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August, 2004

Letters To The Editor - August 2004

Patriotism Means

Patriotism means love of one's country.

I do not consider President Bush and his cabinet patriotic.

They get our country into a terrible war where we have destroyed a country and killed thousands of its people with our "shock/awe bombs." Our young servicemen killed and thousands wounded. We have created more terrorists, the evil of which will last for years.

The congress who were deaf/dumb when Mr. Bush was saber rattling in his desire to remove one man from power are indeed unpatriotic. They have bankrupt our country, deprived our citizens of medical care, our children an education, created a very unstable life for everyone. The evil people within and outside our country had their own agenda and how easily they succeeded in fooling you all.

The "Corporate Greed Machine" that has permeated practically every business, destroying jobs, pensions and the general well-being of our citizens are most unpatriotic.

The news media is controlled by a few people failing to report the truth to our citizens.

I despise all these people who have caused so much hurt to our great country.

I hope our next president will consider himself a "peace" president.

Catherine Davis, RN

San Anselmo

The Recall Was Useless

We recalled Governor David because he did not measure up to our expectations, particularly in his dealing with the energy thieves who have gouged our state into the brink of bankruptcy. Billions have been stolen from the state and an attempt to recover same are currently in process. But the process has bogged down in view the defiant efforts of the thieves to frustrate it. And what is the current governor doing about it? Absolutely nothing. Instead he wants Californians to wipe their behind with less toilet paper to balance his budget. And lately he proposes to terminate the lives of animals in state shelters to effect savings. How can this kind of mentality produce results? This "Terminator" should go back to Hollywood where he belongs and resume with what he is good at: groping women and getting away with it.

Antonio Serna

Rohnert Park

Concerning our Veterans

This letter concerns our veterans -- are you are Bush's budget office announced that it would cut a billion dollars out of existing veteran's health care programs next year if Bush gets elected this fall.

These programs have already been so shortchanged by Bush, his secretary of veterans affairs has criticized their insufficiency. Currently nearly 350,000 injured and ill veterans are having to wait in line to get admitted for health care because the V.A. is so backed up. The average wait is more than six months.

Instead of cutting the backlog, as Bush promised to do when he took office, he now plans to cut 540 V.A. staffers who review disability claims to speed up the line and help veterans get the care they need.

This billion dollar cut comes on top of Bush's ongoing attempt to close veterans hospitals across the country, his $50 million cut in medical research on new prosthetic (artificial arms, legs, etc.) technologies for veterans -- and he's cutting off 164,000 vets from their existing prescription drug coverage.

Once again this information comes from Jim Hightower. You can find him in different papers -- he publishes, "The Hightower Lowdown" ([email protected]) or POB 20596, New York, NY 10011. He also writes in the Progressive Populist and I'm sure others.

Mark Shields on CNNCap Gang 5/29/04 "on memorial day President's remind us of the debt the nation owes to the veterans whose sacrifices we honor, just how much do we honor these veterans" -- according to the Associated Press-Bush administration memo on next years budget effective Oct. 1, 2005.

This nation will honor vets and their health care, at least one billion dollars less than we do today, that's all so the administration can preserve its free tax cuts which disproportionately rewards the wealthiest and most privileged.

On this same program, Al Hunt said, "The White House is making plans for a second Bush tern and it's not good news for education, medical research or, as Mark Shields suggests, veterans benefits, the Washington Post reviewed a private Bush document outlining sweeping budget cuts for fiscal 2006 the Infants and Children's nutritional programs, Head Start, Environmental Protection -- ALL cut, of course, none of this designed to become public until after the election. This document would be a good starting point for a debate with John Kerry and George Bush before the election."

Bud & Lorraine Stewart

Troy, Kansas

County Clerk's Failure to Comply

To Michael J. Smith, Marin County Clerk:

In 1988, the voters of Marin County by a vote of 72% to 28% enacted Measure A, the initiative County Ordinance requiring Marin County's representatives on the Golden Gate Bridge District Board of Directors (GGBD) to vote against any and all proposed bridge toll increase until such time as the said Board is an elected rather than an appointed body.

