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March, 2004

Living In A Time Warp
By Edward W. Miller M.D.

"Our fathers and ourselves sowed the dragon's teeth. Our children know and suffer the armed men." - Stephen Vincent Benet

President Bush's Washington gang: Cheney and his Oil crew, the Zionist crowd of Wolfowitz, Perle, Leith, Abromowitz et al, plus Pat Robertson with his Religious Right, all seem to be living in a time warp, trapped, in their colonial dreams.

To classify world leaders, be they kings, presidents, dictators, or prime ministers as either "for or against us" and their countries as either GOOD or EVIL EMPIRES, depending how their rulers march to our Texan's music, is a childish and dangerous political game. The world has changed. With satellite phones and TV communications and the all en-veloping Internet, today's dispossessed and trampled, for the first time, are gaining the ability to respond to oppression with a degree of solidarity and with hope that somewhere in the cacophony of this busy planet, attentive ears will hear their pleas. Whether their voices attract political or even military support or are lost in the ether waves depends on a multitude of factors.

Acehs in their distant Indonesian archipelago, battling Jakarta's thievery of their oil and mineral wealth, Chechans fighting Putin's Stalin-like repression, or Venezuelans joining hands with Hugo Chavez against oil barons and their Washington buddies, such oppressed groups are no longer just voices crying unheard in the wilderness.

With the Babel of international communication increasing exponentially, it behooves those of us who want a more humane and democratic world to see that no single baron or cabal gains too tight a fist on our planet's electromagnetic spectrum. The ongoing battle around Powell Jr.'s politically-inspired FCC decision to grant wider control of our media to communication giants should alert us to the danger of such a monopoly.

A recent poll of TV watchers shows how close we have come to the "mind control" of George Orwell's "1984." After Twin-Towers, the Bush caravan invented and then constantly repeated the lie that Saddam was in close alliance with Osama and his Al Qaeda, despite every evidence to the contrary, Fox News, which tangos to the Washington tune, repeated this canard and, according to the poll, convinced 69% of its viewers that Bush was right. In contrast, less than 29% of viewers watching other news sources bought into Bush's falsehood.

Had Washington any real regard for the safety of the American people the response to the Twin Towers and Pentagon bombing, would first have been first, to ask what in our international behavior had brought about this violence, and then, just how to modify our foreign policy to relieve these terrorist threats. Instead, pressured by his oil and Zionist buddies, our President, taking advantage of the national response of fear and outrage, instigated two preemptive wars, first against the Taliban and then Saddam neither of which presented either a present or even a projected danger to Americans, and neither were responsible for the so-called "terrorist attacks."

The finger-pointing now going on in our Capital regarding ignored or missed warnings of the Twin Tower and Pentagon attacks makes absolutely no sense. Washington received its first warning on October 23rd, 1983 when our Marine barracks in Lebanon was bombed and 241 Marines killed; a stark message telling us the Muslim World did not excuse Reagan's military and political support of Sharon's1982 invasion and savage massacre of their Lebanese brethren. Our second warning came September 20, 1984, when the US embassy in Beirut was bombed, killing 16 and injuring our Ambassador. Next, November 13th 1995 , a bomb at US military headquarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia killed 5 US servicemen, repeated on June 1996 at US barracks in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia where a bomb killed one American and injured 500 personnel. Both attacks came after Bush senior had broken his promise to King Faud to remove our "infidel" troops from Saude's sacred soil immediately after the 1991 Gulf War I.

Our next warning, this time with threats of violent retaliation, came directly from that popular leader of the al Qaeda Muslims, Osama Bin Laden. In an 1998 interview by Assoc. Press reporter John Miller, available by satellite to viewers worldwide, Osama threw down the gauntlet to the West, warning both the United States and Israel, that his billion, three hundred million Muslims would no longer tolerate our on-going genocidal embargo against their brethren in Iraq nor tolerate Washington's support of Sharon's land-theft and savagery against fellow Muslims in Palestine. Could anyone have said it more clearly?

With no response from Washington, there then followed three additional warnings, this time from Africa when, on August 7th,1998 twin bombings at our embassies, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and seconds later in Nairobi, Kenya killed 224 people and wounded thousands. Soon after, a suicide bomber blew a hole in the side of our USS Cole, anchored in Yemen, killing 18 US sailors and injuring scores. Again, no intelligent response from a Washington obviously willing to continue risking the lives of Americans anywhere in the world.

After the Twin Towers and Pentagon assault on September 11th, had Bush had any regard for the safety and welfare of his people our President would have heeded Osama Bin Laden's message, would have followed the repeated advice of our European friends, and ended the genocidal embargo of the Iraqi people while taking Sharon and his Zionazis off our payroll.

Instead, pressured by the Halliburton-oil crowd and our pro-Israel lobby, our President, taking advantage of the fright and confusion following the Twin Towers debacle, rather than removing the two root causes of "terrorism," like an angry bull in a China shop, Bush verbally-assaulted the Afghan's Taliban after they insisted their Muslim guest, Osama Bin Laden, be tried in an unprejudiced world court. After the Americans failed to achieve their secretly- coveted oil access via Afghanistan to the Arabian Sea, Washington further vilified the Taliban, setting the stage for a pre-emptive war against the Afghan people.

Bush's second pre-emptive war, also launched upon a sea of lies, is still being fought in the back alleys and roadways of Iraq despite our President's May 1st declaration that "the hostilities had ceased." Having spent over $ 600 billion, and counting, killed over ten thousand Iraqi civilians, lost over 521 US military with over 9000 wounded, we still haven't a clue as to how or when to back out of this second debacle. Hopefully, Americans in November will seize the opportunity to change our foreign policy.


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