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February, 2004

Letters To The Editor

You Do Not Need

You do not need to diagnose a person. They feel better and think better, are stronger and healthier.

Spots on trees in Bolinas are in the hundreds with a large variety. Dutch Elm disease of orange mildew spots is false. The spots are not diseases and not medicine. Exaggerated deterioration could happen but it is better to leave the dead limbs and dead leaves and fallen trees. There are exaggerated right and wrong spoken of water streams, ditches, fences, mulch.

What you get along with and like is extremely larger existence for you than what you dislike. Exotic is individual interpretation of what is the most fascinating and interesting to yourself and many exotic plants are planted for that reason and cultivated.

Usurpers are wrong. No war is first. Do not kill demons because they are real actual bad people.



Big Mouth, Wrong Bar

I am writing on behalf o my boyfriend Marc Adams, who opened his mouth at the wrong bar to the wrong bartendress and pissed her off. Two weeks later, Nov. 19, he was pulled over, man-handled and rolled up to the Blue Roof by the San Rafael Police Department. He is still her and charged with criminal threat and faces up to three years. He awaits a jury trial on Feb. 11.

It seems to me that at least half of what is said in bars is BS and should be taken with a grain of salt. Knowing Marc as long as I have, 25 years, I'm sure he did not mean this threat to be taken seriously. Although he may be loud, obnoxious and, yes, sometimes stupid, I do not believe he should be imprisoned any long for "being stupid." Imagine how full the jails would be! Stupid 1, Stupid 2, Felony Stupidity?!

Suzie Q


Shame On Marin General Hospital

I read with dismay but not surprise that Essie Blau, RN, was terminated by Marin General Hospital.

For ages now, she has been a tireless advocate for health care access, quality patient care local professional control of Marin General, and a "burr under the saddle" to the Sutter administration at MGH.

What I wonder is: If Essie's "error" on the job back in 2001 was such as to require her removal in November 2003 from employment for "patient safety reasons" (as hospitals who fire nurses always say it is) why wasn't she terminated in '01?

Is there an inherent conflict of interest in an employee also being a member of an elected board? If so, why is that not in the by laws of the Board? Why has she been on the Board all this time?

Nurses have always had the "Sword of Damocles" over them when working in our health care system. We can make a minor mistake that hurts no patient in a dangerously understaffed work environment, be told by the prescribing physician that the patient was not and would not be harmed, then months or years later have that mistake used against you as ammunition in administration's attempt to get rid of you for reasons that are clearly illegal. Those reasons can be one or more of many: union activity, advocacy for patients that put the hospital in a bad light, activism, race and apparently being on an elected board and advocating a position administrators oppose.

The Sutter lease is coming up and a lot of us wonder if this may have played a part in Ms. Blau's demise.

It seems to have started with Keith Bradkowski's ludicrous lawsuit against her (I've never heard of a hospital administrator suing an employee) but maybe it was even before that.

Now to the final straw- in order to pursue her totally uncompensated public board service Ms. Blau lost her income and had to withdraw her grievance of the termination in order to avoid any APPEARANCE of a "conflict of interest". and has lost her income.

Amidst a nationwide nursing shortage we've lost a wonderful and experienced nurse who had been with MGH for 23 years.

Shame on you, MGH!

Meg Brizzolara RN

San Rafael

Marin County Infestation

Several months ago, Federal Judge Edith Jones gave a speech to student members of the Federalist Society of Law at Harvard University. In a display of honesty and courage that is all but non-existent amongst judges today, she correctly stated that the American legal system, "Éhas been corrupted almost beyond recognition." She also said, "What is morally right is routinely sacrificed to what is politically expedient."

Marin County is infested with the sort of integrity-lacking personnel who validate Judge Jones' observations. Two prime examples are Deputy District Attorney Kathryn Mitchell and Judge John Stephen Graham. Both of these traitorous weasels swore supposedly-solemn oaths to support and defend the United State Constitution. Both of them cast light on the sort of upbringing their parents gave them by disregarding these oaths through intentionally violating the rights of defendants. As a result, cases they have participated in have been reversed at great expense to the public and injustice has been done.

