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January, 2004

Bush's Philosophers Pt. II: Why Bipolar Psychopaths Are Running The Show
By Stephen Simac


†† In "Bubba Bush, Philosopher King" (Coastal Post Sept. 2003) the soprano chorus of voices in King Georgie's head were examined. The Pipes of the neo-conservative cabal, a virulent strain of weaponized political philosophers advising Bush, were traced to their sources.

†† The neo-con coronavirus is an avian flu jumping to Americans from Chicken Hawks. These are warmongers who've never served in the military and have no children in it, just like the top roosters, Dick "Other Priorities" Cheney and George "aWol" Bush. The neocons inserted themselves into the cellular DNA of the GOP, overwhelming the Reagan/Goldwaterish, paleo-conservatives' immune system.

†† The etiology of the neos show their virulence stems from a double barreled influenza. Some writers and talking heads like Irving Kristol and Norman Podhoretz were Trotskyites in their youth. They still cough up that bolshevite's tenets of Permanent Revolution and Infiltrate and Subvert in their Reviews, Journals and on Fox TV talk shows.

†† Others, like Paul Wolfowitz and members of Donald Rumsfeld's staff, sneeze out the philosophy of Leo Strauss. Strauss was a German emigree who taught at the New School for Social Research in NYC, then the University of Chicago. Both these institutions are funded by Rockefeller Oil fortune monies.Although Strauss claimed to gain his wisdom from reading between the lines of Plato, his political philosophy is pure Niccolo Machiavelli, an Italian who wrote The Prince. (A report on the methods used by Cesare Borgia, a Renaissance fiend and son of the Pope, in his rise to power using the Vatican's armies.)

†† Strauss's viral meme is filtered from philosopher Georg Hegel's concept that the intellectual is the Lord of History. Hegel's grand opus was that a Dialectic between Thesis and it's Opposite- Antithesis, battle through History, rocking between them as they move towards Synthesis, which then becomes Thesis. This historical contraption can then be steered by controlling both sides of their endless Dispute. Strauss taught that if necessary, political philosophers must lie to the people, even their leaders, to achieve their ultimate goals.

†† Strauss cloaked this infection in the high minded phrase of "for the greater good." It's typical when political philosophers plant themselves on higher moral grounds that they're only staking out a prime lot on Hypocrisy Hill.


I Write The Songs

†† The Neo-Conservatives are like weaponized anthrax. Their talking heads float on the airwaves like genetically modified spores that turn people into frightened sheep with scrapie. Their refrains are like a Barry Manilow song you can't get out of your head. They spin like driedels about the War on Terrorism, the War on Iraq, the Fears Out There and Keeping the Homeland Safe. Bush will get rid of Bad Men, and bring Good Things to Life… Freedom, even if Messy, Democracy, Liberation, that kind of Stuff.

†† Their Ultimate Goals. Military occupation in the heart of the world's oil reserves to control it. Carve up Iraq up into a hundred tribal slivers all fighting each other for control. Use up the Old and Test the New Military Hardware. Protect Israel's flanks.

†† The plans for the War on Iraq and beyond began to be plotted by the neocons after the elder Bush left Hussein in power as a counterbalance to Iran. They've been brooding and clucking about the need to invade Iraq and take out Saddam for the last decade until younger Bush was appointed president and they wormed into power.

†† In 1996 Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, and David Wurmser from the Institute for Advanced Strategies and Political Studies (IASPS) wrote an advisory paper called "A New Strategy for Securing the Realm, A Clean Break", for Benyamin Netanyahu when he was prime minister of Israel. Their Clean Break scheme was to "roll back" the Middle Eastern states of Iraq, Iran, Syria and others from nations into tribal fiefdoms, "by proxy" if possible, to protect Israel. These IASPS are now all top aides or advisors to Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney.

†† Some of them were involved in a policy paper in the spring of 2001 by the Project for A New American, another neo-conservative think tank.

†† PNAC wrote it for VP Dick Cheney, SecDef Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, deputy for Rumsfeld, Lewis Libby, chief of staff for Cheney and Jeb "Faithful Bro" Bush.


Could Be Magic

†† This paper called for "a substantial American force presence in the Gulf", permanently in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. It positioned Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea and China as the next big threats. It called for US total control of space, cyberspace and development of mini-nukes and genotype specific biological weapons. Your basic megalomaniacal plan for world dominance laid out for the neo Me's and miniMe's.

†† Just as the plan to invade Afghanistan and make it safe for a Unocal oil pipeline to an Enron gas powered plant in India was hatched long before 9/11/01, so was the War on Iraq. Wolfowitz and Rumsfield started calling for an invasion of Iraq within days of the Attacks. Fraudulent Reasons to be developed later. Rummy's secretive Defense Policy Board, the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans and Cheney's Team B began winding up the alarms for a War on Iraq soon after The Attack on America. The DPB was headed at the time by Richard "Conflicts of Interests" Perle. He's resigned as chairman, but is still a board member as is another august philosopher. Dan Quayle. The DPB began foaming at the mouth about "regime change" in Iraq in the fall of 2001.

