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April, 2004

Bush Supports Sending Jobs Overseas

Last month President Bush strongly endorsed (1) the loss of US jobs to foreign labor markets, personally signing a report (2) that touted overseas outsourcing despite more than 8 million (3) Americans being out of work. After the public reacted with outrage, the White House tried to back off (4) its endorsement of outsourcing, with the president reassuring America that he is concerned about "people looking for work because jobs have gone overseas" (5) and saying that "we need to act to make sure there are more jobs at home." However, as the controversy subsides, the president is apparently endorsing outsourcing once again. Specifically, the president has deployed Secretary of State Colin Powell (6) to India "to assure Indians that the Bush administration would not try to halt the outsourcing of high-technology jobs to their country." The admission came despite a new study showing that up to 14 million American jobs (7) could be lost to outsourcing in the coming years. Instead of endorsing congressional action (8) to prevent such a tide of lost jobs, "the White House endorsed Mr. Powell's comments" that outsourcing is just "a natural effect" that cannot be stemmed.

The president's support for outsourcing is less puzzling when considering who is funding his campaign. As an earlier Daily Mislead (9) report showed, the president's campaign pocketed more than $440,000 and his party more than $3.6 million from the companies that are most exploiting outsourcing to ship US jobs overseas.


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