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May, 2004

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest
By Frank Scott

"The greatest rule of safety is justice, and stopping injustice and aggression. Oppression kills the oppressors... The situation in occupied Palestine is an example. What happened on 11 September (NY) and

11 March (Madrid ) is your commodity returned to you."

Foreign policy is an extension of domestic policy, so given the attention to the rich and the disdain for everyone else here, we should not be surprised at the bigoted and bloody stupidity of our foreign affairs. We are treating the global majority, especially the Arab world, even worse than we treat our own majority.

Following the most disastrous intelligence error in history, which completely missed the plans and execution for 911, our government has recklessly destroyed lives, our international reputation, and our state of mind, with actions that should mean prison for those responsible. This assumes a democracy, which we have in theory but are nowhere near in practice . Still, given our material status, we ought to be capable

of a much better governing class. Ours is incredibly ignorant, fanatically obsessive and rabidly destructive.

Our major media have acted as stenographers and broadcasters for its propaganda, with little criticism of the regime's deception and outright lies. Idiotic fables that linked Iraq to al quaida and a weapons threat, with as much evidence as links chicken soup to AIDS, were treated as feasible, and acceptable. Disgrace should not only be reserved for government figures but for our corporate media, without whose cooperation these demented policies could not be maintained.

So we approach an election in November, and what is the status of our thought-free, court appointed president? Despite his staggering ignorance and treachery, he is still in power, still making policy, and

still screwing up the world, our economy and our future. And he remains free of anything but wimpy criticism from the opposition, which can wait until the election before making stylistic changes, if that, in the disaster that is the American government.

The democrats are poised to nominate a candidate who looks as if he uses Novocain as a recreational drug. More troublesome than his funeral director personality are his funeral creating politics, even going beyond the Zionist line of Bush on the middle east. Nevertheless he will be supported by many who are desperate, angry, terrified and confused, in an electorate which has good reason to experience those psychological states.

This regime is truly an American tragedy. Its deranged policies, driven by faith in an "almighty" constantly called upon to bless every murderously stupid move it makes, threaten to bring on disasters that could make horror films seem like sit-coms by comparison.

The unholy alliance of Christian loonies in Washington and Jewish crackpots in Tel Aviv, make the global threat of deviate Judeo-Christianity more dangerous than ever. Many here are still blissfully unaware that we are perceived as one country by millions in the Arab world who see us led by forces unified in their racist , religious and supremacist belief systems. But it is for the people of that nation-USrael-to do something about their regimes before the rest of the world has to do it for them. And terrorism is the only

weapon possessed by the aggrieved, at least in the short run.

The unilateral war on terror, really a war on reason itself, has aggravated and increased problems rather than solved them. Hatred for USrael in the Arab-Muslim world has never been greater, as the Judeo-Christian pretenders shout "civilization" while conducting their new crusade of slaughter and disregard for millions deemed a lower and less civilized species. The very notion of a court appointed US madman initiating democracy in Iraq, and a criminal Israeli butcher creating fairness in Palestine, would be hysterically funny, if it weren't so dreadfully stupid.

The past rape of the native people of the Americas-once called a New World when Europeans stumbled on it, thinking they were really in India-is being revisited upon the present native inhabitants of the middle east. It is the same historic experience, in which dominators steal land and wealth from the dominated, all the while claiming rights given them by a double-talking deity which preaches goodness in words, while rationalizing evil in deeds.

In response, reactionary elements of the oppressed lash out in the only way left to them, however manipulated they may be by more sophisticated forces. What cannot be forgotten by the developed world, especially its richest inhabitants in USrael, are the words in the opening quote. The brutality and murder practiced by our "civilization" is what is coming home to roost. And we will probably suffer more acts of terror, if we do not begin to act on our best, rather than our worst, impulses.

The relatively affluent 25% of the developed world must come to its senses, or the most estranged and hopeless among the 75% will continue to take drastic action that may be bloodier than anything we have previously experienced. And it is not Islamic or Arab terror that is the greatest threat, but our own ruling god squad of fanatics. As long as religious fundamentalists are running the show from Judeo-Christian headquarters in Washington-Tel Aviv, things will get worse and more dangerous. It is not the creation of democratic government in the Arab world, but its absence in our world, that is the problem.

This president and his cabal of crusaders and Zionists should be impeached, or at least disarmed, before the election. One way or another, for the good of humanity and the safety of the American people, they must be placed in restraints. We will suffer for every day that he and his unholy counterpart in Tel Aviv are dictating our affairs. The spirit of democracy had best become substance, or the prevailing material madness and stupidity will create new horrors beyond what the world has already experienced.




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