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March, 2004

Bolinas Land Trust Offer To Buy Bolinas Garage Accepted

The Bolinas Community Land Trust's (BCLT) offer to buy the Bolinas Garage has been accepted by owner Vali Mortezaie. There are still hoops to jump through and funding to secure but the offer has been accepted. Financial angles who would like to help are encouraged to contact Bruce Bowser (868-2494) or Don Deane (868-0520).

If the deal goes through questions/answers which come to mind are:

The land trust will continue to have gasoline and diesel sales for the community.

The existing small commercial spaces will be preserved.

The upstairs, three-bedroom flat will be converted to shared housing, similar to the

Gibson House space.

The garage area will be transformed into three live/work studios.

Two small family units will be added to the back of the property where there is currently a large

storage building and a shed.

All plans and changes made to the property are subject to community review, and planning and

zoning approvals by the county and other agencies such as the Coastal Commission and the


The units will be as affordable as the BCLT can make them given that the property must be self-

sustaining. Some Section 8 units are possible subject to the availability of Section 8 funding.

There has been wonderful support for the Gibson house as it enters its second year of providing affordable housing in Bolinas. We hope the same will occur for the garage. The housing is desperately needed. With a little luck, community backing, some financial angels, and a lot of work the converted garage property will become a blessing for Bolinas.

Richard Pfeffer, Bruce Bowser, Patty Bradford, David Cattell, Don Deane, Tania Bedford

Bolinas Community Land Trust



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