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December, 2003

Zionazis On Our Payroll
"American policy in the Mideast  is complete madness"

Prince Charles of England,  Nov. 2003
By Edward W. Miller


   Since the early days of Israel's colonization of Palestine,  Zionist leaders of this movement have,  for public relations reasons,  denounced  any non-Jew who dared criticize their often violent  actions as  "anti-Semitic" while identifying  their Jewish  critics as "self-hating Jews".  This ploy, which continues to this day,  is intended to blur the distinction between Judaism an old and honorable religion, and the political movement, Zionism,  one of the most violent attempts at colonization in human history, long condemned by  much of the world as well as by over 60 UN  Resolutions.   The military activity of Zionism has occupied the media for well over  half a century, and continues to this day.  Of  recent months, as the actions of Israel have  again increased  in violence, the term "Zionazis" has often been applied to these colonizers.
   Headlines this week  reported two Jewish synagogues  in  Turkey blown up  while the New York Times noted a Jewish school in a Paris suburb was burned to the ground.  On November 19th truck bombs in Istanbul, Turkey  demolished the HSBC, a prominent British Bank, and  shattered much of the British Consulate,  killing Roger Short, the British Consul-General and wounding 450 people..  On November 12th a gasoline truck crashed through a fence protecting an Italian military compound in  Nasiriya, Iraq, followed closely by a car that blew up,  killing  18 Italians, and wounding 21.  Twelve Iraqis were wounded or missing.  There have been, this month, an average of 33-35 attacks daily against US and Allied forces occupying Iraq.
   What received  scant  media attention was a report on July 7, 2003  that  500 Italian paratroopers with 800 US soldiers  were engaged in a major operation against the Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters in southeast Afghanistan.  Such  active military cooperation with US forces against Muslim Afghans, plus Italy's President Berlesconi's total support for Bush's Iraqi war, which  included sending Italian soldiers to assist in the  Iraqi occupation,  explains why Italians are targeted in Iraq. That the Turkish government  is seen by the Muslim  peoples as becoming more  closely allied  with both the US and Israel explains the recent violence in Istanbul.  As a  contributing factor,  Richard Perle, overt Zionist and advisor to the Bush regime on the Defense
   Policy Board,  has  been representing the interests of Turkey in Washington. ( Perle was successful in getting a Bill in Congress killed that would have condemned  the Turkish genocide of Armenians)   (
    More recently, in the guise of "stopping terrorism" the Israeli army has been crushing and rocketing the Palestinian refugee town of Rafah on the West Bank,  "in a manner which rivals the destruction of Jenin  last year" ( . Meanwhile, despite world-wide criticism and a mild rebuke from our Bush, Israel's Sharon has refused to  remove his  "Apartheid Fence" which,  when completed, will  isolate some 70,000 Palestinians from their countrymen  in a no-man's land  confined  behind concrete barriers, razor-wire and  Jewish military outposts.
   Last week in a pole some 7000 Europeans were asked to pick, from a list of 15 countries,  those which represented the  greatest threats to world peace.  Chosen  for first  place by the vast majority of those interviewed was  Israel with the United States a close second. 
   On November 7th, Jewish multibillionaire financier George Soros, speaking  to a Jewish audience in New York said:  "the policies of the Bush Administration and the Sharon Administration are contributing to a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe."  Soros added "it is not specifically  anti-Semitism  but manifests its self in. anti-Semitism."  Real estate magnet Michael Steinhardt immediately interrupted Soros, saying "George Soros does not think Jews should be hated any more than they deserve to be." And handed the microphone back to Soros, who went on to explain  that  he too as a Jew bears some responsibility for the new antisemitism, citing last month's speech by Malaysia's  outgoing Prime Minister,  Malathir,  who had said: "Jews rule the world by proxy."  Soros continued : "I'm also very concerned about my own role because as an unintended consequence of my own actions, I also contribute to that image."  
