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May, 2004

Killing Miss Liberty
By Edward W. Miller

"Government is not reason, it is not eloquence. It is force. Like fire it is a dangerous servant and a fearsome master. -George Washington

"I'm the commander, see I do not need to explain why I say things That's the interesting thing about being the President I don't feel like I owe anybody an explanation." -President Bush II to the National Security Council

The past weeks have witnessed two severe intrusions into the liberties of people already under siege. In Haiti on the 28th of February, a callous Washington, following the dictates of our mercantile lobby, forcibly removed Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the duly-elected president of this Caribbean state, despite criticism from the entire OAS group of countries. Washington thus deprived the Haitians of a helmsman devoted to lifting his people from the bottom of the economic ladder. International as well as American companies in Haiti were enjoying the lowest wages in the hemisphere, even lower than those paid in the maquilladoras in Mexico. By controlling tariffs, the US allowed US-subsidized agricultural products to flood Haitian markets, putting native farmers out of business. Aristide's fight for a minimum wage, plus his demands from Chirac's France that they repay the Haitians for the bounty demanded of them by France almost two hundred years ago, did not please the White House.

When Aristide assumed office the second time he disbanded the Haitian army many of whose personnel had joined in the previous coup against him. Left without military support, Aristide asked for funds from the US for a police force. This request was denied. As threats against him and his government increased, Aristide hired a private police to protect his person. The Steele Foundation, based in San Francisco supplied these guardians.

Bush's second blow against a people's liberties took place this week in Washington, during the visit of Israel's murderous Prime Minister. Our President, eyes fixed firmly on the Jewish vote in November, drove a dagger into the heart of the suffering Palestine population, reversing the long-acknowledged US support for a Palestinian State, and again rudely elbowing aside the UN which had long-demanded (Resolution 242) the Israelis get back behind their 1967 border and quit their illegal settlements.

Sharon's plan, endorsed by Bush, withdraws Jewish settlers from the Gaza slum, but retains Israel control of Gaza 's border with Egypt, the Gaza airport and access to the Mediterranean, effectively imprisoning the Palestinian population. Israel's illegal West Bank settlements will expand to accommodate the Jews from Gaza. This further theft of Palestinian land with extensions of Sharon's wall, will reduce Palestinian holdings to less than 25% of that promised by the UN. It will also isolate Palestinian cities, one from another with Israel-controlled highways and military check points, creating the same bantustan separation the Jews helped arrange in South Africa to prevent native African tribes from assuming any political power.

The degree to which Bush, has become "a ventriloquist's dummy in Sharon's lap," as columnist Charley Reese so aptly put it, was brought more sharply into focus this week as both Britain's

Prime Minister and the Palestinians were left out of the Washington loop "when Sharon's people met two members of the Security Council and a senior American diplomat in Washington's Hay Adams Hotel to thrash out an agreement before Sharon arrived 48 hours later... Blair gave no hint of bitterness in the Rose Garden press conference." ( reported by Henry Porter in THE OBSERVER April 18th)

Meanwhile, in the ongoing Iraqi quagmire instead of a disciplined occupation force as in the British sector, America's immature 18 and 19-year old soldiers, frightened and disorganized by the unexpected and sporadic violence being visited upon them by a population they came "to free from tyranny," have been firing indiscriminately into civilian crowds, or kicking and blasting down doors, terrifying Iraqi families at night. Isolated from the Iraqi population while cowering behind razor wire and concrete bunkers in hundreds of policing stations around the City, these soldiers are the worse possible advertisement for democracy. Meanwhile, ex-military and mercenary police hired by US firms are still being targeted by grenades, missiles and remote-controlled bombs.

Baghdad is a city under siege, its bridges across the Tigress bombed out by both our military and the "insurgents," its roadways militarily blocked off by our Marines and its population often confined to their homes making it impossible to obtain either food or water.

Our President, who prior to his Iraqi invasion had arrogantly sidetracked the United Nations while pushing aside both France and Germany, now, hat-in-hand, is asking for a bailout from all three.

Paul Bremer, administrator to Iraq, under pressure from our military from religious leaders of both Shiite and Sunni groups and from American firms whose mercenary protectors are being killed left and right, has been forced to dissolve the appointed "Governing Council" which was rejected by the Iraqi people. Bremer is hoping, with the assistance of the new mediator from the UN, Lockdar Brahini, to arrange another temporary governing group more acceptable to the Iraqis as Ayatollah Sustani and the Shiite majority press more and more for early elections.

Several groups are organizing across this country to rally Americans behind a movement to impeach President George W. Bush, rather than rely on the hope he will be defeated in November. As a freedom-loving people with a long history of fighting to keep our democratic way of life, we can no longer tolerate this dangerous clown in the White House.

"É Government even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worse state, an intolerable one." "...It is the responsibility of a patriot to protect his country from its government,"

Thomas Paine (1737-1809)



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