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December, 2003

Bush Must Go Now

   The Bush Administration knowingly misled the nation into war. Ten-thousand innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed. The Iraqi environment has been contaminated with depleted uranium, and unexploded cluster bombs.
   The Administration rained down an unprovoked blitz of over 14,000 Tomahawk missiles alone, at a cost of a million dollars each, on one of the poorest countries in the world the size of California, with a population that is 50% children.
   The administration ignored international law. The voices of 40 Nobel Peace prize winners. The pleas of heads of all the world's main religions. The leaders of 90% of the planet's countries. Tens of millions of world citizens who marched against the war. The UN and a roster of prominent international environmental and humanitarian organizations who predicted the quagmire that the US faces today. The administration bragged, "It'll be a cakewalk..."
   The Administration has bankrupted the US treasury. Hijacked the US Constitution, the US Bill of Rights, the government "of, for and by the people." While consolidating the "free press" necessary to democracy under control of a few corporations.
   The Administration is the ground zero of corruption. It must go. Now.
Suzanne Nonamee
San Francisco Ca

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