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May, 2004

MoveOn To Raise $50 Million To Defeat Bush;
Internet Effort to Reduce Republican Advantage

" is a huge threat and has hurt the President." -Bush/Cheney '04 Campaign Director Ken Mehlman. The Hill, April 20, 2004

Washington, DC- Off the heels of their "Take Back the White House" cookie sales that brought in three-quarters of a million dollars in one day, MoveOn PAC announced today an unprecedented campaign to raise $50 million to defeat President Bush and elect progressive candidates.

The group hopes to reduce the historical financial advantage of the Republicans and their ability to bundle big contributions from wealthy donors and corporations, exemplified by the Bush/Cheney campaign's "Ranger" program.

"This is hundreds of thousands of Davids against Goliath," said MoveOn PAC Executive Director, Eli Pariser.

He said the campaign between now and the November election would focus heavily on local fundraising events and on-the-ground activities in cities and towns around the country. On Saturday, over 500,000 Americans took part in over 1,100 bake sales in communities around the country that raised $750,000 for MoveOn PAC.

No outside group has ever raised $50 million in hard money. It is more than the national Democratic party raised in the last year and is more than the National Rifle Association and Emily's List raised in the 2002 election cycle, combined.

"MoveOn members are re-writing the political play book, and, together, we are evening the playing field against the wealthiest Presidential campaign in history," said Pariser.

The money will be spent approximately as follows:

$10 million to support the biggest get-out-the-vote drive in American history;

$20 million for independent advertisements to reach millions of voters in swing states - ads that will cut through the spin and set the record straight on the issues facing ordinary Americans;

$20 million in contributions collected by MoveOn PAC directly to candidates from state senators to John Kerry, giving them the resources they need to compete.

Bush campaign director Ken Mehlman complained to The Hill newspaper on Monday that TV ads and other criticisms of President Bush-sponsored by Voter Fund and MoveOn PAC-have had an impact on their campaign. " is a huge threat and has hurt the President," Mehlman told The Hill.




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