A former prosecutor himself, Graham is biased and primarily motivated by his "convict at all costs" mentality. Think not? Lawyers practicing in the Marin Courts participated in a poll conducted by the Marin Independent Journal and, through the poll, expressed their perception of him as being a biased judge. Neither he nor Mitchell has ever suffered any adverse consequences commensurate with the degree of seriousness of their illegal behavior. It hasn't been their money wasted nor their rights violated, so what do they care? Not one bit! That truth serves as an accurate barometer reading for the level of integrity within the Marin Judicial Bench and DA Kamena's office.

Don't you know, beyond all doubt, that if they could deny having been found cheating to gain convictions, they would deny it? Their conspiracy of silence will be deafening. Time for an IQ test question? Bearing in mind their proven propensity to violate the Constitution, thus betraying their oaths to defend it, does it stand to reason there are other cases in which they obtained convictions illegally but have so far gotten away with it?

"Solemn oaths and pledges are forgotten as the traitor begins to create his own standards of conduct, ethics, and morality so that he can justify his actions." - General Joseph Stillwell, US Army

"A deceiver about beauty or goodness or justice, as in the matter of laws, is the worst of criminals." - Plato, 400 BC.

James Samuel Kor, Jr.


Editor's Note: For some perspective, James Kor, who is a frequent letter writer to the Coastal Post, was convicted of murder in a Marin County Court.

People Need To Wake Up About Congressional Benefits

I get very angry when I hear members of Congress pat themselves on the back for passage of bills improving Medical care for seniors as well as all other Americans and how with the "lock box" they are saving Social Security even while at the same moment they are robbing the excess Social Security contributions without a full a accounting disclosure.

If Medicare which they subject their constituents with and the Social Security pension plans they approved for the nation were so good why aren't they putting themselves under the same benefits. If its so good for the ganders (the people) then why keep the geese (the congress) from the same attractive plans. The bottom line is that the Congress in doling out for the people, the chaff as they reap the honey from special consideration as far as pensions and medical benefits. The nation should make every congress person promise to place themselves under the people's programs or face not getting reelected.

Dr. Norman Mann

San Diego, Ca.

Back to the Future of Fascism

(or forward to the past)

From an article in Financial Times, Nov. 2002, citing resurrection of Nazism in Europe and globally.

Meanwhile, back here in the US, it looks like Howard Dean, although declaring he will take back America for Americans and listen to the beefs of all, imperiously dismissed a man attending his political rally who questioned his policies on cultural issues of American's celebrating Xmas in the Christian Tradition. See on C-Span on 1/12/04. (Even Hitler didn't attack Christians in an outright manner.)

Seen on C-Span, Mr. Harkin stating on 1/13 that Mr. Dean was a good Christian fellow.

Although Mr. Dean states the Democrats should not copy GOP ideologies but should develop their own agenda, the dismissal of the person who attended Dean's political rally as non-consequential suggests how he will take into account concerns of the citizens. Is Dean a phony? a fascist?

Failure of the State Department

Also seen live on C-Span 1/12/04, imperious hubris of Marc Sossen, Historian of the Department of State. In my estimation, this whole debate centered on a cover-up by the State Department of events that transpired in 1967 when Israel bombed and strafed our vessel the USS Liberty off the Israel coast during the Arab/Israeli war.

The question was whether Israeli pilots could see the US flag on our vessel. All participants to the debate agreed that at altitude constrains of 3,000 feet, the pilots could not see our flag and were ignorant of our call numbers on our vessel.

At the end of the presentation at question time, Marc Sossen w/hubris, scorn & imperious dismissal shut up a man who had been stationed on the USS Liberty at the time of the conflict. This man stated that he was on the deck of the Liberty at the time of the attack and that the planes were not at 3,000 feet but at tree tops.

Mr. Sossen also dismissed and shut up the statements a woman was trying to make re: her brother's account of the incident. Her brother was also on board the Liberty at the time.

At this time, we may want to reexamine Henry Ford's warnings to us of the Israeli motives and machinations and plans for our nation as regards expansion of Zionism - internationally.

