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March, 2004

I'm Back As In E.T.
By Judy Borello

After not hearing or reading anything about the E.A.H. project (low cost housing) in Point Reyes Station, I deliriously thought it went by the wayside due to the state and county's dilemma of budget constriction. But, alas, it's back and like a stab in the back, my hopes were dashed.

Right on the front page of February 12th Point Reyes Light was the caption, "Pt. Reyes housing on schedule." Well, that night I had a nightmare. Martin Luther King had a dream but I had a foreboding, dismal, futuristic vision of what will happen in years to come once this project is fulfilled.

Ominous clouds hovered over the little town all day long and by night all hell broke loose. The dark gray cloud dropped over 10 inches of rain (as in the flood of '82) over a half hour period. This torrential rain inundated the leachfields and septics on the project and property. The creek adjacent to the complex started to run muck so deep that the rats and mice were trapped along with raccoons and other assorted vermin. The skunks were so frightened that they were spraying their delightful perfume on everything that morning.

As I saw myself shoveling shit against the tide from my basement at the Old Western screaming, "I told you people this was a bad idea -- let the lawsuits begin," I glanced up from my shoveling and saw the whole hill slowly sliding and moving toward the back of Toby's Feed Barn and Pat Healy's Station House Cafe.

In due course, some hero environmentalists started arriving to save the rats and mice... I quizzed them on why not dogs and cats? Their answer to this ridiculous question was, "The itsy-bitsies come first." That made sense to me, after all, a rat could be somebody's mother.

Then there was Dave Mitchell himself representing his paper, The Point Reyes Light, grabbing every sensational picture he could of our devastation. I heard him say in a loud voice, "Charlie, just stay there for a few more seconds." He was snapping a picture of Charlie Morgan -- one of the main proponents of the project who had just wormed his way into getting a new rental cottage on the property -- sitting in the middle of what had been the foundation of his newly acquired pad, in the mud sobbing convulsively and spitting out words like, "I didn't know this was going to happen! It's an act of God!"

Now, the Village Idiot Association came marching down the street posting notices that they would hold an emergency meeting that night, overly concerned with "What Went Wrong?"

Phil Fradkin was amongst them, sporting a big black umbrella and wondering out loud if the old Grandi Building had toppled. In a split second, it was like magic, a big wind swept through the town and caught under Phil's umbrella and whisked him up in the air just like Mary Poppins. As he was passing over the town heading towards Inverness, he was calling out, "And to all a good night!" End of the Nightmare -- Spoof.

This project started years ago on a bad note. Much to many people's chagrin, the vote that was taken that was supposed to determine whether the project should even be built wasn't just voted by the Pt. Raisins (as it should have been), but included Invernessians, Bo-Bo Landers, people from Lagunitas and Santa Cruz. This was totally out of line and what is incredibly obnoxious about this is that some of the proponents don't think kindly of the tourists that visit our town but didn't think twice about allowing the tourists to vote on our town's business!

And then hypocrisy hit its lowest form when the county okayed changing the zoning on the property to accommodate this illegal scheme. But enough of that, it's always left a bad taste in my mouth about the way it happened and in the middle of a small, historic, business village whose population will double overnight.

P.S. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE on March 2. I only have one recommendation to give you: Vote NO on Prop. 56. Otherwise you're giving politicians and the government much more leverage to raise our taxes. Right now it takes a 2/3 majority to raise taxes. This Prop. 56 would put it at 55 percent. Vote No on Prop. 56! Or you'll be taxed to death worse than you already are!



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