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May, 2004

Nobody For President; The Only One Who Can Do The Job

When Ralph Nader announced his run for President he pissed the Anybody But Bush Again people off more than even crooknecked Cheney or clawhanded Rumsfeld could. These ABBA neo-liberals have been ranting about the audacity of the washed up Flaming Pinto Avenger who will surely snatch victory from their new hero, John F. Kennedy, I mean Kerry. As we say in America, Freedom is Untidy. Get Over It.

These neo-libs are hypocritical to the extreme. Their war cry is "Remember the Florida Fiasco." They fume that Nader's vote totals stole Gore's certain win, while ignoring the fact that Pat Buchanan got a few thousand Democrat votes from Palm Beach condo country, presumably because of the butterfly ballot. Or that Florida governor Jeb Bush and Kathleen Harris contracted out to a Texas firm to fraudulently eliminate tens of thousands of black voters from the voting rolls wrongly listed as having felony convictions. That doesn't even count the thousands of votes lost from black districts due to voting machine foulups, or thousands Bush gained from improperly certified overseas mail-ins. Or that Gore couldn't even win his home state, possibly also due to election fraud.

There's no doubt that Nader will pull more liberal leaning, independent voters in swing states away from Kerry Democrats than he will from Bush Republican swaying indies. Some of those will come from people who otherwise wouldn't have voted at all, just as they did in 2000. There's still another 40% or so of Americans who won't vote, even with Nader and other third party candidates to choose.

Rambling Rose, Spinnners in the Lobby

Kerry and the Democrats should be going with their old-time get out the votes tactics, even if they have to plow the cemeteries. They are not going to win by courting a diminishing middle of "independent" voters. Politicians fear to offend them and promise them everything just because they go to the polls without their minds made up until the last minute. That sounds like Bush country.

Kerry doesn't need Nader to become road kill by the Bush Panzers if he courts only the middle. No one likes a whiner, so get over the Nader bashing. The only way Kerry can win is to hammer away at Cheney. He's the Weakest Link. Picture Bush and Cheney demanding to be interviewed together or not at all for the 9/11 commission. What are they SameSex Partners?

Play that deer in the headlights look Bush had at one of his few press conferences when he was asked to list any mistakes he had made. After a long, awkward silence, the only mistake Bush could come up with was in letting the reporter ask a question he hadn't gotten in writing in advance. Purportedly that same silence was Bush's answer during his skull and crossbones occult initiation when he was laying in a coffin naked and asked to reveal his most intimate secrets to his fellow Bonesmen.

Anyways, don't they get it? Nader does not share Kerry's goals. He doesn't believe that half way measures are enough to turn this country around. He might have been wrong about no difference between Gore and Bush, but there is definitely no choice between the feuding sons of a Yale secret society, Skull and Bones. Nader would shred the corporate financed and dominated US government shills we call federal politicians and their agencies into sad little remnants if he could.

Kerry won't promise real campaign reform, he won't terminate NAFTA and unfair trade agreements. It's doubtful whether he would even prosecute Kenny Lay and Enron. He'd definitely do Martha.

Kerry has goosestepped right behind Bush's unilateral caving in to Sharon and Israel, and of course US taxpayers will foot the bill for the Zionists' endless war for more biblical terrritory.

Saint Stephen, Patron Saint of Heretics

Kerry will never get votes from the majority of Zionists who are Christian. The majority of Jewish Americans are not Zionist, although they may have a emotional sympathy for Israel, like an Irishman on St. Paddy's day. Some would even vote for a candidate who says that America needs to treat the Israelis and the Palestinians "even handedly," which Howard Dean was viciously attacked for saying.

So there is no doubt which Zionists Kerry is behind Bush on his knees for. He's more in line with the Zionist rabbis and their moneychangers dogma than with the Pope and Bishops of his Roman Catholic religion. Fitting for someone who'll be refused Holy Communion unless he's at the back of the line off a side altar.

Granted, Nader wouldn't accomplish much if he were elected president of these United States without an Independent majority in Congress. Especially with a bullet in his brain or in a mysterious plane crash.

Kerry would be flounder without a Democrat majority. Dems need to focus on regaining the majority by offering real reforms that will return America to it's center, not simply fold their platform like origami around the "center." Kerry wouldn't even get rid of the Patriot Act and would continue to destroy civil rights with the War on Drugs. He's not going to withdraw troops from Iraq, no matter what he said about the last person to die in Vietnam. American troops are not going to be able to restore peace and justice or prevent a civil war in Iraq, neither would UN troops. If anything they will cause one. They are there to prevent an Iranian-Iraqui Shi-ite coalition from forming and to maintain a forward military base for future invasions of Iraq's neighbors.

Sugar Magnolia, Bum Rushing the Backstage Doors

Besides, Nader as much right as any native born American megalomaniac to run for President. He wants his goals to be debated in the marketplace of ideas. The guy can debate anyone into the ground, so having him on talk shows will be at least as fun as putting a monkey into a hen house. And the only way he can get on TV is to run for prez. It's a catch 22, and Nader is being cast as crazy Corporal Klinger for finding a loophole that is only a noose.

There are at least a dozen other political parties running candidates for president, but only Nader's record of accomplishments in reforming government from the outside towards consumer protection have gained the support of a significant number of voters, especially more liberal ones.

Nader's campaign platform, even a few highlights to criticize them, are never mentioned by these ABBA critics. This is because they view elections as no more than a horserace, or a November World Series face-off between two teams, and two teams only.

