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October, 2004


Letters To The Editor
Marin's Snowmobiles In The Sky?
†† If you are wondering where that incessant noise from small planes and helicopters is coming from lately, it's from a company called Seaplane Tours.With offices at Fisherman's Wharf and
Sausalito, they feature hourly tours over the National Park at Muir Woods, Muir Beach andMill Valley.
†† With a complete and utter disregard for the rights of the citizens of Marin County,with no feeling toward all the wildlife patterns they are disrupting, claiming no responsibility for fire hazards flying over parched hills with dangerous, gas fueled planes can bring andturning a blind eye to security problems which can arise from ferrying people from all over the world without proper clearance, they continue to fly in the face of reason in pursuit of profit.
This is only the beginning, citing the National Parks Air Tour Management Plan Act of 2000 (PL 106-181),a plan which favors the quick approval of overflight permits without regard to environmental or safety concerns of the affected communities, many new companies will be formed, hoping to capitalize on the success of Seaplane Tours Inc.
†††† Soon,
Marin County will resemble Hawaii with round the clock flights to everywhere.We will all be living in a world of constantnoise…We must nip this in the bud.
Please contact Steve Price, owner and fellow Marin county resident at 415-332-4843 and try to talk some sense into him….barring that you may want to call
Brian O'Neill Supt. of GGNRA at 415-561-4722
Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey at 415-507-9554
Federal Aviation Administration†† Jared Weaver at 510-748-0122
Homeland Security at 1-800-237-3239
Lisa Flay-local contact person at 415-847-1989 or [email protected]

†† Please help us keep Marin a safe and quiet place .†††
Thomas Martell
730 Panoramic Hwy.
Mill Valley, CA 94941

November Marin Healthcare District Election
†† This November most of us will vote for what we consider the better choices. Voters of the Marin Healthcare District (all of Marin except
Novato) will fill two vacancies of the five member board.
†† The chief function of the board is to oversee
Marin General Hospital, owned by the district residents but leased until 2015 to Sutter Health, a Sacramento-based hospital chain. Dr. Archimedes ("Archie") Ramirez and Jonathan Frieman are strong patient advocates and are stellar board choices.
†† Sutter Health uses MGH as a cash cow. Moneis siphoned by Sutter from the non-profit MGH can legally be invested in for-profit Sutter business. Patient revenue siphoned to
Sacramento means lesser care at MGH. In fact, the privatized MGH is in danger of losing Medicare and Medi-Cal funding because of quality of care issues.
†† The role of the elected board is limited until the hospital reverts to community control in 2015. Nevertheless, we need consumer advocates on the board as strong as Dr. Ramirez and Jonathan Frieman doing everything possible to upgrade patient care.
Norman Carrigg, MD
San Rafael

Voter-Verified Paper Ballots, Please!
†† I am urging the Governor to sign SB 1438. Everyone is well aware of the deficiencies in electronic voting machines as they are presently programmed. If we are to ensure reliable voting, we must be able to verify each and every vote. ATM machines provide a paper receipt. So must e-voting machines. Approving and-more important-enforcing SB 1438 will make it possible to verify all votes on secure paper ballots which can be counted and, if necessary, recounted. I believe e-voting machines should owned and operated by the government entities responsible for conducting elections-not the manufacturers. We must never privatize our precious democracy.
Eileen Siedman
Mill Valley

Great Turnout For The Environment
†† On
September 16, 2004, the Environmental Forum of Marin began the 18-week Training Program with 34 students who will receive an intensive education in varied elements of the local and global environment.
†† Many of the students in our program learned of it through the public service announcements that appeared in your newspaper throughout the spring and summer.
†† We are grateful to you for publishing the information about our program repeatedly and we appreciate your support of volunteer organizations such as the Environmental Forum of Marin, and your efforts toward improving the community as a whole.
†† Thank you. (You were the best!)
Marilyn McConnell
Recruitment Chair
Environmental Forum of Marin

Over The Top On
†† I've always loved your paper, BUT! aren't you being a little over the top with your
Israel articles? editorials? There are other foreign countries that need writing about. What comes to mind is Chili and Venezuela and what about the horrendous killings (Arab) in Dakur, Africa.
†† If it isn't Jewish it doesn't get an article. Your venom for
Israel is appalling even if I do agree that Butcher Sharon must be stopped. There are the Peaceniks and the Refusenics in Israel that need support and the anti-violence groups in Palestine that need encouragement. We do not win by hatred and violence ever!! Benjamin Franklin said, "There is no good war and no bad peace" and to promote peace requires compassion and not ire.
Mili Klein
Marin County

