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April, 2004

Garage Sales to Clean Out The White House

Fairfax residents Patti Breitman and Alice Lucas want to do all they can to help defeat G.W. Bush in November. So they're holding a garage sale. And because the Bay Area is already likely to vote for Kerry, they are sending the money to help fight Bush in the key states that could go either way. They are calling it "Cleaning Out Our House to Clean Out the White House," and they hope others will do the same.

"Bush's campaign funding is enormous," says Ms. Lucas. "He'll be paying for ads in key states like Florida, Illinois and Ohio, so we want his Democratic rival to counter those with ads of his own."

"We know that our $50 to $100 won't make a big difference," Ms. Breitman adds. "But if enough people around the country do this, it could add up to something helpful."

Their simple, two step campaign asks people to consider holding a garage sale this spring.

Step one: Advertise your garage sale as a "Cleaning Out Our House to Clean Out the White House" garage sale.

Step two: Send what you make to (credit card payment on line) or to John Kerry's campaign in one of these key states. Make checks payable to "John Kerry for President" and write the State's name in the memo line.

John Kerry For President, Florida Office

201 S. Biscayne Blvd

Suite 2700, Miami Center

Miami, FL 33131

John Kerry for President, Ohio Office

1480 Dublin Road

Columbus, OH 43215

John Kerry for President, Illinois Office

432 N Clark St.

Suite 203

Chicago, IL 60610

To find other state headquarters for Kerry, visit




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