Puzzled by politics? Politics are the use of ideologies, historic myth, superstition based in religious beliefs, scare tactics prompted by unexplainable (to the public) attacks and terrorism and counter measures to preserve and aggrandize power to certain groups to gain control and promote certain interested especially to those at the topÉ of what?

Recommendation: strive to be a top dog of the top group because this is a dog eat dog world and policies are switch and bait.

Read Mein Kampf and Hitler's second book.

Olga Goldsmith

San Rafael

It's Credibility And The Deficit, Stupid!

It is easy to forgive Bill Clinton for lying about sex.

George Bush's lying about weapons of mass destruction to the American people to get their support for going to war with Iraq is unforgivable.

Hundreds of American soldiers have lost their lives and more are dying every day.

Over one-hundred billion dollars have been spent on the war with Iraq is unforgivable.

Hundreds of American soldiers have lost their lives and more are dying every day.

Over one hundred billion dollars have been spent on the war with billions yet to be spent.

Republicans tried to impeach Clinton for lying, which they claimed had nothing to do about sex, just lying.

George Bush needs to be impeached at the ballot box in November 2004.

No matter how much the economy improves or how high the stock market goes, George Bush does not deserve a second term.

The lack of credibility and the deficit should be the main issues of the 2004 election.

Those two issues should be enough to sink George Bush's $200 million ship.

James M. Caroll

Bicycles Out of Wildlands

The fact that a mountain lion is attacking mountain bikers confirms my view that (1) bicycles don't belong in our parks and open spaces, or ANYWHERE off of pavement; they make it too easy for people to get into wildlife habitat and disturb the wildlife whose home it is; and (2) humans don't belong EVERYWHERE; wildlife have already lost far too much habitat, and deserve to have habitat that is closed to all humans. This is ESPECIALLY true for animals that are dangerous to humans. Closing the Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park in the Cleveland National Forest to human access is the only appropriate response to this incident.

It was INEXCUSABLE to kill the mountain lion. It was just trying to survive, the only way it knows how. It is interesting that we always kill the animal first, and then try to justify it (by claiming it was the culprit) later. Among humans, you are innocent till proven guilty.

I am working on creating wildlife habitat that is off-limits to humans ("pure habitat"). Want to help? (I spent the previous 8 years fighting auto dependence and road construction.)

Mike Vandeman

Before The "State of The Union" Howard Dean Wrote:

On January 20th, George Bush will deliver his State of the Union address.

Last year, he stood before Congress and the American people and misled the nation. He drove us into war with 16 infamous words about Iraq's pursuit of nuclear weapons-words his administration knew were false before he spoke them.

But George Bush's problems with the truth don't end in Iraq. He calls polluting our air "Clear Skies," destroying old growth "Healthy Forests," and taking away our civil liberties "The Patriot Act."

George Bush doesn't have a clue about the state of our union. He has sold our government to the special interests and has forgotten the concerns of the American people. Between now and the day that George Bush delivers his message to Congress, tell George Bush the truth about what he's done to the state of our nation:

Forward this email on to everyone you know so they can tell this president exactly how his policies have affected our country.

The truth is that we've lost more than 3 million jobs since Bush took office. He's given tax cuts to his biggest campaign contributors while our property taxes and college tuitions have gone up. And he's shortchanged homeland security while spending billions on his unnecessary war in Iraq.

Millions of Americans will stand up this year to defend the truth and defeat this president. You can start right now by telling George Bush about the state of our union:

It's 2004 - the election has begun. Despite everything George Bush has done, the state of our union is strong - and a new age of participation in our democracy is at hand.

Tell George Bush what you think, and please forward this email on to everyone you know. If millions of us speak together right now, our message will be clear: the American people are standing up to revive a government of the people, by the people and for the people in 2004.

Gov. Howard Dean, MD

Black And Brown Fingerprints

The United States Homeland Security began fingerprinting and photographing mostly non-Caucasian foreigners entering 115 US airports and 14 major seaports. The United States Homeland Security try to keep records on more than 24 million foreigners who enter the United States each year mainly from Central and South America, Africa, Asia, and Middle Eastern origin. It does not apply to 28 nations, mostly rich, powerful, and Caucasian European nations. The citizens from these 28 nations are allowed to come to the United States for up to 90 days without visas.