Schwarzenegger's Alternate Universe
†† Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a good sounding speech but he seems to be talking about a different reality than the one I remember. He says that we have a strong economy now in spite of the recession we inherited (from
Clinton). It reminds me of a sci-fi movie where there's a alternate universe where everything is the opposite of what's happening here. In the reality I remember we had the biggest surplus in the history of the world and now we have the biggest deficit in the history of the world.
†† Arnold Schwarzenegger is doing
California a disservice to go to New York and endorse Bush because the economic future of this state and the rest of the country is to turn this economy around and get back to fiscal responsibility and basic sanity. Bush has gutted America and we need to get rid of him before it's to late to turn things around. If Bush is reselected, Arnold Schwarzenegger will have to pay a personal price because he's going to have to keep the California economy going while Bush continues to destroy the national economy. I was hoping Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to join the real world - but I was wrong. In spite of his big immigrant story, he's a Republican first and an American second.
Marc Perkel
San Francisco

Catastrophic Bush
†† So President Bush calls his war with
Iraq a "catastrophic success"?A Freudian slip perhaps but unknowingly he's right on target.It has been a failure and he now admits unwinnable.
†† Bush also conceded to a reporter that he "miscalculated" on the never ending fighting with the insurgents after his so-called victory.
†† His "miscalculation" might not have been so serious if it were just referring to a tax cut but "miscalculating" on the war with
Iraq has been a human tragedy causing the death of 1,000 American soldiers and wounding 20,000 others.
†† Bush's apology hasn't diminished his "rib thumping" however before his captive audiences.He still claims he wants 4 more years to fix the economy (where has he been the last 4)? To cut the annual 500 billion dollar deficit in half (which he created), To give health care to the 45 million uninsured all the while chanting "as your commander-in-chief I have a vision."
†† Well, so far Bush's vision has been rather myopic.I suggest that he re-climb Mr. Sinai and meditate for 40 days and nights to see if he can improve upon it.
David A. Whelan
Forest Knolls

Major Hanky Panky By Halliburton
†† I am an accountant and when I read the New York Times story of
August 4, 2004, "Halliburton Settles S.E.C. Accusations," I did so with almost laughable disbelief. It is the job of an accountant to report the financial results of a corporation's operations in a fair, accurate manner and in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).
†† In the Halliburton case, it was concluded by the SEC investigators that, not one, but the two highest-ranking accounting personnel of a multi-billion dollar corporation took it upon themselves, without consultation or direction from higher company management, to misrepresent the financial results of the corporation. While it is true that Generally Accepted Accounting Principles permit the change in accounting reporting that was made, it is also unmistakable that the change must be disclosed in a clear and unambiguous manner to the public along with the dollar affect upon the financial statements of the accounting change.
In the instant case, both required disclosures were not made to the public. It is more likely that the sun will not come up tomorrow than that any highly-compensated accountant for a major U. S. corporation would "forget" to disclose this GAAP-required information to the public should such a change in accounting policy be made.
†† The critical question is why would an accountant make such a financial reporting change without consulting or informing higher corporate management? An accountant taking such independent initiative would be subject to not only losing his job but also to losing his career if the deception of the public were to become evident. The alleged behavior of the accountants on the basis of these facts alone makes no sense whatsoever.
†† But what if the accountants were directed to make the change "unbeknownst" to highest corporate management?The undisclosed change would be of at least temporary benefit to the company and its executive management. Stocks of major companies almost invariably suffer a big price decline when the street analysts' expectations are not met. Accountants for the company are never blamed for the failure to meet the analysts' expectations; it is the performance of the company's management (i.e. Dick Cheney) that is called into question.
†† The New York Times August 4 article reads: "The [SEC] commission said that pretax profit for all of 1998 was reported at $278.8 million, 46 percent more than the $190.9 million that would have been reported under the old accounting... Halliburton's reported profits for the quarter exceeded analysts' estimates but would have fallen far short of them had the change not been made, the S.E.C. said."
†† And here's the question for the readers of the Coastal Post to consider: Why have not the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal written an editorial on this subject?
David Lockmiller
San Francisco

