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October, 2003 - Volume 28, Number 10

(415)868-1600 - (415)868-0502(fax) - P.O. Box 31, Bolinas, CA, 94924
mailto:[email protected]

The Progress Of Disaster By Christian Parenti
  The air in Baghdad is potent stuff. Plastic-rich garbage heaps burn in empty lots. Massive diesel generators run round the clock.
The Bush Folly: Between Iraq and a Hard Place By Stan Goff
As the old song said, "you got to know when to hold 'em; know when tofold 'em."
Two Month Wait For Facts In 911 Caller's Suspicious Death By Jim Scanlon
Cary Grime collapsed and died after a violent struggle with two Marin County Sheriff's Deputies in front of a fast food restaurant in Novato on August 17.
Public Told to Keep Quiet, as Big Train Boondoggle Barrels Forward By Louis Nuyens
The proposed Sonoma-Marin Train ('SMART') commuter rail system may well be the biggest boondoggle in Marin's history. Unfortunately, it is moving forward like a quiet juggernaut.
Why Do The State And Marin Want To Suck Up Hamilton Toxics By Elena Belsky
County of Marin Supervisors have submitted a letter to Governor Gray Davis supporting early transfer of contaminated lands on former Hamilton Air Force Base (HAFB) to the state of California.
Last Stop for Hamilton Before Governor's Signs Off By Elena Belsky
This letter was sent on September 21, 2003, to the California State Public Works Board (PWB)
ANALYSIS The Suppressed Jewish Voice By Karen Nakamura
"I'm not calling for the destruction of Israel by having them withdraw from the occupied territories, I think it would be the best thing for them." Ex-President Jimmy Carter
"Friends" Sic Ashcroft On Immigrants
Friends of Immigration Law Enforcement (FILE) is urging the US Justice Department to challenge a new California law that will allow illegal aliens to obtain official California driver's licenses.
Water Rate Hike To Come From MMWD By Carol Sterritt
Lately I have been researching the topic of local water rates being increased dramatically.
Legalizing Marijuana To Benefit Society: An Idea Whose Time Has Come By Stephen Simac
Californians and citizens of eight other states in the federal union have made a criminal distinction between people who smoke cannabis as a physician recommended remedy and recreational users who just enjoy the effects of cannabis.
A Brief History Of The Bolinas Lagoon By Josh Churchman
There is little doubt that the Bolinas Lagoon was once a deep water harbor.
Gulf War II Syndrome? Military Equipment and "Pneumonia" By Stan Goff
To understand the official military response to the mysterious "pneumonia" breaking out among American troops in Iraq, we have to understand that troops are equipment.
News Briefs

Website Review: Reviewed by Alex Horvath
One of the best places for daily misinformation can be found by logging on to the White House web site:
Marin County's 2003-2004 property tax bills were mailed on September 26, 2003.
Become A Volunteer Naturalist
Learn about the Coho Salmon's Life History and How to Share Your Knowledge with others!
The Reality of Proposition 54 Is Bad
The Proponents of 54 say they want us to move towards a color-blind society.
Fear of Democracy By Frank Scott
At the recently failed WTO meetings, the poor south told the rich north to buzz off.
Deja Vu For Junior By Edward W. Miller
Bush Jr. today is facing the same dilemma as did his Dad, and about the same period in his presidency.
Local Gossip
Harassment, West Marin Style! By Jeanette Pontacq
[har.ass verb. 1) to trouble, worry, or torment, as with cares, debts, repeated questions, etc.
Hasta la Vista, Davis? By Domenico Maceri
Gray Davis did not get the blame for the east coast blackout this past summer.
Waiting For the Truth By Antonio Serna
The American people have not been told everything that they need to know about the 9/11 tragedy.
Letters To The Editor
If Arafat is irrelevant how come he's an obstacle to peace?

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