An added requirement of that Ordinance enacted by the people of Marin is that the County Clerk is required each year to inform the Marin's directors on the GGBD of their duty, mandated by the Ordinance, to oppose such toll increases.

It is noted with satisfaction that your office did in fact comply with that requirement from 1988 through 2001. It is, however, noted with concern that in 2002 and 2003, and so far in 2004, you have failed to comply with your mandated duty in that regard.

I am therefore directed by the Board of Directors of Marin United Taxpayers Association to ask this question: By what authority have you ceased complying with the mandate of the people of Marin County by discontinuing sending the annual letter of instruction to Marion's GGBD directors?

Fielding Greaves, Secretary

Marin United Taxpayers Association

Mr. Greene And Mr. Ghiringhelli

Ford Greene has been putting signs on his building in San Anselmo for some time. He went toe to toe with the Town about it and the issue is yet to be decided, I suppose. Ford is opposed to the Bush regime, the Bush war, the Bush idea of democracy.

Mike Ghiringhelli is a councilman in Fairfax and dislikes what Ford says on his wall and, apparently, doesn't think he has a right to say it. He called Mr. Greene and left a nasty message, but not his name, and accused him of being a terrorist, a communist, and a lot of other rather outmoded and discredited terms.

The confusion which Mike Ghiringhelli seems to have about where he lives is understandable. He is besieged, daily, with media distortions about the value of Constitutional safeguards to daily freedoms.

Often he can hear that freedom of expression is too dangerous to be entrusted to the people. It must be limited to those who can afford to own media or who own public platforms.

Of course, that is where Mr. Ghiringhelli comes in: he has a public platform because he controls, at least temporarily, a political office. That he does not think private citizens have rights equal to his is a baffling concept.

Ford Greene has committed a series of almost unforgivable acts: he has gained an education, he has acquired some property, and he has--without Mike Ghiringhelli's permission--decided to express himself publicly about the health of the politics in his country. Apparently, Mike Ghiringhelli thinks a good smear will take care of him.

Well, I think it should be remembered that there were some people who stood up to Senator Joe, and HUAC and the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and invading Iraq (the list is actually quite long) and the Ghiringhellis and McCarthys and Dies and Nixons and Red-baiters, in general, die unmourned except by the malicious followers.

So, to Ford Greene and those who love to see his messages on the wall of his building--and those who simply like the idea of boldness when it serves conscience--Carry It On!

And to Mike Ghirighelli: get a life, and read our Constitution. It sings.

Norman Gover

San Anselmo

The Arm Of Hamas?

How can you allow such one-sided drivel, such as Karen Nakamura's article titled "Israel Has No Intention To Return Palestinian Lands," to go into print on the front page of your July 1, 2004, Coastal Post news monthly? The article drips with usual anti-Israel vitriolic, half truths, and inaccuracies. Ms. Nakamura, for example, does not even pause to confront issues such as the continuing Palestinian terrorist attacks on innocent Jewish civilians (over 1,000 killed to-date, including 400 children), the refusal of Yasser Arafat to acknowledge or offer any counter-proposal to the July 2002 Camp David peace proposal offered by Prime Minister Barak, and the continued teaching of martyrdom and hate of Israelis and Jews to Palestinian children. Is your paper just an arm of Hamas?

Michael Epstein, Ph.D.

Mill Valley

Bush Is The Real Problem

The 9/11 report fails to address the real problem that lead to the disaster. The real problem isn't just the CIA and FBI - it's the president. Bush was told and he ignored it. Even after the attack had begun and he was told the second time-he just kept reading a story about a goat. What the American people need is a president who will put down the goat book and deal with a crisis. Bin Laden is still free. So - I'm voting Bush out for the safety of the country.

Marc Perkel

San Francisco

Show Of Courage

Sir, I have just read Mr. Frank Scott's courageous, needed op-ed piece which I'm told appeared in your publication. Thank you for your own show of "courageous"!!



Robert H. Stiver

Pearl City, HI

Deal With It

I applaud Sheldon Whitten-Vile's fair, balanced and even-handed discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He shows great understanding of the Palestinian situation, and is obviously concerned for their welfare.