Green Buildings††† †††
†† You may be interested in writing about the recent work of a local Bay Area environmental consultant who created the green building industry in the 1990s.Enclosed are materials describing a new book by David Gottfried, founder of the
US and World Green Building Councils.††††††† ††
†† "Greed To Green: The transformation of an industry and a life" is a compelling memoir detailing Mr. Gottfried's personal and professional struggles, as he renounced a wealthy life in the real estate industry in order to nearly single-handedly create the leading green building organization in the world-the USGBC-as well as coordinate green building into a global cooperative effort with the World GBC.††††
†† One of the fastest-growing nonprofits in the world with over 3500 organizational members, the US Green Building Council is an eye-catching topic in environmental news today.Energy- and resource- efficient buildings save cost economically, environmentally, and socially, in the famous "triple bottom line"."Greed To Green" provides an inside view not only of the ways in which our homes and offices are becoming greener, but also of the value of a green life as an individual.††††
†† David Gottfried's story shows how one person can change lives and even entire industries, helping the planet in the process. Please find enclosed what The Washington Post, Paul Hawken, Ray Anderson, and others have to say about this inspiring book.We look forward to hearing your review of "Greed To Green" in your publication, and if convenient, please also send a copy to the address below.
†† For more information, please visit our websites at, and Finally, please let me know if you prefer to receive this information by postal mail rather than via email, and I'll gladly send you a book review package.
Brooke Ray Smith

Israel And Mind Management
†† This is to express my appreciation for the article "The Wall:There, and Here", by Frank Scott, in the August 2004 issue.
†† Mr. Scott is very perceptive in identifying the American mind as being walled in, analogous to the Palestinians in their cities and villages.The entire world outside the
United States is aware of the true situation in Palestine, but that awareness stops at our borders as though encountering an impenetrable wall totally surrounding the country.
†† I am a retired oilcompany engineer who worked in the
Near East for many years and traveled widely there.I quickly learned at first hand the true story of the Arab-Israeli conflict, and then went on to delve deeply into its origins.I attempt to pass this knowledge on to my fellow Americans in the hope that it will help to reverse US policy of supporting Israel.
†† The "mind management" that Mr. Scott speaks of in the article is, of course, the product of decades of Zionist propaganda.They have accomplishedinversion of the truth, and I call this the Big Zionist Lie.
†† With respect, I would like to point out that part of the Big Zionist Lie has even been incorporated in the article, due I'm sure to Mr. Scott's unwitting absorption of it.†††
†† The article refers indirectly to
Palestine as the Jew's homeland, and that it had been stolen from them.
†† The Zionists have worked hard to get these two concepts accepted by the world, but they are both wrong.They are prime examples of the Big Zionist Lie and they are key elements in the management of the American mind.
Palestine is NOT the homeland of the Jews.Their homeland is Iraq ("Ur of the Chaldees").They journeyed to Palestine, invaded it, and conquered it initially in 1406 B.C., under Joshua.During the succeeding millennium they were driven out, only to return and conquer it again in 200 B.C. under the Maccabees.Some 400 years later they were again driven out, this time by the Romans, after which the Palestinians remained free of Jewish domination for almost 2000 years.Then, the nightmare of Jewish conquest was repeated a third time, in 1948 under the Zionists.The point is, the Jews never had their homeland stolen from them;quite the reverse, they stole the Palestinians' homeland.And not once, but three times!
†† I would be very pleased to see an article on this subject written by Mr. Scott in a forthcoming issue of Coastal Post.
Richard Herman
Costa Mesa

Fact Checking? What's That?
††† The current breast beating on the part of CBS' Dan Rather aboutthe documents he used on "60 Minutes" regarding Bush' records in the Texas Air National Guard is laughable given the media's performance prior to the invasion of
†† None of the major media outlets did any fact checking, vetting or authenticating of any of the White House claims of the presence of WMD's, Sadaam Hussiens alleged ties to Al Qaeda, acting essentially as stenographers for the Bush Administration. They all beat the drums of war despite a plethora of information from credible sources that said that these weapons did not exist, that Sadaam Hussien had kept Al Qaeda out of Iraq and Osama bin Laden and he were bitter enemies.
†† Fake documents or not used by CBS in the "60 Minutes" segment, Bush' records (or absence thereof) of his avoidance of
Vietnam are in the public domain. Molly Ivins, who is from Texas and knows the Bush family has written extensively and credibly about Bush' "war" record prior to Bill Burkett arriving on the scene. We don't need Mr. Burkett to know that Bush jumped the que to get into the Air National Guard, thus avoiding combat while those who were ahead of him in line for this plum assignment went to Nam and died fighting our last war disaster. †††††
†† Dan Rather has a few more "mea culpa's" to do about accuracy in reporting facts vs. fiction. Wasn't he the one who said he would "line up" behind "his president" in his drumbeat for war prior to the invasion of
Meg Brizzolara
San Quentin Village

