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January, 2004

Psychic Says Captured Saddam A Double
By Carol Sterritt


As this is the first issue of The Coastal Post for the year 2004, it might be of interest to check in with those in tune with their psychic abilities. Let's examine predictions made for us by the Spiritual Masters of Benjamin Crme, focusing on the energies of the near past and the present and what these portend for the future.

Crme, for those of you not familiar with him, is known throughout the world for his involvement with The Maitreya. (Maitreya being the current day Christ entity who offers our weary world much health and abundance, peace and joy.)

Through meditation, Crme is able to establish rapport with spiritual masters who astound and instruct us with their wisdom and knowledge.

Over the last week, Crme answered the following questions:

Is Bin Laden still alive?

Crme: yes, he is still alive.

How many Iraqi civilians have lost their lives since May 1st, when the Untied States announced its victory over the government of Saddam Hussein?

Crme: Some 2,300 civilians have died, another 2,000 have been very badly wounded, with another 4,000 who were wounded but not seriously.

What about the unusual pneumonia affecting the coalition's troops in Iraq?

Crme: Those badly affected had SARS.

How many died from this?

Crme: Nineteen people were affected enough to be put on ventilators, and two of them died.

What is the truth about Saddam Hussein?

Crme: Saddam Hussein died March 22nd of this year. In one of the first bombings, he was seriously injured. He died two day later.

What about the so-called capture of Saddam Hussein?

Crme: In our view, certainly not Saddam Hussein, but an obvious stand-in, of whom we understand that there are at least three. There are two cousins and one close friend. We believe that he is the same man-a cousin-seen on Iraqi television on April 4th 2003. He picked up a child and then waved to the crowds. His body language was completely different from Saddam Hussein. The end of his nose was much broader than that of Saddam Hussein and he had moles on his temple and forehead. Such marks are identical with those of the captured person. At that time commentators were perfectly ready to question the identity of the man seen on the April 4th video. Now everyone seems to have conveniently dropped any inquiry or second thoughts.

The Americans claim that DNA samples taken from the captive relate to the DNA of Saddam Hussein. How do they know? With what are they really comparing them?.. From the beginning of the Iraq conflict the proven lies from this US administration particularly about the weapons of mass destruction give little confidence that their information should be believed.

We are convinced that eventually the truth will emerge-that this confused man now captured is not Saddam Hussein, but a double who may well have been part of a larger plot to keep the fact of Saddam's death from the Iraqi people for as long as possible.

Crme's statements are certainly fascinating. Please see the internet link to an ABC News story dated March 21, 2003,

Also note that John Loftus, a former Justice department attorney was interviewed by MSNBC on July 25th 2003, and he stated that "we are not even looking for Saddam Hussein because military intelligence is convinced that he was killed on March 20th"

When the timeline (December 14 and 15, 2003) for the "capture of Saddam Hussein" is examined, it becomes obvious that his "capture" coincides with two negative press announcements, one on the weekend of the capture, relating to the $61 million overcharge that Halliburton had swiped as a matter of course from its contracts with the US military and government. Then only 48 hours after the supposed capture, Thomas Kean, who heads the 911 Commission, made noises regarding the fact that things were not as they should be in this investigation, that heads should have rolled for the lack of response on that fateful day, and that government channels had been less than cooperative regarding needed testimony and past records. If ever there was a need for this administration to distract us from the exposure of these sorry realities, this was the week

But in seeking predictions for a new year, no one should bog themselves down in endless speculation about the despots currently heading this country. These despots are currently setting themselves up for their own downfall. Even in one of their largest deceptions, that of George W. being the great "Pro-Life" figure held in esteem by Catholics and right wing Christians, all the while as he practices war on both third world peoples and the environment, George W is setting himself up for a huge setback. As he lifts the ban on mercury emissions from power plants, there will be a quadrupling in the number of spontaneous abortions inflicted upon women. Sooner of later, the Pro-Life crowd must realize that their hero is not worthy of their reverence. After all, if abortion is indeed a spiritual wrong, then it follows that it must be as evil for a board of corporate directors to inflict such upon an entire populace as for an individual to choose to make a single decision involving only one abortion.

So let us turn to the positive predictions that Benjamin Crme foresees for mankind. One is that he sees humanity turning away from war. People all over the world are going to make their demands for civil rights, environmental justice, equitable labor conditions etc. be so powerfully known that the governments of the world will have to bend to the will of the people. As this occurs, people will create a new society in which the senseless conditions of a "market economy" fall away to a culture that is innately joyous and filled with affection and warmth rather than the madness of today's restrictive, competitive and corrupt system of so-called modern "civilization".

Also, a new science will be given to the world. Maitreya calls it the Technology or the Science of Light. This will provide all power needed on earth. This energy will come directly from the sun, and of course its implementation will transform all of life. No one will be able to corner the power of the future. The oil kings and sheiks will lose their power, as will those who control the gas and electricity, and above all the nuclear power stations of the world. The Masters call the nuclear power stations evil expressions of the greed and misuse of the power of man, and they advise their immediate closing.

There is a very simple fusion process using a simple isotope in water that is abundant throughout the planet which will give us unlimited, safe, fusion energy. And that could be an interim process to the technology of light. We shall lift 30-foot stones and deposit them to wherever we are building buildings that need that size, and we will do it by sound. An entirely new science is awaiting us when we take the steps to put our house in order, to create peace and justice and sharing in the world.

The architecture of the near future will involve buildings that are made of shapes that would be considered unusual by today's "norm" of rectangle or square. They will be buildings that contain and manifest energies of light and abundance. These structures will be built using a form of sound as energy.

Also, there will be a healing source that will involve special waters, which are lighter in their molecular composition that water that we now consume. One such water source is now apparent in Mexico. The water is located on the ranch of Senior Jesus Chahin in the village of Tlacote, 15 miles from the city of Queretaro, which is approximately 2 1/2 hours drive north of Mexico City.) People travel from many places to experience the healing effects of these waters, for conditions ranging from brain damage to multiple sclerosis, diabetes, blindness, etc.

For those readers interested in more material relating to this new, improved and much better "New World Order," I advise that they point their mouse to the following websites: December:



Also look to for the amazing story of the return of that famous channeled entity, Seth, who guided so many of us back in the mid-1970's.



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