The United States Homeland Security Terrorist Watch Lists is equal to discrimination against Central & South America, Africa, Asia, and Middle Eastern origin.

The US PATRIOT ACT is equal to take away our Bill of Rights, which says Americans should be protected from unreasonable searches (the Fourth Amendment), may assemble and speak their minds (the First), and have a right to a public and speedy trial (the Sixth); Then, the revision of the nation's surveillance laws that vastly expanded the government's authority to spy on its own citizens, while simultaneously reducing checks and balances on those powers like judicial oversight, public accountability, and the ability to challenge government searches in court.

I am so glad that the Brazil Foreign Ministry started fingerprinting and photographing arriving Americans last week in retaliation. So many US citizens waited for hours Monday to be photographed and fingerprinted at Rio's international airport. I hope that Central and South America, Africa, Asia, and Middle Eastern origin nations will follow Brazil footstep by taking fingerprinting and photographing arriving Americans to their countries.

Why does our US Department of Homeland Security give a special treatment to these 28 nations? In my opinion, I truly believe that we should get fingerprinting and photographing all foreigners entering our nation without any exception.

Would you please pass this a long to your Congress, Senate, friends, co-workers, or family member?

Nam Nguyen


United Asian

Santa Clara

Blind, Disabled And Poor

Governor Schwarzenegger's state of the spending budget. Arnold cuts benefits for the blind, the disabled, the poor, but doesn't dare to touch the rich; Big business and the corporate elite escape unscathed. The governor siphon's off revenues from the cities and counties, to pay the state's debt. Will his shrill methods help the job market in California? Arnold cuts services all around but the countryclub set will not raise a sweat and still be smoozing and swilling their vodka. Put it on the middle class's back but don't dare touch Prop. 13. Stiff the cities and counties so Republicans can ram their anti-tax ideology down Californian's throats. Business as usual.

* * *

Think Tank Terrorist Threats

Department of Homeland Deception: It is becoming patently clear what the Bush/Cheney reelection campaign will consist of in 2004.

Threat this, threat that, all unsubstantiated and uncorroborated figments of imagination geared to stoke up fear in the American public throughout the coming year. The White House propaganda machine is taking every event, instance, and twisting it into a possible terrorist threat; always throwing in the buzzword al Qeada to heighten the tension. It's criminal what's going on in the name of homeland security.

We were misled into the Bush war, now we are being deceived by think-tank terrorist threats. It's all indicative of a cleverly disguised Bush/Republican/Rove reelection strategy issuing from the White House.

* * *

Blind, Disabled And Poor

Governor Schwarzenegger's state of the spending budget. Arnold cuts benefits for the blind, the disabled, the poor, but doesn't dare to touch the rich; Big business and the corporate elite escape unscathed. The governor siphon's off revenues from the cities and counties, to pay the state's debt. Will his shrill methods help the job market in California? Arnold cuts services all around but the countryclub set will not raise a sweat and still be smoozing and swilling their vodka. Put it on the middle class's back but don't dare touch Prop. 13. Stiff the cities and counties so Republicans can ram their anti-tax ideology down Californian's throats. Business as usual.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City


Kingdom Of God

Joe Farah has called Bush's open backdoor policy immoral and borderline sedition. "Shame on all Americans who lie down and accept this outrage from Washington." So I secede from the Union.

There is nothing in the Constitution that says you can't secede if you don't want to stay anymore. America is not my America anymore. Lincoln broke the law by trying to bring the South back with the Civil War. Jefferson Davis is my favorite president.

I'm very blessed. I have dual citizenship because I'm a true Christian. I call the citizenship God gave me The Plantation. There are no illegal aliens on The Plantation. No sodomites. No abortionists. No Democrats. No Republicans. We are apolitical. We don't believe in democracy. God is our King.

I'm thinking that maybe more than a few of you are questioning democracy by this time. Maybe you would like to secede from a sinking ship and not go down with it. There's only one way to do that. To join The Plantation. And right now I'm its only representative. My page is Phone: (760) 559-6444.