Stand Down Order?
†† What is going on in the Pentagon? Out of the blue someone gives the order that the military is going to take a rest and at the end of the year an offensive will be started to take the insurgent held cities and be ready to hold elections.
†† At least it puts off any more show air strikes till after the elections but with the inability of the US forces to stem the tide of off shore volunteers coming to fight the coalition they will have two months to beef up their forces and President Bush will try to get about 300,000 additional troops into Iraq to really smother and further antagonize the loving population who hate the interim government and is building up support for all the small militias and leaders of the mosques.
†† Thank goodness that the wisdom of the State Department in
Baghdad issued a travel warning on the airport road and it was finally designated as a no trespass danger zone. So for many marines who have been blown to bits the State department awakens to the danger. Much like Bush sleeping peacefully from Jan. to September 10th when he is hit by the Saudi massacre.
†† I don't understand why all the reports of American military policy never disclose any names whereas all the Iraqi Sunni and Shia leaders who are speaking out are identified. It's probably because no American wants to take responsibility. But the stand down policy from the Pentagon must be Bush's deliberate desiree not to get much deeper into violence before the election.
†† It is also high time that the impotent Congress investigate why the insurgents can put up such a good fight against the most modern fighting force in the world. They can't train Iraqis to fight but can train them to play soccer. I say keep Bush in office till the people can't stand his mismanagement of the Iraqi debacle and then watch the fur fly. It took the magnificent US military machine 21 days to take Baghdad, Bush tells us Mission Accomplished and it looks as though it will take 10 years or longer to return from Baghdad to Camp Pendleton.
†† The scene is not pretty and as long as the American people can fight the war on terror with borrowed money, no six pack football and baseball fan will give a damn. The future is not pretty.
Dr. Norman E. Mann
San Diego

Another Four Years Of...
†† The 2004 presidential election is more than who is the better candidate; it is about whether Americans want another four years of Bush/Cheney lies, deceit and secrecy.
†† Harry Truman: Secrecy and a free democracy don't mix.
†† Will "war president" Bush, have 1000 crosses tattooed on his back?
†† Given a choice between Bush tax cuts or achieving universal health coverage, 81% of Americans said they would rather get the health care.
†† Bush religious right wingers and anti-abortionists will strike down Roe vs. Wade if they retain the presidency for another four years.
†† Bush oxymoron: Nuclear weapons will make the world safer.
†† The White House message to the world: Do as we do even though our agenda is based on an extremist unilateralist ideology.
†† The great threat to freedom is concentration of power. Milton FriemanBush/Republicans control all branches of government.
†† 45 million are uninsured, 38 million Americans live below the poverty line, all of whom the Bush administration could care less about. That's a substantial voting bloc.
†† Plato had it right: "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." Four years have proved the case.
†† Take
America back from religious right-wingers and radical Republicans.
††† I'm looking forward to the defeat of Bush November 2. How bout you?
Ron Lowe

††††† Nationally syndicated columnist Cal Thomas misses the point again by saying Islam is root of terror." That's like saying that Christianity is the root of anti-abortion extremism. Mr. Thomas goes on to say that one thing characterizes terrorists-they are Muslim. Get specific
Cal-you must know the real truth-the media has inundated us with the facts for years. Hamas suicide bombers are fundamentalist extremists. The Hezbollah faction are fundamentalists. Al Qaida are fundamentalist terrorists of the highest order; they all carry out their atrocities in the name of and under the cover of Islam. In America fundamentalist anti-abortionists hide their unsavory practices under the mantle of Christianity. The Bush administration is peopled by anti-abortion extremists-Ashcroft, DeLay, Hutchinson, Scalia-from top to bottom. Someone who writes a national column must know this ... or maybe the truth touches a little too close to home. Cal Thomas creates a false image and does a disservice by fingering Muslims of Islamic extraction as the terrorists of the world.
Ron Lowe
Nevada City, CA

