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May, 2004

Emerging National Leaders Honored with AVA Awards

The Marin Health Fund has named the recipients of their 2004 Awards for Vision and Achievement (The AVAs). This year's honorees are:

Joan Blades and Wes Boyd, founders of MoveOn.Org, the Internet-based community network that is changing the way Americans participate in the democratic process.

Lynn Carman, who won a federal court injunction in the 5% MediCal Cut Lawsuit, protecting millions of California's poor and disabled residents.

Donna Sheehan, creator of Baring Witness, who inspired thousands of people around the world to make headlines demonstrating for peace.

Kim Spencer, co-founder of LINK TV, connecting America to the rest of the world through 24-hour non-commercial, viewer-supported television.

Carol Spooner, a tireless protector of radio free speech, who filed the Listener-Sponsored Lawsuit against the Pacifica Foundation to preserve the community-based, listener-sponsored forum for the free exchange of ideas.

The honorees will received their AVAs at a dinner in the Mill Valley Community Center on April 30, 2004. The AVA statue given as part of the award was designed by nationally renowned sculptor Carol Gold who has given it to the Marin Health Fund to be used for this purpose. Presenters include national celebrities.

The biannual Award for Vision and Achievement (AVA) recognizes individuals who envision a uniquely creative approach to a vital social issue and then implement it in a way that captures our attention.

Linda Remy, President of the Marin Health Fund, said, "We created the AVA to recognize and celebrate those rare people who have a vision on how to move our society forward, and also have the skills to involve thousands of people in achieving their vision."

The Marin Health Fund, a California non-profit corporation, was founded in 1982 to secure justice for the under-represented, to conduct research and publish information to advance public awareness of human rights, civil rights and the environment with the purpose of achieving greater justice.

For more information, please visit the AVA site at or contact Linda Remy at 415-435-5439.



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