Harold Reimann

Lucerne Valley


Labor and human rights advocates, rightfully outraged at military and police violence against demonstrators in Miami, would do well to reflect on official characterizations of them as enemies of the state. Given the agenda of the current Congress and President, there is no other conscientious position to take, and anyone committed to more than moral theatrics should plan accordingly. Think of it as the second American civil war, fought on the battlefields of conscience and public opinion.

Jay Taber

Mill Valley

"Free Speech Zone"

Any time Bush goes out in public the police remove all the protesters to "Free Speech Zones" - which are in a location where they can not be heard. These are not really "Free Speech Zones" but rather they create "Speech Free Zones" around Bush where free speech is prohibited.

I ask the question - can we really call America a free country when the right to speak is prohibited any place the president goes? Who would have thought that our liberties would be so suppressed and that Americans would stand by - doing nothing - and allow it to happen. Americans are unwilling to fight for the freedom to speak. Lady Liberty is dead - and Bush spits on her grave.

Marc Perkel

San Francisco, CA.

Mr. President:

Secretary of State Colin Powell conceded yesterday that despite his assertions to the United Nations last year, he had no "smoking gun" proof of a link between the government of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and terrorists of al-Qaida.

I passed this info on to my comrades in the nearby graveyard. Although their deaths have been deified in eulogies back home, they don't feel too good now about giving up their lives for a gas pump.

It seems that you and your aides ramrodded a fraudulent report of "linkage", "Weapons of Mass Destruction", a "nuclear threat" down the throat of Congress to gain support for your war with Iraq. As a result some of my buddies own a piece of Iraqi real estate 6 feet under.

Did you and your friends really care about their lives as much as your own, as if theirs weren't as significant as yours? That they should trade theirs for a quart of oil just to satisfy the needs of the Carlisle Group?

Perhaps you could fly over to Baghdad on Presidents' Day and explain what the mission is again? We'll be waiting in the mess hall... photographers will be there... thanks.


David A. Whelan

Forest Knolls

Walking On Mars Or Walking On Earth

President Bush has proclaimed it a national vision to once more send human beings to the moon and to use the moon as a springboard for sending human explorers to Mars.

It seems a noble quest and, as has always been the case with our space program, we can expect peripheral scientific breakthroughs which will produce direct benefits for humankind, right here on earth.

I admire vision. I admire technology. I admire the quest for human benefit. I admire even more the use of effective processes.

Those dollars can be invested more effectively to help us walk better on the planet earth.

We need dramatic breakthroughs in alternative energy sources. If we don't produce them soon, we may have to go to Mars because earth will be unlivable.

We need cures for a number of debilitating diseases and the research is inadequately funded.

We need to create new computer technologies and prosthetic devices to help the lame to walk, the blind to see, the deaf to hear, the aging brain to remember, the aging heart to beat longer. The needs of the earthbound are as infinite as space itself.

It's true that those advances might come as by-products of space exploration. But, they're more certain to come from focused effort. And the hidden benefit of such wisely guided expenditure is that it too will produce as yet unknown side-benefits.

John Watkins

The Simple Society

A Fish Tale

Several years ago when I lived on the West Coast, I heard a tale about commercial fishermen who use nets. Fishermen using fish nets go w-a-y-y-y back. To antiquity. And some concepts we nowadays call the "practice of conservation" and the "Law of Diminishing Returns" which the ancient Sumerians and Phoenicians and Greeks obviously understood quite well. Those two concepts without doubt had to be part of the value system they lived by. Their civilization existed for something like 5 to 10,000 years. Now disappearedÉ

But, parts of the Ancients' societies are still around, not just empty cliff dwellings and arrowheads and potshards and low technology items. Two of three thousand years ago, the Egyptians practiced trephining using obsidian knives; hieroglyphics depict use of electric cables and electrical apparatus, a device found in the burial chamber of a pyramid appeared to be a voltaic cell. Tests conducted proved the archeologists' theory, the ancient battery could produce an electrical current by adding vinegar or lemon juice. The 5000-year old mummified remains of a human male (homo sapien) found in a receding glacier in the Alps was tattooed on his lower back and behind his knees and on his right ankle. (National Geographic, Vol. 183, No. 6, June 1993, pg. 36.)

