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March, 2004

Election Picks
By Don Deane

The Coastal Post doesn't always make election picks or have consensus on its election picks when it does, but ultimately, after a process of garnering, gathering, listening, and arguing, the publisher picks 'em. So was the case this time around.

Measure F-Bolinas Fire Protection, New Firehouse-Yes

For three times the medium cost of a Marin County single family home, Bolinas replaces a dilapidated, earthquake endangered, inadequate firehouse with a new one; AND without spending a cent of district money makes it possible for new medical clinic to be built next door.


Measure A and B-Yes

In unincorporated Marin, this measure continues the hotel and lodging tax (10%), and continues the business license tax. The measures pays for fire, police and other services required because of visitors and businesses in the communities.


2nd District Marin Board of Supervisors-Hal Brown

He's been in office a long time (1983), and he's done a great job, tirelessly representing the community with a minimum of operating ego. He should stick around for a while.

4th District Marin Board of Supervisors-Steve Kinsey

Kinsey has made a significant difference for almost every community he represents. He's made it possible for ranches and farms to strengthen their economic base, he's been a strong advocate and facilitator for affordable housing, and he is a reasonable environmentalist-balancing environmental concerns with social needs. Kinsey should be returned to office.

Office 2, Superior Court Judge-Jack Gibson

A lot of candidates are running for this open seat. Jack Gibson recognizes the need for reform in the Marin County Courts. He should be on the bench to help reform happen.

Office 3, Superior Court Judge-Erwin Fredrich

An incumbent judge's performance has to be pretty bad to have two candidates running against him. Erwin Fredrich points out the deficiencies. A survey of Marin attorneys slams incumbent Judge Michael Dufficy for favoritism, bias, and lack of preparation. Erwin Fredrich should be his replacement.

Regional Measure 2, Traffic Relief -Yes

This will reduce traffic congestion a little in Marin and the rest of the Bay Area and get motortists to pay for it with increased bridge tolls (not including the Golden Gate Bridge). Included improvements: Rail transit from San Rafael to the ferry terminal in Larkspur, bettering the Greenbrae interchange, building a new lane for East Sir Francis Drake, and a new interchange at Wornum Dr.

Proposition 55-No

Public Education Facilities Bond. California has a major fiscal crisis driven by the recession, stock market downturn, huge unemployment coming off the good times, and overspending, this proposition can wait while we bail ourselves out a bit with Prop. 57.


Proposition 56-NO

Requires the legislature to pass the budget on time and reduces from 66.6% to 55% the majority requirement to raise taxes. We're pretty much taxed to the hilt with a two-thirds voter approval requirement. The majority vote required should not be reduced. If this passes it will be bad for the pocket books of taxpayers.


Proposition 57-Yes

Borrows $15 billion to cover California's budget deficit and reduces the likelihood of the state continuing to raid city and county revenue sources.


Proposition 58-Yes

Requires a balanced budget and requires the establishment of a budget reserve. This proposition can only be passed if Prop. 57 is approved.



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