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February, 2004

$150,000 To Support Striking Supermarket Workers

Roseville, Calif. (Jan. 6, 2004) - Supermarket workers in Northern California will contribute $150,000 in support of their striking and locked-out colleagues in the southern end of the state.

Jack L. Loveall, president of United Food and Commercial Workers 588-Northern California, announced his union's gift to the UFCW Hardship Fund.

"This is our gesture of support for true heroes," Loveall said. "Those suffering grocery workers in Southern California are holding the line for America's endangered health care system."

Supermarket employees at Albertsons, Ralphs and Safeway-owned Vons and Pavilions stores are in the 13th week of a strike and lockout that affects more than 70,000 workers from Mammoth to Mexico.

A key issue in the dispute is the companies' demand to shift nearly $1 billion in health care and pension costs to their employees. The companies also propose cuts to their pension plan and a "two-tier" system that would slash wages and practically eliminate health care coverage for new employees.

"If the companies get their way, the entire industry eventually will consist of low-wage workers who can't afford health care for their families," Loveall said. "They will end up relying on the taxpayers to pay for their care as indigents.

"I am proud that our members are doing their part in the historic battle that is being waged in Southern California."

For more information, contact Jack L. Loveall: (916) 786-0588, ext. 201.



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