What Martin Luther King meant by "Anti-Zionism is inherently anti-Semitic" is that [he thinks] it's inherently anti-Jewish: Semites are peoples who speak Semitic languages; the group includes Arabs, Aramaeans, Jews, and many Ethiopians. The most prominent Semites today are Arabs and Jews. But it doesn't really matter if it was King that said that, it could have been Ghandi or Mother Teresa, it's simply untrue. I am 1/2 Jewish (with relatives murdered in the Holocaust), yet anti-Zionist, but neither anti-Jewish nor anti-Semitic. I recognize the need for some sort of Jewish homeland, just as I recognize the need for a Palestinian homeland, but question where it was placed and resent the manner in which Israel, aided and abetted by the US with my tax dollars, has overstretched its boundaries, constructed illegal settlements and made life very difficult for thousands of Palestinians. This does not mean that I want to see Israel destroyed. I want simply to point out that, contrary to what Dr. Whitten-Vile might like to think, there are two sides to the story.

What I find is most offensive about Dr. Whitten-Vile's one-sided views, even more than his disregard for and lack of understanding of the Palestinian situation and all of the illegal things Israel has done over the years is the smug manner in which he signs off: "Deal With It." Deal with what? Rocket attacks? Illegal settlements? Illegal fences? No, sir, deal with being a Palestinian who has had his home leveled by a rocket attack. Deal with having your olive orchard and your family's livelihood destroyed by a bulldozer. Deal with an illegal barrier which has sliced through your home or your neighborhood. Deal with someone who has a lost a child to the Israeli army. When he has dealt with those things, when he has lived amongst Palestinians, then perhaps he can come back and write another letter, this time one with some practical solutions as to how to deal with a complex problem involving transgressions, oppression and terrorism by BOTH sides. You're simply expecting Palestinians to put up with without complaint whatever Sharon, his right-wing cabinet and militant Israelis and Zionists dictate (often in violation of international law and almost always with the full blessing of the US) is both simplistic and unrealistic. Palestinians fight back. Deal with it.

Mark Gorney


Missing Something in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

There is a crucial element in the Arab-Israeli conflict that Israel-bashers, like your paper, conveniently ignore. That is the profound attachment of the Jewish people to the land of Israel.

Judaism has always defined itself as consisting of three parts, the People, the Book, and the Land. Open a Jewish prayer book to almost any page, and you will find some reference to the land of Israel, Zion or Jerusalem, and the longing to return. An observant Jew prays about Israel dozens of times a day, every day. Less observant Jews still pray for the return to Zion at every Sabbath, holiday, circumcision, wedding, mourning, and every other Jewish ritual observance.

Although this attachment is alien to modern sensibilities, native peoples throughout human history have understood this intimacy. The few remaining native peoples, the Hopi, Lakota Sioux, Australian and African native peoples, understand, as Jews have understood for thousand of years, that the land is part of them and they are part of the land.

Despite this visceral longing for the homeland, Israel has shown remarkable generosity in her willingness to relinquish parts of the land she captured in wars waged against her by genocidally-minded Arabs. Like the real mother in the story of Solomon and the baby with two claimed mothers, Jews are willing to give up parts of their heritage if that's what it takes to keep some of the land alive with their presence. Jews cherish the land in a way only other native peoples could understand. Israel is the only country to have ended the 20th century with more trees than it began. Israel has literally made the desert bloom, drained the swamps, and turned a barren land (that the Arab inhabitants of 1900 claimed couldn't support more than 100,000 people), into an exporter of food all over the world, and into a home for over 6 million people with as much freedom as any in the world, and much more freedom than any other country in the Middle East.

The Arabs in general, and the Palestinians in particular, have nothing resembling such an attachment to this land. For the last two thousand years, many different ethnicities have come and gone through the land: Persians, Greeks, Italians, Turks, Arabs, etc. but Jews have always been there. Most Arabs who now identify as "Palestinian" came to "Palestine" (more correctly, Southern Syria, as there has never been a state of Palestine), less than 20 years before the establishment of Israel in 1948. They were not "uprooted from their ancestral homes". They came from all over the Middle East and settled around Jewish settlements because that's where the jobs were. For details, see Joan Peters' book: "From Time Immemorial."