I Need a Miracle, or just a Ticket

For the record from his website,, Nader wants universal health care and education, electoral reform, to crackdown on corporate crime and implement fair taxation for the wealthiest. He opposes media concentration, wants family farm oriented agricultural policy, to create jobs by investing in American projects and expand worker's rights to end poverty. He wants fair trade, to put human needs before corporate greed and deny corporations human rights. He wants to end the War on Iraq and would have spent the $150 billion plus it has cost so far, on free college tuition for all students.

He's for ending the War on Drugs and the Patriot Act. Nader supports equal rights for same sex couples, he'll reform the criminal injustice system, protect the environment and consumers, create a new energy policy and increase motor vehicle safety.

Admittedly it does go on, but Nader has invited Kerry to adopt any platform goals he wants. Kerry should be polling to see which ones to steal, or promise to make Nader head of Health and Human Services, the Environmental Protection Agency, or the Dept. of Transportation, maybe even all three.

Friend of the Devil, Ripoffs in the Crowd

None of these neo-libs criticized the jugeared billionaire Ross Perot or the flaming Catholic James Buchanan for running when they took votes away from the Bushes. Perot never got blamed for putting Bill Clinton in office, and he took way more votes from Poppy Bush than Nader did from Gore. They froze Nader out of the televised debates in 2000, even turned him away from the door with a ticket in his hand. He would have destroyed both candidates in an actual debate, they were afraid to even take his question. Somehow stiff lipped Gore's failure to win his home state and his wimpy Florida fraudulent loss was all Nader's fault. So he didn't get invited to any Democratic parties for four years, and they've cursed him as if he were the Anti-Christ. Now he's running again and they are apoplectic. So what exactly does he owe them?

These neo-lib ABBA Dems are like neurotic middle school girls with their freeze out the freak cliques and anorexic purging and cutting.

In the April issue of Vanity Fair, Hitchens shrieks like a tired old biddy about Nader running for president in the "nutbag" New Alliance party, which just happens to be on the ballot in a majority of states. No easy job, for a bunch of nutbags. His prose sounds hysterical, littered with adjectives about Nader and his new party like "hallucinatory, psychedelic, crackpot, sinister, fascistic, zombie cult." He does go on. Hitchens seems most upset because when he first met Nader 30 years ago as a writer for The Nation, Nader offered him 4 grand to quit smoking and has always renewed the offer with inflation since. Hitchens prides himself on not giving up his bad habits, including serious scotch sucking down. Maybe that's why he was so gung-ho for the War on Iraq, like a suicidal drunk.

Scarlet Begonia, Not the Girl for Me

In the same issue of VF, Rich Cohen takes on conspiracy theories about 9-11. Of course he writes about them in a sneering, condescending way. He says he went in "suspicious but willing to learn" in his Contributor's intro, but only learned that "Conspiracy Theories [are] all connected to one theory created thousands of years ago. It's like the Twilight Zone out there."

Cohen lathers on psychological theory as to why "pre-rational" kooks need to imagine conspiracies to explain what really happened. Of course, he has to ridicule them, it's the only way they can be publicized in American media and only foreign press is allowed to examine evidence for conspiracy. He does manage to study a few nuggets of actual evidence for a conspiracy in his article as wild eyed speculations and Internet rumors. He lists the suspicious stock trading prior to 9/11, Bush and his admin letting it happen to provide a Pearl Harbor for their planned War on Terrorism, top Pentagon officials and Mayor Willie Brown being warned not to fly on 9/11, the Pakistani intelligence chief who wired Atta money meeting in Washington with top Washington officials in the days before the attacks, firemen reporting internal explosions in the Towers.

He could easily have sourced them to published documents and statements, but that would have been journalism, not smearing.

He slips in theories that the planes were not hijacked, the Muslim terrorists were just a cover story for an elaborate inside job. The planes were taken over by remote control and crashed into their targets, or maybe guided to an undisclosed location, while specially equipped jets with missiles were substituted to crash into the Towers and the Pentagon. You don't have to surf far on the Internet to find photos and broadcast videos taken from mainstream media sources that seem to support these suspicions.

Fire on the Mountain: Where there's Smoke

The only conspiracy Cohen seems to take seriously is the official one, that a bearded Angry Arab planned and executed a massive, coordinated attack on Americans from a cave in Afghanistan. He believes this because "the truth tends to be simple." He also writes that conspiracy theory "always swings back and bites the Jews."

Again he didn't do his research, there are Opus Dei, Knights of Malta and Jesuit Catholic conspiracists, people who blame Masonic, Muslim Hashishan and Chinese masterminds. There's always the Reptilian Aliens- surely not Jewish, they're not even kosher.

Somehow Cohen manages to conflate all theorists into the RA camp. Although it's not so hard to imagine Rummy Rumsfeld, Prince Charles or the Bushes as shape shifting Reptilian Aliens.

Cohen interviewed a few conspiracy researchers who he says are "leading theorists." They are more like cat herders than leaders. He never presents any of their reasons for their beliefs. Why credit reasoning to "pre-rational, crazed, paranoid, kooks [with] pupils like galaxies."

Cohen couldn't bother to web surf through numerous sites of 9/11 researchers who have uncovered truly damaging facts, broadcast video and eyewitness reports that implodes the official conspiracy Twin like a Tower collapse. All it takes is a few clicks to blow your mind.


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