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April, 2004

Countywide Plan Update Promises Conflict

The Sierra Club says the proposed countywide plan update allows for a 60% increase in commercial development compared with what was on the ground in Marin four years ago. That's too much given the need to balance housing with jobs, they say. Business advocates on the other hand, complain that requiring industrial and commercial developers to build housing for workers may drive business out of Marin.

Hearings for the plan update started Friday, March 26 and will continued for the next two months.

Other possible areas of contention include:

Requiring county contractors to pay a minimum wage of $8.50 per hour (or $9.75 per hour without health benefits).

Requiring non-residential developers to provide childcare facilities;

Adding residential units to existing shopping centers.

After public hearings, the draft plan will be sent back to the Planning Department for revisions.


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