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November, 2003

Chilean Supreme Court Moves Against American CIA Connected Terrorist. The Bushes-Father and Sons Connection
By Jim Scanlon

In a move that is sure to cause difficulties for the Central Intelligence Agency, George W., George H.W., and Jeb Bush, the Chilean Supreme Court has moved to indict US citizen and international terrorist Michael V. Townley for the murder of General Carlos Prats who commanded the Chilean army before the US initiated coup on September 11,1973. Prats and his wife were killed in Buenos Aires in 1974 when Townley detonated a bomb he had placed in the exiled General's car.

Townley, although an American citizen, considers himself a Chilean and was an army officer in the Chilean secret service, has been living in the US since 1979 when he entered a Federal Protection Program. He had admitted to killing Orlando Letelier, an exiled opponent of the Chilean military government, who was killed in Washington DC in 1976 when a bomb built and placed in his car by Townley was detonated by Anti Castro Cuban exile terrorists Townley himself recruited for the job. He was not charged with, and never admitted to killing Ronnie Moffitt, a US citizen who was a passenger riding with Letelier.

As a US Government witness, Townley testified against the Cubans he recruited and received lenient treatment in sentencing, serving, as well as can he determined, less than three years time in some kind of permissive custody.

Townley subsequently provided sworn testimony at a trial in Italy (1995) that he arranged the attempted assassination in Rome of Bernardo Leighton, an exiled Chilean Christian Democrat. He and his wife, both in their 60s, were shot in the back and head. They survived their injuries severely handicapped.

George H.W. Bush was head of the CIA during the time of the worst excesses of the Chilean secret military police death squads (DINA) which collaborated closely with anti Castro Cuban Exile terrorists in the US and elsewhere. The CIA had close ties with DINA which, without any exaggeration, can be compared to the German Gestapo of World War II. It's director was even on the CIA payroll. There undoubtedly was overlapping of all three groups and the Bush CIA was involved, at the very least, in covering for, protecting and impeding the prosecution of, the Letelier and Moffitt assassins.

Among the terrorist crimes committed by the Cuban Americans involved directly, or indirectly with Michael Townley, besides killing Letelier and Moffitt, was firing a rocket propelled grenade at the UN building in Manhattan while it was in session, kidnapping and murdering Cuban diplomats in Argentina and Paris, blowing up a Cubana Airline plane in flight, killing 73 people, and bombings and killings too numerous to list here.

Two of the Cubans convicted of the Letelier assassination (no one so far has been charged with Moffitt's murder) absconded and evaded prosecution for 12 years, until 1990, during the presidency of G.H.W. Bush, when they were sentenced to 12 years in prison ---no additional time for being uncooperative and/or unrepentant. They had been featured on "America's Most Wanted" as highly dangerous.

They served seven years in federal custody and upon release, four more years in INS custody awaiting deportation. Because the US could not, or would not cooperate with Cuban authorities in deporting them, (the Florida Cuban vote obviously!) they were freed on August 15, 2001. One of them, Jose Dionisio Surarez was quoted in a Miami newspaper stating, "I'm sorry for the girl (Moffitt) and I didn't kill nobody!"

Another Cuban, Orlando Bosch, who was considered a leading participant in the destruction of the Cubana Airliner and other attacks which injured innocent civilians, served 11 years in prison in Venezuela and upon his release entered the US illegally. His application for asylum was denied by the Justice Department which cited his long history of criminal violence.

Nevertheless he received a presidential pardon in 1988 from George H.W. Bush. His son Jeb, who was running for governor of Florida at that time, reportedly intervened. It will be remembered that the State of Florida, Jeb Bush and the Cuban American vote played an important role in the contested presidential election of 2000.

Yet another of the Cubans involved in the bombing of the Cubana airliner emerged in Nicaragua as an advisor to the CIA sponsored "Contra's" attempting "regime change" with direct links to the Reagan/G.H.W. Bush White House staff. This scandal was known as "Iran-Contra" or "Contra Gate," involved secret, illegal arms and money deals with foreign governments.

Cuban terrorists with CIA ties, it will also be remembered, played a major role in the "Watergate" scandal which forced President Nixon's resignation. Cuban terrorists, including Bosch, were rumored to have had contacts with Lee Harvey Oswald.

It would seem reasonable for any thinking person to be concerned with the pattern of anti communists Cuban terrorists, the CIA and other secret police organizations and to suspect their possible involvement in other assassinations which took place in the US during the 1960s ---runaway operations, if you will --- or maybe not runaway operations.

Any thinking person might easily be moved to speculate, or hypothesize, in consideration of the above, that some, or many, or even all, of the Arab hijackers and planners involved in the 9/11 massacres fit this pattern, and were connected, one way or another, with elected officials and employees, inept, or otherwise, of branches of the secret US quasi-military industrial organizations who are destroying the Untied States of America and terrorizing the world.


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