A Small Taste Of
America's Future-Republican Jails
†† My 21-year olddaughter disappeared from NYC last Tuesday afternoon when walking with friendsthrough a park where no protest was being held-and was held prisoner- without being charged-by the NYPD for three days.
†† The first day and night she spent in an unsafe and inhumane facility at Pier 57("Little Guantanamo") provided by the Republican Party.Yes, it wasmanaged by the Republican National Committee. It was leased by theRNC to hold political dissenters who disagreed with the Bushadministration.
†† The second two days, my daughter was in a city jail in
Manhattan, where her treatment improved. She practices Buddhist precepts ofcompassion (she told the NYPD officers that she knew they must be tired andoverworked also, and she did not resist arrest).
†† She is a graduate student inPoli Sci at the
University of Hawaii and is a MortarBoard honorsociety/service club member. The notorious Pier 57 (owned by the Hudson RiverTrust-a city/state consortium) was dubbed "Little Guantanamo" by reporterswho also got caught up in police sweeps and who said it looked like theGuantanamo Bay prison built by the USA to hold the Al Qaeda terrorist political prisoners in Cuba.
†† Pier 57 was leased by the RNC before theirconvention. They arranged for the NYPD to put up the chain link holdingpens with razor wire on top in the old Pier 57 warehouse that had oil, gas andasbestos dust on the floor from a previous fire. My heart was in my throatwhen I got a call from one of my daughter's friends on
Oahu who told me shehad been arrested and taken to Little Guantanamo.
†† I looked it up on theinternet and fear crept into me. I called my daughter's cell phoneover and over ("it's mom, where ARE you, call me") She didn'tanswer. Only hours before, she had been calling us with joy, telling us of thepeaceful protests and beautiful march. But now, nothing. I had nightmarishvisions of a fire sweeping over the combustible floor with hundreds-nearlya thousand-trapped in the chainlink pens, razor wire on the top of the pensmaking escape impossible.
†† My husband called the NYPD to ask who had issued a Certificate of Occupancy or Fire Safety Inspection Certificate and who wasmanaging Pier 57. He was given the number for the Republican NationalCommittee. Yes. My husband and I looked at each other in silent, cold horror. In
America? The Republicans have set up a private detention camp for theirpolitical prisoners that can hold 1,000 under inhumane and unsafeconditions!?
†† My husband slowly dialed that number, got the RNC, andthe Republican rep who answered the phone said, in answer to myhusbands' inquiries about safety: "those protesters don't deserve a Holiday Inn, and they're all criminals anyway!"....Say what?!Mydaughter, who doesn't smoke or drink or do drugs and is a practicing BuddhistVegan? A criminal?
†† Warning signs that reporters saw posted around Pier57 said not to enter without protective clothing and mask. My exhausteddaughter, with hundreds of others, tried to sleep that first night ...on thechemical-covered oily, cold cement floor of these pens, without food or water,without being read her rights, without being offered a chance to post bail,without seeing a judge although the National Lawyers Guild offered torepresent them pro bono, without being charged or told why she wasarrested and handcuffed and taken there, without being allowed to make a callto a lawyer or friend or parent or anyone-all cell phones were confiscatedas "terrorist weapons." Her purse was taken. She had nothing but the clotheson her back.
†† Meanwhile... ordinary criminals arrested that same day in NYC forburglary, rape and heinous crimes were processed by the courts in less than 10hours.My daughter, who had committed no crime, was incarcerated forthree days incommunicado.
††† Peoplesuffered chemical burns, bug bites, overcrowding and medical problems becausetheir medicine was confiscated. A pregnant woman sat crying on the floor inthe oil. It wasn't until my daughter was taken out of the Republican-managed "Little Guantanamo" and placed in a cell in a
Manhattan city jail that a guardkindly brought her Vegan food and gave her a blanket to lay her grime-smearedbody on at night in her crowded cell.
†† I never thought I'd be grateful to get acall from a friend saying that my daughter was in a
Manhattan city jail cell,but the knowledge that she was out of that Little Guantanamo actuallygave me relief.
†† I called
Hawaii's Republican PartyHeadquarters, and asked them to report it to Hawaii's Governor LindaLingle, who was at the convention in NYC and could intervene for mydaughter and other UH students incarcerated illegally by her party.TheRepublican rep woman who answered the phone told me "Linda knows, andyou're blowing it all out of proportion." Say What!! That's MYdaughter, not YOURS, sitting in that instant-conflagration-fire-trap at Pier57! Well, thanks a BUNCH, Linda Lingle. The UH students mean that LITTLE toyou???
†† TheRepublicans wanted to "teach those protesters a lesson." They wantedto terrorize my daughter. But the lesson that the hundreds and hundreds ofprisoners were taught... was not the one that the Republican Party intended, Iwould wager. My daughter had gone to NYC to walk in the peaceful protest of500K people the day before the Republican National Convention began.
†† She wasnot engaged in protest at the time of her arrest. She had been walking withfriends near a park. There was no protest in action when they were arrestedalong with tourists and city employees going to work. Anyone caught in theNYPD orange fence netting was told to sit on the ground, handcuffed, andpushed into large NYC busses. Our sweet daughter, born and brought up in asmall rainforest in
Hawaii, was placed in detention at Pier 57, the notorious"Little Guantanomo." I recall that when the Democrats held their convention tonominate Senator John Kerry as their candidate for President, there were only6 people arrested, if I remember correctly.††
†† At the RepublicanNational Convention to elect Bush as their candidate, there were thousandsarrested. I suspect that Republicans might say this was a good thing.†† Being tough. This group-roundup tactic is called by the Republican party "preventative detention" (like the "pre-emptive war" in
Iraq). It is used toterrorize those who might protest Bush's agenda when he is in town. America,wake up.
†† Hitler told the German people that they would have to "give up afew of your rights that we can fight the enemy." That's what Ashcroft said, about the misnamed PATRIOT ACT. Wake up,
America. The American flag that proudly waves by MY front gate and is onthe back window of MY car... doesn't seem to be the same American flag that theRepublican Party is waving.
Erin Starr
Makawao, Hawaii

