The corporate parties held their conventional orgies of blatant hypocrisy and false motivation in September.
LIES, Lies, Washington's weapons Of Mass Deception By Edward W. Miller, MD
Bush's pre-emptive "SHOCK AND AWE" against the Iraqis, was outright terrorism. A hidden, more deadly terrorism was the first Gulf War followed by the 13-years of Oil-for Food semi-starvation
MOO TOWN NEWS Waste Not, Want Not-Farewell Laurie By Judy Borello
On September 10th, the Old Western Saloon, family and friends, saluted Laurie Sturddvant who is moving to Shasta City.
The Sad Truth About Our Future With Bush By Jeanette Pontqcq
There is a very old Chinese curse that seems applicable as we approach the November election: "May you live in interesting times!"
Mercury News Editorial California Could Take Stem Cell Lead
Proposition 71 brings out the best of California. Big, bold and optimistic, it provides the means for the state's best and brightest scientists to eliminate some of life's most devastating diseases.
LA Times 14 August 2004 Attorney-general Shows Himself As A Menace To Liberty By Jonathan Turley
Atty.-Gen. John Ashcroft's announced desire for camps for U.S. citizens he deems to be "enemy combatants" has moved him from merely being a political embarrassment to being a constitutional menace.
Ignore Kyoto-Global Warming Isn't This Morning's Headline By Duayne Hunn
The world's colder. It needs a warm draft. America doesn't need a stop-the-commie cold war or kill-a-terrorist hot draft.
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