Like the jealous, false mother in the Solomon story, the Arabs would rather see the land destroyed than inhabited by Jews. They are so unwilling to face reality and accept Jewish sovereignty over any piece of land that most Arab countries, and the Palestinian thugocracy, don't even show Israel on their maps (see:

Supporting Israel not only displays good moral judgment (between a people who cherish life, peace and the earth, and a people who embrace death, hatred and violence), it also furthers the re-emerging human consciousness of our connection to this planet.

Sheldon Whitten-Vile

San Rafael

International Court of Justice: Israel, Iran, Iraq and Middle East Peace

The International Court of Justice' decision on the legality of Israel's security wall should not be looked upon with derision and mocked by either Israel, or the United States. It should be viewed and seized upon as the best opportunity to ensure and deploy peace in the expanded Middle East region ever.

The solution is simple for Israel and the United States. Simply tie removal/rerouting of the wall into greater peace in the Middle East. The opportunity for stability and peace in the Middle East has never been greater for all of the countries in the region, every single one can benefit, and thusly the entire world. This ICJ decision can be the catalyst for all of the countries in the region to embrace peace and security.

It can be demanded and effectively expected that every country in the region must pledge full and unfettered peace, security and full diplomatic and economic relations with Israel in exchange for concessions on the part of Israel in light of the ICJ decision on the wall and other critical security factors in the Middle East obstructing peace and stability in the region.

This can be a momentous and monumental opportunity seized upon by all.

All countries in the Middle East pledge full peace and accord with Israel, supported by United Nations General Assembly and Security Council resolutions. Every country must cease and prohibit nuclear weapons development programs and open their doors to the IAEA. Every resistance and opposition entity fighting against Israel must disband and disarm. In return Israel must give up the barrier as being built and if it must have a wall deploy it strictly following the Green Line. Israel must destroy its nuclear weapons and dismantle its nuclear weapons program. Israel must choose between a one state solution, thereby eliminating need for a wall, or returning the entirety of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the Palestinians. Every nation in the world can pledge full financial support to the Israelis and Palestinians in either regard, to ensure full implementation, compliance and success. Enduring peace and stability in the Middle East benefits and behooves every single nation on earth.

The entirety of Arabia and Israel can have peace and enduring security and economic prosperity without hostilities, or the need for nuclear weapons.

Patrick Johnston

It's Patriotic

The Bush Administration would have you believe that you cannot question their actions or motives lest you be labeled unpatriotic or worse, "with the terrorists."

This "zero sum," black and white polarization of the American populace is rejected by most thinking people, especially those of us who study American history. Thomas Jefferson said "Dissension is the ultimate form of patriotism."

Fahrenheit 9/11 is Michael Moore's expression of his patriotism. That he loves his and our country is obvious when he speaks with grieving mothers of soldiers in Iraq who have been killed in a war that we should never have been engaged in.

The facts in his movie have all been vetted by the best fact checkers in the country, his information all in the public domain.

If you love your country, this is the movie you must see.

Think. It's patriotic.

Meg Brizzolara

175 Nova albion way 324

San Rafael Ca 94903

Who Lied

Well, it seems that they are lying about President Bush. This terrorist surrendered to Saudi Arabian authorities under their amnesty offer...

This CNN story is on the Internet at

But just in case it is taken down, it states, in part...

"The sources said he (Ibrahim al-Harbi) fought in Afghanistan and Chechnya for about 13 years and returned to Saudi Arabia sometime after the September 11 attacks for medical treatment after he was shot in the Russian breakaway republic.

"Unconfirmed reports on Islamist Web sites have identified him as fighter in Iraq during the past 15 months. It is not known how Ibrahim al-Harbi entered Syria, but there is speculation among sources that he crossed over its border with Iraq.

"If he is a terrorist leader there he had followers. His followers are still there."

So, the Senate Panel on the al-Qaida / IRAQ connection is nothing but a thinly disguised part of the John Kerry for President campaign.

Now, who is the REAL liar?