Where Not To Live
†† The hurricanes in
Florida teach an important lesson: there are some places where humans should not live! We are arrogant enough to believe that the entire Earth belongs to us, and that we have the right to go anywhere and do anything that we wish. But so far we haven't been smart enough to learn how to live sustainably.
†† Humans can't live in
Florida without massive aid from out of state. People in the desert Southwest can't survive without sucking whole rivers dry. Most Americans' lifestyles depend on a supply of fossil fuel from halfway around the world. And the ultimate in unsustainable living is space travel!
†† George W. Bush's goal seems to be to prolong this profligate living-beyond-our-means as long as possible -- at least long enough for he and his rich friends to profit from it, and leave the nation holding the bag: the largest debt in our nation's history! For promoting nuclear weapons and the destruction of our environment, he represents the greatest living threat to life on Earth. We need to get rid of this usurper before he does any more damage! Please vote for John Kerry!
†† For more information, see
Michael J. Vandeman, Ph.D.
Hayward, CA
I am working on creating wildlife habitat that is off-limits to humans ("pure habitat"). Want to help? (I spent the previous 8 years fighting auto dependence and road construction.)

A Poem From A Marine
This is very moving.My dad sent this to me if you couldn't tell from looking right below what I'm writing.I have to admit that my dad and I don't get along very well, but what else can you expect from two people who are very bull headed and strong willed.I still love him though and I miss him all the same.I hope you all read it and enjoy.Sabrina

To my marine buddies and other great soldiers I know
A Poem From A Marine

This is a poem being sent from a Marine to his Dad. For thosewho take the time to read it, you'll see a letter from him to his Dad atthebottom. It makes you truly be thankful for not only theMarines, but ALL ofour troops.


We all came together,
Both young and old.
To fight for our freedom,
To stand and be bold.

In the midst of all evil,
We stand our ground,
And we protect our country
From all terror around.

Peace and not war,
Is what some people say.
But I'll give my life,
So you can live the American way.

I give you the right
To talk of your peace.
To stand in your groups,
and protest in our streets.

But still I fight on,
I don't bitch, I don't whine.
I'm just one of the people
Who is doing your time.

I'm harder than nails,
Stronger than any machine.
I'm the immortal soldier,

So stand in my shoes,
And leave from your home.
Fight for the people who hate you,
With the protests they've shown.

Fight for the stranger,
Fight for the young.
So they all may have,
The greatest freedom you've won.

Fight for the sick,
Fight for the poor. Fight for the cripple,
Who lives next door.