†† Team B was established by Douglas Feith, aide to Cheney shortly after 9/11.A two man analysis cell of David Wurmser, also a Cheney aide and Michael Maloof was formed to manufacture a paper web of evidence against Saddam to prove his Dangers to America.

†† Paper bridges that have now burnt behind them. Maloof has reportedly been placed on administrative leave for leaking information about the War on Iraq to Israel, according to Jeffrey Steinberg on Wurmser may yet worm his way out of the toasted tissue of claims in their Scare Americans to War Syndrome. Team B's lies to support an illegal invasion of Iraq further weakens the flanks of "Undisclosed Location" Cheney, who is already being strangled by his Halliburton Ties.


Bandstand Boggie

†† The neocon plot is still winding out as their newshounds are baying for Bush to get tough with the madmen of Syria and Iran, don't forget treacherous Saudi Arabia and Libya. Crafty Khadaffi didn't like the looks of Saddam's Spider Hole and gave up his WMD, which he didn't have anyways. Iran is bringing in the UN inspectors, as if that helped Saddam.

†† W is not as stupid as he sounds, but he is an amoral psychotic mass murderer just like his Daddy. It's in the gene structure or something. Poppy and Barb regularly call Georgie to ask about the twins, if he's seen ole' Kenny Boy lately, laugh about how much easier Noriega was to trap in the Vatican's Safe House, and whatever happened to Osama's brothers. But the real family secrets only come out when they're shooting quail.

†† Poppy has warned him about the viperous, Zionist neo-cons and how they'll bite you in the ass over Israel. W. is naturally wary about the nest of neo con asps whispering in his ear. He's looking at Cheney and seeing only a millstone around his campaign's neck.



†† He's much more trusting of another loud voice in his head, Karl Rove. Rove is Georgie's primary political strategist. Rove's philosophy is tell Voters what they want to hear, and do what thou wilt. His words are like Humpty Dumpty's. They mean whatever he wants them to mean.

†† Rove crafted Bush's 2000 presidential campaign that took the crown away from Gore 5-4. He showed a flair for dirty tricks in 1972 when he ran Michigan's Nixon campaign. He learned from Donald Segretti, Nixon's Dirty Tricks Meister. Rove has only gotten slicker, a real Lee Atwater.

†† Rove's telephone whispering campaign about John McCain's illegitimate black child before South Carolina's 2000 primary took Mcain right out of the race for Republican candidate for President. Only Strom Thurmond could get away with that in South Carolina.

†† Rove has psychologists testing out words in Malls across the country to determine which ones resonate most positively or negatively in Americans psyches. Fear Words like Terrorism, Bad Men, Infection are potent stimulants that charge people up, like a Slasher Flick. Words like Safer, Cleaner, Healthier, Balanced, Fair calm their Fears like a romantic Chick Flick. Rove wants Republicans to attack and soothe the psyches of voters with simple, repetitive, symbolically resonant words to play the public like an organ.

†† Donald Rumsfeld, head of Department of Defense for W was also secretary of Defense for Tricky Dick Nixon's administration. Rummy made Cheney his chief of staff during the Nixon Administration. Rummy is like an irascible grandpa in a manic episode, telling everyone in the room to just shut up and listen.

†† He is psychologically incapable of sticking with Rove's Meat Loaf Special of Orwellian Newspeak words.

"Ultimate," B.M.

†† Rummy spends most mornings creating a blizzard of "snowflakes", RummyGram memos to his staff in the DOD. His staff was so busy "slogging'" through the Q word of his "brilliant ideas" that they could only plan for the invasion of Iraq, not the aftermath. They walked American Soldiers into a quagmire that will only get worse by election day, 2004.

†† Even after Saddam turned up, secured in a locked cave.Looking like Jerry Garcia is alive, after all. Hussein will 'fess up once we get him on his meds, although he looked pretty tranquilized coming out of his "spider hole", getting his nits picked and teeth checked. And his free checkup only cost $160 Billion, less than Free Meds for a whole generation of Medicare voters.

†† Rummy, however just won't stay on his meds. He has the typical emotional swings of a classic Bi-Polar Disorder. He veers from delusional grandiosity about a unipolar World and military spending sprees to seeing only potential catastrophes on the horizon. Most of Bush's advisors could be fit into this DSM category, some with Psychotic features.

††† It's no secret that the incidence of BiPolar Disorder, or at least its diagnosis has increased dramatically in the last decade. At least some of that is probably from treating a whole generation of American children with amphetamine based drugs because they have been diagnosed with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder in their schools. These drugs have been proven to damage the brain's response to Serotonin, a neurohormone linked with deep depression. Psychiatrists are diagnosing many ADHD children as flowering into full blown BiPolars as adults.

†† It's a perfect mental illness for a politician or a political philosopher. During the manic phase you can raise and spend tons of money or write policy papers. Voters love empty promises, and pens for hire are always in demand.

†† The Depressive phase comes in handy after the lost election or for dreaming up dark futures to protect against. If the voters or foundation funders believe you are protecting and serving their interests, they'll show their appreciation no matter how nuts you are.



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