John Garner

Terre Haute

Predicting Pipe Dreams

Here we go again with an old refrain. Months before the US turning over the country to Iraqis the US Administration said that terror would rise. Now that it has been accomplished, the new Iraqi administration warns that insurgents would strike harder in the coming weeks. Of course he should have said the coming years.

I am sure that it brought joy to Bush's heart to hear that the new Iraqi government announced the creation of an intelligence service. Can this service do any better than all the US Security agencies did when they failed to detect the worst massacre on American soil? Of course if they can stamp out the insurgency quickly maybe Bush should enlist them to find the sources of the information which leads Ridge to raise the alert levels. I wish the Iraqis well but it won't be long before they are seen as pipe dreams. Remember Gen. Abizaid's wonderful report in October 2003 that there were only 5000 thugs which made up the insurgency. That was a real pipe dream. How little he knew.

Dr. Norman Mann

San Diego

Like The Abolitionists

I roundly applaud your publication of Frank Scott's recent letter "The Wall: There, and Here." A more vibrant and open public discussion of issues Middle East is exactly what America needs. Thank you for your contribution to the great market place of ideas, and for your courage in so doing. I am sure you will take some heat for this, but you are in good company. The editors who published Abolitionist articles during slavery also took flak.

Tom Hayes

Columbus, Ohio

What Should Israel Do?

Shelton Whitten-Vile asks in the July issue of this journal what we want Israel to do. Allow me the privilege to reply.

1. Israel, the vile victimizer must stop playing the vile role of the professional victim.

2. Our US tax dollars made Israel the fifth most destructive military force in the world, so stop repeating the ad nauseam lie that the Palestinians and its cowardly neighboring Arabs pose a threat to its security.

3. Stop murdering babies, children, women, and men of all ages who seek the rightful return of their stolen lands.

Admit that its Zionist leaders, soldiers, police, and rabid settler vigilantes have committed heinous atrocities and war crimes against the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples and demand that the Jerusalem Trials be convened to try and punish them as war criminals under the precedents of the Nuremberg Trials and Israel's own trial and execution of the nazi war criminal Adolphe Eichmann.

4. Stop state sponsored torture and terrorism.

5. Stop demolishing homes in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention of which Israel is a signatory.

6. Stop violating the US Arms Export Control Act of 1976 by using US gifted jet fighters and attack helicopters to murder innocent men, women, children, and babies.

7. Start acting as civilized human beings and not as savage and barbaric animals.

8. Stop violating the human rights of the Palestinians and draft a Constitution that will guarantee the rights of all persons. It is too convenient to not have one.

9. Withdraw from all illegally seized Arab lands and declare its borders at the original 1948 partition lines. In its zeal to steal all of Palestine, so-called Israel refuses to declare its borders.

10. Return all homes stolen from the Palestinians since 1948 and compensate them for all of their losses.

11. Apologize, apologize, apologize for the pain, misery, and prolonged suffering that has been caused by Israelis to the peoples of Palestine and LebanonÉnot that it will do any good

12. Replant with your own hands the hundreds of thousands of olive and other sustenance and income producing trees that were maliciously uprooted and destroyed, including the 16 olive trees stolen from Arabs to line, of all places, a street that was dedicated to Martin Luther King, Jr.

13. Stop bellowing about being a light to the world as you shed blood throughout the land and cause mayhem and vile destruction of Arab homes and properties.

14. Accept the inevitable fact that one day the US will turn its back on not-so-poor little Israel and throw it to the revenge-starved "wolves" who have long historical memories of the vile atrocities that were committed against them and their little children.

15. Stop strangling world criticism of Israeli war crimes and wrongdoing by invoking what has become the vile accusation of "anti-Semitism" (Arabs, too, are Semites).

16. Withdraw from Washington D.C., which has become Israeli occupied territory, and according to Israeli prime ministers Benyamin Netanyahu and Arik "Ariel" Sharon, the Jews own America and control Washington and that the American people know it and cannot do anything about it.

17. Accept the fact that the Fourth Geneva Convention guarantees the right of all occupied peoples, e.g., Palestinians, to use any means at their disposal to dispel their occupiers, i.e., Israelis, thus there is no such thing as a Palestinian terrorist if his/her land is under occupation, and suicide bombers have replaced ineffective stone throwers, and they have become the advanced means to achieve their guaranteed rightful end.