But when your time comes,
Do what I've done.
For if you stand up for freedom,
You'll stand when the fight's done.
Corporal Aaron M. Gilbert
US Marine

We Can Agree
America is a very divided and polarized nation and there's very few things we agree on anymore. Sometime one has to really search to find something that most people agree on when it comes to politics. But one thing I think most people can agree with is that the war in Iraq is every bit as legitimate as Bush's election.
Marc Perkel
San Francisco, CA.

New York Yankies For Bush
September 16, 2004
George Steinbrenner,
Owner, NY Yankees

Dear George,
†† Imagine my surprise when I whirled around at the peaceful anti-war rally outside the Republican National Convention near
Madison Square Garden last week, to find a motorcycle gang in New York Yankee uniforms spurring their motorbikes into the peaceful crowd.
†† In particular, one thug, wearing Babe Ruth's #3 and a German helmet, knocked over a pregnant woman as he kicked the sides of his bike and slammed it further into the crowd, which had gathered in the legal "free speech zone."
†† Only later was I informed that those "bozos on bikes" were
New York City police officers. Gasp.
†† During the protests, I witnessed many New York Police Department personnel acting in ways that disgraced their uniforms. And by that, I don't mean the NYPD blues but the famed pinstripes of the NY Yankees.
I am going to say something here that may frighten or appall many of my friends: "I am a Yankee fan." I've been a Yankee fan since Horace Stoneham stole the NY Giants and my beloved Willie Mays out to
San Francisco some 47 years ago. And I have never before seen a group of individuals besmirch that uniform (well, if we don't count a few late-night incidents in bars around town). Imagine what Babe Ruth ? or even David Wells (dare I mention his name to you?), who loved the Babe so much that he wore his old hat and kissed his monument behind the centerfield wall every time he came in to pitch ? would say if he saw someone wearing the Babe's uniform intentionally smash into a crowd of lawful antiwar protesters on his motorbike, seriously injuring some of them.
Gives new meaning to "the Sultan of Swat," doesn't it?
†† Writing to the police commissioner, Ray Kelly, is a hopeless cause. But I am hoping that the NY Yankees might better hear my protest of this abuse of their uniforms and history, and that you rebuke those cops who in the future should be made to wear Boston Red Sox uniforms.
†† At the very least, for the next large demonstration perhaps the Yankees could supply the protesters with NY Yankee uniforms as well. Then we could have everyone wearing the Yankee logo, with Babe Ruth coming at Derek Jeter, Mickey Mantle swinging at Bernie Williams ?- the New York Yankees antiwar affinity groups choreographed by Fellini. Maybe then the cries will go out to stop this "Yankee on Yankee" violence once and for all.
†† More than one thousand protesters were held for 48 hours and longer at Pier 57 on the
West Side, the toxic site of a former bus barn. Protesters have re-named it "Guantanamo on the Hudson," and many were made seriously ill by the chemicals, asbestos and benzene. I know that former Mayor Giuliani had offered to build the Yankees a new stadium with public funds somewhere on the West Side; with all the Yankee uniforms around Pier 57 last week you'd think that they were scouting out that toxic dump for the Yankees. Say it ain't so, George!
For many of us Greens and other environmental and antiwar activists, it's becoming increasingly difficult to remain a NY Yankee fan when surrounded by thugs in NY Yankee uniforms who are beating on us, while the Yankee management says nothing about this. My girlfriend, who had been tolerant to a fault in allowing my late night TV fare, now insists that I turn off the YES network's replays of the ballgames. "How can you root for those fascists after what they did to us?" she screams at me. She has a point.
†† (One of the saving graces for the Yankees among activists is that the City Councilman in the Mets' area of
Queens is the odious Peter Vallone, Jr., a huge hurdle to overcome if one is thinking of switching to the Mets.)
†† So I have one more suggestion as a means of rewarding the faithful, who have stuck with the Yankees through thick and thin: Hold an "anti-war demonstrators" night at the Stadium, where all those 1,821 who were arrested last week and their antiwar supporters could come for free to a game at Yankee Stadium and enjoy the team again. (Hint: Playoff tickets would be ideal …. )
†† Oh, it would also be helpful, in that case, if we could substitute organic tofu dogs for the Ballpark franks.
Mitchel Cohen
Brooklyn Greens,
Green Party of NY State



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