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July, 2004

The 911 Blowback
By Edward W. Miller
"Our fathers and ourselves sowed the dragon's teeth. Our children know and

suffer the armed men."-Stephen Vincent Benet

Lee H. Hamilton, Vice Chair
The National Commission on Terrorist Attacks
Upon the United States
301 7th Street SW Room 5125
Washington, DC 20407

3 May, 2004

Dear Lee Hamilton:
First, let me thank you for taking the time out of an extremely busy schedule to respond to my letter and phone call. I hope when this 9/11 mess is over that you and your wife will be able to get away from Washington to some quiet and distant spot for vacation.

Although, as you state in your April 23rd letter, "the Commission is not charged with a full plenary investigation of the facts and ," as Vice-Chair, just as during your long career in the House, still represent the American people, and Americans need to understand clearly why, after that series of violent physical attacks upon their fellow military and federal employees, in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Kenya, and Yemen, followed by the massive loss of American lives in both New York and then Washington, our Government still gave no indication that it would even consider ending our killing embargo in Iraq or dropping support for Sharon's butchery in the Occupied Territories, the very issues Bin Laden noted as inciting Muslim revenge.

Despite Osama Bin Laden's clear and repeated warnings that his Muslim World of over 1.3 billion people, reaching from the African coast to the distant Indonesian islands, would continue to respond violently to Washington's brutality toward their fellow

Muslims, Washington actually increased its anti-Muslim activities, and, as the allegory goes, "continued to sow more dragon's teeth."

After the destruction of our embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, on August 7th, 1998, President Clinton, on August 20th, fired missiles from the Red Sea, into Afghanistan, killing 19 Muslim students in a small ashram, and then destroyed Africa's only pharmaceutical plant in Sudan. In December, 1998 Clinton bombed Baghdad in what the Muslims called "Operation Monica". These three, "knee-jerk" assaults on Muslim peoples rather than deterring so-called "terrorism" provided added stimulus for the Twin Towers and Pentagon responses.

Bush, Jr. with his heedless invasions, first of Afghanistan for Cheney and Halliburton oil, and then Iraq for oil and Israel, has sowed more dragon's teeth.

What I'm trying to say, Lee, is that spending billions on "security," x-raying shoes and luggage, endless lines at airports and train stations, finger-printing foreign visitors, assaulting our hard-won freedoms with Patriot Acts, and other expensive "hunker down" programs will not significantly decrease the physical risks to Americans both here and abroad.

You won't be popular, pointing out this payoff between risk and choice in your 9/11 public arena, but Americans need to understand that Washington's mindless trampling on the lives and futures of other people is no longer a safe parlor game, and that "blowback" as the CIA boys call it, will get more violent as this planet shrinks electronically and Al Jazeerah continues to spread our crimes before the world. See what you can do. You might share this letter with your buddies on the Commission.

With best regards,

Edward W. Miller, MD

* * * *

If there is any lesson to be learned from the 9/11 investigations still playing out on TV, it is that Washington has been willing to risk the lives of Americans both here and abroad in order to serve the perceived interests of big oil in Afghanistan and both oil and Zionist Israel in Iraq.

Another obvious lesson: that despite owning the most advanced and expensive military machine and the most widely-dispersed military organization on this small planet, those peoples who have been aroused to fury over our colonial savagery have found it surprisingly easy to strike back , both at Americans and America's economic interests.

The comic-strip frenzy with which Washington responded to the 9/11 attack should warn us all that those billions being spent on Bush II's "Hunker-Down" programs have been wasted. After the hijackers turned off the transponders in the American and United jets, the air controller in Boston lost radar track of both planes, while those F-16 fighter jets from Langley Air Force Base were dispatched to intercept Flight 11 A good half hour after it had already crashed in New York.

Hopefully in November we will replace the present administration with one which understands that we are living on a small planet, and, as the most powerful nation, we have inherited a special responsibility toward our neighbors. Any demonstration of such awareness should make all Americans as well as our fellow-travelers, breathe easier.



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