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July, 2004 - Volume 29, Number 07

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Military And Civilian Draft Expected In 2005 For 18-26 Year Olds
  There is pending legislation in the House and Senate (twin bills: S 89 and HR 163) which will time the initiation of a military and civilian service draft which will allow the program to begin as early as Spring 2005-just after the 2004 presidential election.
Israel Has No Intention To Return The Land By Karen Nakamura
Israel has no intention of ever returning what they call Judea and Samaria, i.e. Palestine. That is the dirty little secret Israelis want hidden from the world.
Is There A Lawyer In The House? Marin Doctor For Disabled Finds Damaging Evidence To Counter Medicare Slam"
In two previous front page Coastal Post articles (July of 2003 and February of 2004) The Coastal Post relayed the tribulations of a Marin doctor, Howard A. Thornton MD, who chose to specialize in making house calls
Harry Pothead: Another Bolinas Wedding "really love your peaches, want to shake your tree" By Stephen Simac
Aahh, Bolinas, Baulines. The Ridge. The Bay. the Lagoon, the Town. On the far side of Mt. Tamalpais as you leave east Marin, heading down towards Stinson Beach on Panoramic Highway, the coastline north opens out ahead of you.
From The Southern Hemisphere: "No Es Normal" By Jim Scanlon
Over the past 14 years I visited four countries in South America 14 times but always in September or October during the Southern Springtime, going from darkening, and cooler days at home, to lighter and warmer days down south
New Protections For Salmon In California By Carol Sterritt
A recent June 23, '04 decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals spells a big win for salmon and for those of us who enjoy them.
Country Drops Case Protesting Salmon Protection By Todd Steiner
Marin County, CA-Marin County has decided to drop its appeal of environmentalist's victory in State Superior Court to overturn a Marin County permit to construct a new home and garage within the stream conservation area 100 buffer zone along San Geronimo Creek in west Marin.
Watershed Restoration Event To Be Hosted In Marin This Summer Submitted By SPAWN
The Salmon Protection and Watershed Network (SPAWN), Trees Foundation and the Salmonid Restoration Federation are hosting the Coho Confab - a watershed conference where participants will learn about watershed restoration techniques
Marin Is Running Out Of Water By Paul Stutrud
In 1975, I moved to Marin County for a rather weird reason. I had heard that water was scarce in Marin County and that there wasn't much construction going on.
The Story About Israel TV News Won't Tell By Tim Llewellyn
For 10 years Tim Llewellyn was the BBC's Middle East correspondent. In this passionately argued polemic he accuses British broadcasters, including his former employer, of systematic bias in covering the Arab-Israeli conflict
The Bush Orthodoxy In Shreds Neocon Secret Leaking Investigation By Sidney Blumenthal
GUARDIAN, MAY 27: At a conservative thinktank in downtown Washington, and across the Potomac at the Pentagon, FBI agents have begun paying quiet calls on prominent neoconservatives
2004-2005 Environmental Training Program Environmental Forum
The Environmental Forum of Marin announces the 32nd year of Marin's Premier Environmental Educational Experience.
Protest Torture of Animals, Get Arrested as a "Terrorist" By Will Potter
The Bush administration sent a calculated message to grassroots political activists this week: The War on Terrorism has come home.
Amnesty Slams Gulf Rights Record
The US-led "War on Terror" has had a "profound and far-reaching impact" on human rights in the Gulf region, says an Amnesty International report.
Reagan To Be Honored With $5,000-A-Head Funeral
WASHINGTON, DC-Former President Ronald Reagan will be honored with five days of memorial services, culminating in a $5,000 a head funeral in Washington's National Cathedral.
Black Voters Are Expendable By Greg Palast
In the 2000 presidential election, 1.9 million Americans cast ballots that no one counted. "Spoiled votes" is the technical term.
Event: Jerry Day 2004
Jerry Garcia grew up in the Excelsior district in San Francisco. To pay tribute to his memory, the Friends and Advocates of Crocker Amazon/Excelsior are having a birthday bash
Leon Vest At Smiley's
In the world of music, the songwriting team of Leon Vest is nothing less than a breath of fresh air.
Palestine-Israel Film Festival In Marin

A three-day Palestine/Israel Film Festival begins Friday, July 9, at the 142 Throckmorton Theatre, Mill Valley. Sonoma Could Become GE Free Among Half-dozen Counties Following Mendocino Victory
Santa Rosa, California - Farmers and environmentalists joined forces today to keep genetically engineered crops out of Sonoma County.
KQED Wants Home Movies About Coast
KQED, the PBS station in San Francisco, has just begun production on an hour-long documentary which looks at the issues facing California's coastline
"No Problem" New Study Finds Bolinas Lagoon To Be Healthy and In A "Natural" State By Josh Churchman
The debate over what to do about the Bolinas Lagoon and its siltation problem has taken on a new angle.
G-8 Protests Came To Nothing-US Crackdown On Dissent Is Shredding Rights By Michelle Goldberg
There was a military checkpoint on the way to the candlelight peace vigil on Georgia's St. Simons Island on Tuesday, manned by National Guard soldiers in an olive Humvee.
If you don't need a roadsign to find Bolinas, you're one of us. A Eulogy for Pat Haines
A eulogy is a song of praise sung posthumously, and this one's for you PAT. Pat Haines came to Bolinas half a lifetime ago, right off Ken Kesey's magic bus in a pair of cut offs and a goat
November 11 1944-June 20, 2004
Immorality Plays By Frank Scott
What could be worse than the recent orgy of worship for a dreadful, dead ex-president ? Is it the orgy of market hype for the memoirs of a dreadful, living ex-president?
The 911 Blowback By Edward W. Miller
"Our fathers and ourselves sowed the dragon's teeth. Our children know and suffer the armed men."-Stephen Vincent Benet
The Treasure of West Marin By a treasure, I don't mean one of gold, emeralds, or rubies. I'm referring to one of much more value.
Tomales Bay Villages Revolt! By Jeanette Pontacq
Tomales Bay villages are islands in a sea of federal and state lands. As a longtime supporter of both the national and state park systems, I deeply appreciate the fact that they keep the lands around us safe from development and exploitation.
Ronald Reagan Is Dead Now; Everyone Is Being Nice... By William Rivers Pitt

This is a lot like a sermon, but, hey, we all can use one By Harry Holdorph
First, it's all right to talk about God. Atheists don't have the right to take the word 'God' off our money, or out of the pledge.
Dying At The Border And Beyond By Domenico Maceri
It's a deadly ritual. Every year several hundred undocumented workers die on the US-Mexico border as they attempt to enter our country
A Call To Conscience For American Diplomats By Roger Morris
(The diplomat who quit over Nixon's invasion of Cambodia asks Americans on the front lines of foreign service to resign from the "worst regime by far in the history of the republic.")
'Fahrenheit 9/11' On the Hot Seat By Bill Berkowitz
Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 won't rake in as much money as Shrek 2, the Spiderman sequel, or the latest installment in the Harry Potter saga, but it could make its mark on the November presidential election.
The Fight Of Our Lives Bill Moyers
This was a speech given at the Inequality Matters Forum on June 3, 2004 at New York University.
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