18. Show appreciation for the fact that when Muslim Arabs ruled Spain (711-1492)and that their acceptance, not mere tolerance, of its Jewish citizenry led to the Golden Age of the Jews, and when Spain fell back to Catholic control and they convened the Spanish Inquisitions that tortured and murdered Muslims and Jews alike, it was the Arabs that sent their ships to rescue both and provided safe havens to Jews in Arab and Muslim lands. Sephardic Jews are their descendants.

19. Tear down the nazi wall that was recently declared illegal.

20. Post a huge sign above the Knesset Administration Building to wit: "A Jewish home in Palestine built upon bayonets and blood is not worth having." (Judas Magnes, letter to Chaim Weizman, 1929)

21. Forewarning - A far greater threat than the Palestinians looms ahead:

"Woe be to them that devise inequity, and then work evil upon their beds! When the morning is light, they justify it, because it is in the power on their hand." Micah 2:

"And they covet fields, and take them by violence: and houses, and take them away: so they oppress a man and his house, even a man and his heritage." Micah 2:2

"Hear this, I pray you, ye heads of the house of Jacob, and princes of the house of Israel, that abhor judgment, and pervert all equity. They build up Zion with blood and Jerusalem with inequity. " Micah 3: 9:10

"Therefore shall Zion for your sake be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high places of the forest." Micah 3:12

"The people of the land have used oppression, and exercised robbery, and have vexed the poor and needy: yea, they have oppressed the stranger wrongfully."' Ezekiel 22: 29

"They said unto me, The inequity of the house of Israel and Judah is exceeding great, and the land is full of blood, and the city full of perversion; " Ezekiel 9:9

"Ye shall have one manner of law, as well for the stranger, as for one of your own country: for I am the Lord your God." Leviticus 24:22

"Woe be to them that join house to house, that lay field to field, til there is no place (for anyone else), that they may be placed alone in the midst of the earth." Isaiah 5:8

"Justice, justice, shalt thou pursue." Deut. 16:20

Yousef Salem


The Wall Here And There

I commend your paper for publishing Frank Scott's article entitled "The Wall, Here and There." As an American, I am quite disappointed in our media as in order to be knowledgeable about the facts that deal with the reality of what is commonly known as the Palestinian Israeli conflict, one has to read about it in the European press, and even in Israeli papers by award winning journalists such as Gideon Levy and Amira Hass. These journalists have for many years been writing articles depicting Israel's deep-rooted racism and the collective brutality inflicted upon the Palestinian people, the likes of which have not been seen since another dark and despicable era, which Mr. Scott correctly addressed in his article.

Unfortunately, the blindness of the American public is due in large part to the press which continuously reports in such a fashion as to dehumanize and demonize the Palestinian people. I would ask that your paper please consider publishing a very recent article by the great Israeli journalist Gideon Levy who writes for the Israeli paper "Ha'aretz" entitled "If it were the reverse". (Ha'aretz, July 18, 2004).

In the meanwhile, I will be reading your paper in the future, and thank you once again for displaying the true spirit of honest and balanced journalism by publishing Mr. Scott's excellent article.

Marlene Newesri

New York, NY

Our President Told The Truth

Isn't this interesting? Last week, government inquiries from both the US and UK published reports confirming that there was in fact a connection between Saddam Hussein and WMD's.

Both reports agreed with one of the basic facts stated by President Bush in his State of the Union speech. Namely, that "...Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium in Africa."

Over the past year, the angry chorus calling President Bush a liar has been deafening. Turns out, our President told the truth. I'm sure his opponents will quickly repudiate their own false accusations about his integrity. I'm waiting....

Eric Stark

San Mateo

A Distorted Brand Of Morality

Senator Orin Hatch argues that the plan to address the urgent need for proceeding with stem cell research at the Democratic Convention will only politicize this issue. Bush did exactly that when he canceled viable stem cell research. He justified his action on his fabricated morality, even lying about the availability of usable cells-when his obvious real motives were to appease his Righteous Right supporters. This typifies his patterns of environmental betrayals, secrecy, deception, and slander are unmatched by past presidents.