   Malathir, some months before,  had  publicly blamed Soros and his financial group for undermining the economic structure of Malaysia  by suddenly withdrawing billions in short-term investments from  what had earlier been an expanding economy.
   Responses from Soros' all-Jewish  audience  were as expected:  Elan Steinberg, senior advisor to the World Jewish Congress  stated:  "Let's understand things clearly: Anti-Semitism is not caused by Jews;  it's caused by anti-Semites" , while Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League called Soros comments “absolutely obscene." ( AOL Online Nov. 08) .  Thus, the Zionist denial continues.
   For years, not only Zionist Jews , but most Israelis have survived in a state of denial regarding those repeated  acts of violence which have characterized the Zionist movement from its inception. Vicious  killing,  of anyone  seeming to interfere with their colonization of Palestine has been the norm. During the British Mandate of Palestine, there were thousands of violent assaults against  the  British military .  Such acts as the  bombing of the  King David Hotel in Jerusalem, which killed over 91 civilians, mostly British and the hanging of two British sergeants in  the Palestinian town of  Nathanya, both  done by the Zionist underground force, the Irgun... created world-wide revulsion.  However,  one American Zionist,  Ben Hecht, a  Hollywood script-writer, had responded to the news with:  "Every time you let go with your guns at the British betrayers of your homeland, the Jews of  America make a little holiday in their hearts." (Lilienthal's THE ZIONIST CONNECTION,  pg. 58)
   The  recent targeted killings of Palestinian leaders by the Israelis, a political murder condemned under international law which is attracting  worldwide criticism, is nothing new to the Zionists. As far back as 1972, "with the emergence of the PLO movement, Israeli espionage agencies concentrated their attention on individual Palestinians who were struck down by letter bombs, regular bombs, and machine guns in Beirut, Los Angeles, Rome, Tripoli, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris, Cyprus and Oslo."  (Lilienthal, ibid)    Today,  thirty years later, the weapon used:  helicopter gunships,  supplied, and paid for by United States taxpayers.
    Many Israelis  won't admit that it is their daily brutality and terrorism of the subjugated Palestinian  that has given rise to those suicide bombers, or  even recognize that Israel's  ongoing cruel occupations of  the Palestinians' homeland  prevents any possibility  of "security", a security Israelis demand but don't deserve.
   Likewise , Italians, who as a nation rallied in the streets against Bush's Iraqi War, may not accept  that their soldiers' killing  of Muslim freedom fighters in Afghanistan, and their military cooperation with  the US occupying forces in Iraq are the reasons their own soldiers were targeted. 
    Though Americans accept Bush Jr.'s word that the "terrorist" bombers of the Twin Towers are those same  al Qaeda, "Muslim extremists"   that killed our marines in Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia, destroyed our embassies in Tanzania and  Kenya and blasted a hole in our USS Cole, few Americans  acknowledge our responsibility for the almost 2 million Iraqi children and elderly that our  two Gulf Wars and genocidal twelve-year embargos have murdered or will admit the insanity of our ongoing colonial occupation and  killing in Iraq today. Nor will most Americans accept responsibility for Washington's  financial, military and  diplomatic support of a Zionist Israel, that like the Nazis' conquests, still  occupies parts of Lebanon, Syria and the entire homeland of the Palestinians.
    The Zionist's "Eretz Israel," supposedly promised by Abraham, is the Jewish synonym for Hitler's  "lebensraum," while  the term "Chosen People," which explains the apartheid character of Israel today,  resembles the Nazis' ideal of a "Pure Aryan Race."
    Israel's  human rights violations, her housing demolitions, daily killings of Palestinian civilians, her  theft  of arable Arab land, and  Arab water  rights, her deadly curfews and  arrogant delays at  hundreds of check-points, and now Sharon’s "Apartheid Wall"  plus the economic  restrictions are  rapidly transforming the Palestinian towns with their  bombed-out houses, raw sewage in the streets and starving children, into death camps quite like those the Jews experienced in  Nazi Germany.  
   Removing Israel from our payroll as well as our troops from Iraqi soil might well render Bush's OPERATION HUNKER DOWN  no longer necessary.



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