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February, 2004

Why's Rodoni Running For Supervisor?
By Jeanette Pontacq

Why are you running for Supervisor of District 4?

Because I see a number of important issues which are not being addressed by the present Supervisor. These issues facing District 4 in the near future are important and need a personal, full-time commitment to represent every voter, every resident, with an understanding of what matters most to them. I believe that I can bring a new and dynamic persona to District 4, while successfully dealing with budgetary constraints, protecting our quality of life and environment, as well as prioritizing community needs. I will deal with the details and community sentiment initially, not just react only when threatened with voter dissatisfaction.

I have benefited greatly from my grandparents choice to settle in West Marin. I have been a successful businessperson and have a history here. This is my chance to give back to Marin County- to the diverse community of which I am a product. I am a Marinite!

What interests touch you the most?

One important interest is to make sure District 4 gets the priority it deserves from the Board of Supervisors and the County. Too often, recently, it has been given short shift and the desires of the actual residents have been ignored for special interests. I want to be available, accessible and responsive to district residents, something which has been sorely lacking. Equal priorities for me are protecting open space, supporting viable agriculture, a clean environment, and opinions of residents. Those priorities are why I am running for Supervisor from the 4th District-to give District 4 back to the residents.

In terms of specifics, is there some particular overriding cause?

I believe that prioritizing protection of our bay lands corridor (including St. Vincent/Silvera), as well as protecting agricultural lands, streams, wetlands and watersheds in West Marin and beyond is very important and should be a county-wide priority. It is shocking that we have been given only well-publicized lip service to such issues, with little substantive or real action.

Further, because Marin County overall is facing a crisis in public transportation, I have just sponsored a transportation ballot initiative for the November ballot which asks the voters for their support in initiating a 1/4 cent sales tax to upgrade bus/ferry services, public transportation services for seniors and the disabled, and safe routes for children. Alameda, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Contra Costa Counties all have such small sales tax increases to support transportation. Marin needs to do so as well. The cost is minimal, but the result will be substantial.

Do you have a website and what is its address?

The address is I hope people will visit our web site and email me their comments and questions. I am running for them and want to hear what they think.

Has your background prepared you to be Supervisor?

Yes. Just check out my bio on the website and you will see that I have been a public servant for years-one who has built a credible reputation for getting things done and who can work with residents in all walks of life. I work hard and pay attention to what the people really want, not just the loudest or special interest voices on any issue. I am a problem solver, a son of West Marin. I have proven very elect able, receiving the highest vote in the recent Novato elections for the North Marin Water District.

How do you define yourself for voters?

I have been an elected official for eight years, serving as President of the Marin County Special Districts Association and Special District Representative on the Marin County Local Agency Formation Commission. I have been appointed by Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt as Advisory Commissioner on the GGRNA and Point Reyes National Seashore Advisory Commission. I have been Past President and Board member of the Coastal Health Alliance and formation chairman of the West Marin Seniors Services Assisted Living facility. I have also been roadside cleanup co-chair for Tomales Bay and much more....

I have shown myself to be a steady proponent of agriculture, the environment and the quality of life of all the residents in our district. I have an understanding of what has happened to all of Marin and where our future lies.

What do you see as your biggest challenge in the future?

If elected as District 4 Supervisor, my challenge is to communicate with residents in all walks of hear what they say...and act accordingly. I offer positive solutions, not just words that are practical and reasonable for the District. My goal is to achieve the results District residents want for a sustainable future.

What would be your first act as Supervisor?

My first act would be to make myself more accessible to residents than the present Supervisor. I would open a West Marin/Unincorporated office within 30 days of being elected (at no cost to taxpayers). I would also like to initiate a north-south route for the West Marin Stage, to better serve West Marin. And I want to study the needs of the Corte Madera, Novato, Homestead Valley, San Rafael, and San Quentin areas within the District. No area should feel less represented within District 4!

We also need to address the crying need for a full-service recycle, reuse, recovery and trash transfer center out here in West Marin.

Already I have moved to address the public transportation crisis that has become the 800-pound gorilla in our midst in Marin. Failure to do so impacts our seniors, disabled students and commuters. Everyone loses when this issue is not addressed seriously. I intend to do that via the initiative I am sponsoring for the November ballot, the first since 1998.

My goal is to represent ALL the residents of District 4. Anything less, such as is happening presently, is simply not acceptable any longer. We all deserve better.....



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