Again our legislators have defaulting their duties by allowing this illegal president to impose his distorted brand of morality on us-hence depriving millions with incurable disorders of any hope.

Robert Settgast

San Rafael

Worse Than Scott Says

I expect you will be inundated with grateful readers, in addition to those whose attention spans never get tested in their unthinking obedience to whatever authority they follow. I myself have but a moment, so leave the praise of your paper's professional seriousness to others. I must thank you for publishing this letter, intelligent but also unsparing in calling these hateful people by their proper names.

Raised Jewish and with a Jewish mother (and father)--only the mother is significant for the right of return for so-called disaspora Jews, though it seems anyone is entitled to benefits and moving to Israel if only they will sign on and convert; Israeli labor and economic practices on the ground, however, are resulting in neo-nazi groups inside Israel among Russian immigrants--I have since childhood not counted myself among Jews specifically because of the racism I smelled there, and believe that Jews have only one job at this time, relieving the Palestinians of the ordeal of being victims of the aggression Mr. Scott describes.

Instead of huddling together anywhere as Jews they should fight against both Israelis who use them to press their ambitions, racist and expansionist from the start, and the American Jews abet and shill for them, should require in any way possible--I don't give a fig for Israel's existence, not that this is ever in question like is whined--Israel to turn into very good neighbors, and themselves should discover and befriend Arab people expressly, from whom they have hung back or submitted to their misrepresentation or any representation at all. Enough.

People need to mingle and give, without calculating what they will get in return. For now, I can only say other papers follow your lead, and thank you, with heart. Reading widely and corresponding--finally we talked, he in Gaza, me in Vermont--with a young man from Rafah for going on two years now, I tell you it is much worse and unconscionable than even Mr. Scott says.

Lynn Zorn

Pomfret, Vermont

Spies In Church

FREEDOM: no Lying Left on my TV or radio this week. On my plantation we have the Right Stuff. It's not conservative/Republican.

Have you noticed all the bad news lately? Linda Ronstadt is calling Michael Moore a patriot. Fat is thicker than water. I have a suggestion for the Beast when he rules America. Impale Michael Moore. Give him the Turkish Shaft just above the lower abdomen, in enough so he can't get off and so his tiptoes reach the ground. He should learn to tiptoe. When his legs get tired and give way the wooden shaft will proceed rapidly through his evil heart.

Have you heard the story of 70 illegal aliens stopped in Arizona from Syria and Iran? It isn't bad enough that America is becoming Mexican and Catholic. Have you heard that Protestants will no longer be the majority in the US in one year? So it will be WAS not WASP.

Leftists are sending spies to the churches to tape ministers who are pro-Bush and then trying to get their tax status revoked because they are not following the Left's definition of separation of church and state. More conservative judges are being axed by the Dems. The way it's going, I'll be in jail.

The Good News: I'm not in jail yet.

Harold Reimann

Lucerne Valley, CA

Grand Theft-Election

The Bush administration is moving to steal the election again by postponing the election in case of an attack around election day. If this passes and Bush is behind in the polls - there will be an attack to delay the election.

A president who is crooked enough to go to war with Iraq based on lies is crooked enough to fake a terrorist attack to usurp the election process. Bush has already stolen one election when he got the Supreme Court to halt the vote count and appoint him president. This time the people should choose our own president.

Keeping us safe from terrorism is a test of the presidency and if Bush can't figure out how to keep America safe then he doesn't deserve to be president. The Constitution is clear on the subject and it doesn't provide an exception to move the election if Bush decides to create a fake attack. We need to resist tempering with the election process and prevent Bush from stealing the election again. Bush can not be trusted with any process to delay the election for any reason. And we sure don't need to give Bush a reason to blow up buildings if he's behind in the polls.

Marc Perkel

San Francisco

Using The Sermon

Re: "This is a lot like a sermon, but, hey, we all can use one" By Harry Holdorph

Thank you for your well-written sensible editorial. We need to be reminded that loving God involves more than just mouthing the words "I believe."

Glad to add a link to your piece in the Fox River Watch media pages at

From a Christian Environmentalist,

Alice McCombs, Webmaster








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