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November, 2003

The Tower Experience: An In-depth Analysis & Spiritual Perspective
On The Events Leading Up To September 11, 2001 & Beyond...
By Da Vid
Many of us are still attempting to make sense of this profound event which has deeply impacted the hearts and minds of Humanity. Indeed, we have experienced an Armageddon, apocalyptic-like event of immense proportions. We have been shocked out of our comforts zones. We have all experienced a global tower experience. In the Tarot there is a card called The Toward card, The Key of Awakening. It shows a tower being hit and destroyed by lightening and people falling from the tower, an extraordinary graphic depiction of that horrific, never-to-be-forgotten event. Yet, as the dust settles and our emotions begin to calm down, the light of wisdom, love, and intelligence begins to filter into our individual and collective hearts and minds. As Founder of the Light Party, I am continually seeking to understand the real truth about this event and to internalize the Lesson(s).

Indeed, the tower's key message is the end of Illusion, the destruction of false values and limited, counterproductive beliefs. Basically, this is the Armageddon Key of the Tarot. In truth, The Tower Card actually is a benevolent card in that it clearly reminds us that life has the unerring ability and inexorable energy to move us forward into a more enlightened understanding and appreciation of life. This is the death of the false ego and all its attachments. This is Shiva at work. The Destroyer... Transformers... and Reformer. Since all is energy and all is consciousness, this seemingly irreconcilable event is serving to deepen our awareness and understanding of our selves our true nature and our profound interconnectedness with all life.

We are and have been made more fully aware that fundamental changes are in order. (i.e., Global warming, militarism, extreme poverty, ecological destruction, rampant materialism etc.).

The handwriting has been on the wall for some time now; however, for a variety of reasons we thought we were somehow immune to the profoundly myopic, arrogant, and corrupt actions of our militant national leadership, who in response to the events of 9/11, have declared a "War Without End." Paradoxically, here we are, living in a world -- an infinitely abundant Cosmos, mind you -- with infinite resources and intelligence to successfully resolve our current socio-ecological and economic challenges. Yet our current "leadership" continues to pursue reptilian-brain-like policies which threaten the well-being of all life on this spectacularly beautiful and precious world of ours.

As one who has consistently attempted, along with millions of others, to be "wayshowers" of a more intelligent way to go, I have been deeply saddened and angered by our individual and collective denial of fundamental truths. And yet, I continue to do my very best to stay proactive in "fighting" the good fight while offering viable, creative, and often simple solutions to our current predicament. The fact is, we can only fool ourselves so long; we can only hide for so long. Here in America, we have created a profoundly dangerous, insidious, fear-based medical-military-industrial complex which has undermined our very democracy. Instead of creating a genuine PAX Americana after the fall of the Soviet Union, we are in the process of creating a POX Americana which is threatening the very life of this planet and Humanity itself. Simply put, we are spending tens of billions of dollars to protect and secure a highly polluting commodity, OIL, rather than declaring an economic and ecological emergency and use our tremendous technology intelligence and resources in creating a sustainable global solar hydrogen energy economy.

Billions of years of evolution have created this miracle of conscious awareness in the human species, and here we are pursuing policies and agendas which threaten the very fabric of life here on Earth. Hmmmm....

Well, the good news is we have choice in the matter. As conscious, evolving, spiritual beings we have a profound duty to ourselves, each other, and to life itself to wake up and move forward in the realization that every problem or challenge, real or imagined, has its own inherent solution(s).

Now the question is "What to do now?" Seek Wisdom! My definition of wisdom is three fold:

A. Wisdom is knowing what to do next...

B. Wisdom is knowing what works, and...

C. Wisdom, which has its roots in OM (Peace), is understanding the spiritual laws which govern our individual and collective consciousness.

Indeed, we are becoming progressively aware that we are co-creators of our individual and collective realities. This awareness demands ever greater responsibility as conscious stewards of life here on Earth. We are being summoned now, as evidenced by current events, to take a very deep inventory about ourselves, our world, and the myriad problems/challenges which we are all facing. Indeed, it is time for a renewed commitment, a sacred commitment, so that we co-create a world which reflects the very best of who we really are! If there ever was a time to take a stand for ourselves and for the ideals upon which America was founded, Now Is The Time.

My deepest heartfelt prayer, at this time, is that our individual and collective hearts be filled to overflowing with love, wisdom and compassion for all beings in all planes and in all dimensions...

The time for peace is now.

Da Vid, MD

Founder, The Light Party,

Director, The Global Peace Foundation,



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