TodayÉ? With six billion of us on this space capsule we call earth now labeled a Global Village? Well, the New Wave technoexperts' consensus is that there is a high probability mankind will come to an end before the sun burns out. (But the lights won't go out for a long, lone time; the sun's helium-hydrogen fire will blaze for billions more years.)

This tale is in three parts. That was the first part, now for parts two and three - three has the punch line.

One time during my homeless years living in a Polish RV, I happened upon an Italian fisherman mending nets on the beach at Monterey Harbor. We greeted each other and with the friendly atmosphere we chatted, so I asked him about the fish tale I'd heard. The Italian fisherman verified the tale 100 percent adding the punch line.

The fish tale I'd heard went like this: The Vietnam Boat People brought with them to USA their skills using a gill net instead of the seine net or purse net (drag nets) which Italians and Down Easters have used since day one. Now the fish catch using a gill net is far, far greater than when drag netting so, of course, the Boat Peoples' fish hauls were much, much more profitable. The next part of this tale is to be expected. What the Italian drag netters did was change to using gill nets. HoweverÉ

What happened next is that the waters being commercially fished heavily with gill nets (mostly California waters) had a much lower fish population the next year - and the next, and so on. Especially from Monterey Bay north to Half Moon Bay and Frisco. As a result of the drastically reduced fish population caused by the previous year's much larger fish catch, each following commercial fishing season the fish harvest was drastically reduced; commercial fish profits dropped and dropped and dropped. The once substantial profits enjoyed for many years by America's commercial fishermen fell and fell - profits fell for the Boat People as well. Something had to be done to increase waning profits.

The punch line is coming. Might help this tale to picture an Italian fisherman sitting cross-legged on the sand mending his net. By hand. Blue sky, jade green ocean, seagulls crying out as they fly about. The fisherman uses a leather palm and fid that would have been completely familiar to those ancients. The man never stopped work mending his net as he talked.

With fish hauls down and profits down, something had to be done. Following the current trend of Maims and its "cost effective-bottom line" mentality, the commercial fishermen tried to figure out ways to cut expenses. The cost of repairing nets is a significant part of commercial fishing, in terms of both time and money. Well, what happened next is the "suits," New Wave technoexperts, received grand and other funding for a study. They did some research, some bean counting, number crunching and statistical analysis. When the money was all gone, the "suits" came up with data that were reliable, valid and statistically significant which they used to figure out how to reduce the labor intensive (and costly) repair of nets. SoÉ Presto! Replace the gill net strain ropes with stainless steel cable.

And that worked pretty well. For a while. Because another thing was happening at the same time. The gill net catches were bringing in sea critters never caught in seine or purse nets. These sea critters were not marketable, therefore of no profit. And even worse, the sea critters caught in the gill nets were taking up the place of marketables, reducing catches of maximum numbers of marketable fish. So commercial fishermen tossed the sea critters back (usually dead or dying) or sold them for cat food.

What happened next is not so easily expected. Nets started having a lot more holes and no sea critters - the sea critters trapped in gill nets were chewing their way out to escape to freedom in the sea. Costly maintenance of gill nets skyrocketed out of sight. Well, doncha' know, the fishermen didn't like that at all. Not even a little bit. So expensive stainless steel cable was used for ALL the ropes in their gill nets. ButÉ

What happened next is a very strange and mysterious thing. All of a sudden the stainless steel cables of the gill nets were being chewed through at the closed end of the purse net. The end of the net now open to the sea, the entire load of trapped fish was lost. All of the catch escaped back to the freedom in the sea. No. catch = no money. No money = zero profit. However, the cost of the fishing trip, boat maintenance, repairs and so forth still had to be paid. Plus the chewed up stainless steel cables had to be mended or replaced. Very, very costly.

The Italian fisherman never looked up from his work mending his seine netÉ

J.J. Scot

Deming, NM




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