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January, 2004 - Volume 29, Number 01

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2003-The Year Democracy Ended By Bob Fitrakis
  As the year ends, 2003 will be remembered by future historians as the year the pretense of democracy in the United States ended.
The Insanity of Mad Cow Madness By Jim Scanlon
One sick mad cow in Canada last May prompted the US, and other countries to immediately ban Canadian beef. Since May, the Canadian loss to agriculture has been estimated at $2.5 billion.
Random Notes On Voting Machine Scandals By Eric A. Smith
An internal memo has just surfaced suggesting e-vote manufacturer Diebold planned to overcharge the state of Maryland and make voter printouts "prohibitively expensive".
Toxic Soil Used In Home Construction At Hamilton By Elena Belsky
Hamilton Army Air Field contains high levels of contamination from a variety of hazardous chemicals, as well as a history of failed and incomplete characterization of related toxic contamination problems.
The Future Of Peaceful Protest? Model Student Recounts Horrors Of Arrest By Jim Defede
Laurel Ripple, 21, is everything we say we want our young people to be -- smart, driven, socially conscious.
A Christmas Nightmare Torture Story By Jim Scanlon
Still half asleep, I heard two interviews from my bed a few days before Christmas. One interview was of a song writer about a tactic used by US Army Psychological Warfare Experts
California's Single-Payer Health Care Bill Moving Forward By Louis Nuyens
A state bill introduced last year to create a universal-care, single-payer health insurance system for California is still alive and moving forward.
The Age of Oil Is Over By Monte Paulsen
What would you do differently if you knew you would run out of oil in your lifetime?
Bush's Philosophers Pt. II: Why Bipolar Psychopaths Are Running The Show By Stephen Simac
In "Bubba Bush, Philosopher King" (Coastal Post Sept. 2003) the soprano chorus of voices in King Georgie's head were examined.
America Needs To Stand Up To Israel By Karen Nakamura
Palestinian-American "Afif" was unfazed by the arrest of Saddam Hussein on December 14.
Psychic Says Captured Saddam A Double By Carol Sterritt
As this is the first issue of The Coastal Post for the year 2004, it might be of interest to check in with those in tune with their psychic abilities.
Changes In Bay Area Smog Laws Are Drastic By Einar Dale
The Bay Area is undergoing some drastic changes in its smog regulations. It is becoming an enhanced smog area, like Los Angeles and Sacramento.
Findings Say Toxins May Be Linked To Depression By Louis Steiner
Depression is a growing problem across America. Some reports state that 17.5 million Americans suffer from depression.
Bush Pays Lipservice To Vets, Then Slashes Their Health Care The Daily Mislead
Late last month President Bush visited combat veterans at Walter Reed Medical Center. During his visit, he said "We have made a commitment to the troops
Prop. 56 "Dangerous and Deceptive"
Taxpayers call Proposition 56, on the March ballot, as dangerous as it is deceptive. "This initiative is first and foremost about making it easier to raise taxes," explained Carol Evans, vice president of the California Taxpayers' Association.
Homelessness, Hunger Worsen Emergency needs for food, shelter rise for families By Mary Leonard
The US Conference of Mayors in December painted a dismal picture of growing homelessness and hunger among low-income, working families.
Hunting For Democracy By Frank Scott
We have evolved to a much higher life form than our hunter-gatherer ancestors. They hunted for meat and gathered vegetation; we hunt for money and gather merchandise.
My Court, My Justice By Edward W. Miller
Since the capture of Saddam on the 13th of December, there has been a maelstrom of opinion whirling in the media as to when and how and where this "tyrant" should be tried for his supposed "horrendous crimes."
Having the distinct pleasure and unique experience of co-moderating a KWMR Radio program with Jeanette Pontacq on December 10 was truly a dream come true.
Skeptic's Journal By Jeanette Marie Pontacq
In honor of the arrival of 2004, I have given myself permission to vent a bit....on a number of issues... so here goes...
Buchanan Questions Bush Big Time By Pat Buchanan
A close read of President Bush's November addresses at the National Endowment for Democracy in Washington and at the Whitehall Palace in London leads a traditionalist almost to despair.
Dismantling US Democracy By Charles Levendosky
There's a disturbing irony in a US administration that claims it intends to establish democracy in Iraq - yet all the while systematically dismantling democracy at home.
For Telling The Truth By Norman Solomon
Few Americans have heard of Katharine Gun, a former British intelligence employee facing charges that she violated the Official Secrets Act.
The Real Anti-Semites By Lawrence DiStasi
Though it should not be necessary to say it, history proves that there has been and continues to be virulent anti-Jewish sentiment in our world, a sentiment which has led to an unparalleled catalogue of horrors.
They Got the Wrong Guy: Bush Is the Real Criminal, Not Saddam By John Kaminski
The theatrical apprehension of fallen Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein from his pathetic hole in the dirt is a prima facie example of how the American vision of life and the world has become totally twisted.
A Well-Armed Intruder By Guy W. Meyer

The following true event took place last Thursday at dark four o'clock in the morning when I was answering a call of nature.

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