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February, 2004

Recycle Your Cell Phone

OCALA, FL January 21, 2004 Of the millions of cellphone users planning to port their old numbers to new carriers this year none will be able to take their existing cellphone along with them. For most, their desk drawer or closet will be the final resting place for their "old" phone.

The volume of retired cellphones currently in the possession of consumers is a huge number; some estimate 30 million or more. And the stockpile grows every day. According to research from The Management Network Group Inc., 30 million subscribers will switch providers during the first 12 months portability is in effect. "That means 30 million more cellphones around the country collecting dust," said James Mosieur, CEO of cellphone recycler RMS Communications Group, Inc.

A little over a year ago RMS developed a website to help consumers sell their retired phones. With the onset of portability, will be a valuable tool for consumers who crave the latest and greatest. "Our numbers tell us consumers are abandoning older technology quickly," said Mosieur. "Even in the short period of time portability has been in effect, we've witnessed a huge increase in usage on" Although portability will indeed add to the volume of retired cellphones it is not the largest contributor. In fact, the wireless industry estimates the average cellphone user upgrades their phone every 18 to 24 months. This means that the 150 million or so domestic wireless users retire between 6 and 8 million cellphones every month.

"As an industry we have not provided the consumer many disposal options," admitted Mosieur, "and as technology advances and new requirements are forced on wireless carriers by regulators, efficiently dealing with this problem will become a significant issue."

Although many cellphone recycling programs have been developed in the last few years, the cash option that offers is by far the best. "Our thought is, if there's a chance a consumer can get a few bucks for a phone they're not using, most people will look at that option first" says Mosieur, "and so far our users are proving us right."

About RMS: Since 1985 RMS has been a leading wireless wholesaler with customers all over the world. They support the wireless industry with innovative services designed to help service providers, wireless agents and corporate customers get the most out of their wireless devices. More information on RMS is available at


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