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October, 2003

Waiting For the Truth
By Antonio Serna
   The American people have not been told everything that they need to know about the 9/11 tragedy. The commission that took over the responsibility of investigating that terrible disaster is too identified with the current administration to be candid and credible in their pronouncements. There are serious questions that have remained unanswered. The findings, as published in the commission's report, did not mention key questions that need to be explained. Here are some that are still begging for answers:
   1) Was there indeed a meeting between Osama bin Laden and some US government operatives, somewhere in the Middle East, a few weeks before the 9/11 attack? What was that meeting all about and why was it held in a US military hospital? Didn't Bin Laden already have a million dollar price on his head at that time?
   2) Why were our national security and intelligence authorities caught flat footed by the 9/11 attackers when prior information and intelligence warnings had already been issued to them by numerous authoritative sources regarding plans by terrorists to use commercial airline planes in attacking American targets?
   3) With this information on hand, why did these people entrusted to ensure our safety behave like they used that information to facilitate, rather than frustrate, the terrorists' intentions? Why didn't heads roll in our intelligence and security organizations as a result of their criminal incompetence?
   4) Why did the FBI and CIA turn all of a sudden so stupid and dense on matters that their own people considered as clear indications of terrorist activities that were consistent with an aerial attack?
   5) With definite signs of an impending attack in the making, why did the Bush administration not only lift its guard from such an eventuality but even provoked it by staging a walkout, together with Israel, from a UN meeting that was discussing the Israel/Palestinian question? Was this the final nail that was driven in the coffin of the 9/11 victims?
   6) Where was the air space security cover that New York City is entitled to on that fateful day, September 11, 2001? Not one but two commercial airline planes violated established security regulations, finding their respective targets in a span of 45 minutes between the crashes in the north and south towers of the World Trade Center without any interceptor to stop them? Was this explained and highlighted in the official investigation report? Why not?
   7) Why are there no photos of the plane that supposedly crashed at the Pentagon? This mysterious phenomenon was analyzed and discussed in detail in a book published in France that became a best seller in Paris. Why was this book banned from entering the USA? Who ordered the banning of the book? Why?
   8) Information was leaked to the media that two hours before the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center Towers, 200 employees of the Israeli Intelligence Office, housed at the WTC, were allegedly ordered by their authorities to vacate the building which saved their lives. This report remains unsubstantiated but never denied. Two questions will, however, prove or disprove this allegation. Was there really an Israeli intelligence office at the World Trade Center? And if there was, how many employees perished during the attack? Answers to these questions will be most revealing.
   9) Polls conducted in leading European countries such as Germany, France and England regarding the public's opinion on the 9/11 tragedy indicate that more than one fourth of those polled suspect that the US government has a hand in the matter. Why do they entertain such notions while we Americans appear to be ambivalent about it? Are we really ambivalent or intimidated? Is our media as free as we think it is?
   10) Since 9/11, mankind has lost more lives as a result of terrorist attacks. When it used to be the means of desperate fanatics alone, who are willing to offer their lives in the pursuit of their goals, it has now become also the means of supposedly civil societies in their fight against this very evil. We are, in other words, using terrorism to fight terrorism. Anyone with a basic understanding of right and wrong will tell you that evil cannot be vanquished by another evil. It will only replace it. Our current experience in Iraq is proving this point. The only achievement that we can tally in favor of our war against terrorism is that we are able to keep our war president in office. Otherwise, the tally board shows a zero on our side. Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein, the two key men of terrorism, are still up and about. Afghanistan and Iraq, the supposed bastions of terrorism, are still smoldering cauldrons that are threatening to give us more trouble, in spite of our having declared victory in both countries. The highly ballyhooed Road Map that we are proposing to resolve the Israeli/Palestinian conflict is leading us to nowhere and most probably even to hell. The real cradle of Islamic unrest that is obviously bankrolling terrorists around the world is cozily in bed with us. This plus the fact that we have always backed Israel in its bloody conflict with the Arabs is a sure fire invitation for Arab terrorists to go gunning for us. What part is this of our Middle East strategy? For sure, we will perpetually be at war and our president will unceasingly call upon us to rise to the occasion and be willing to die in the name of peace and freedom. In other words, 9/11 is merely a harbinger of more devastating attacks in our homeland, especially while our incumbent president is in power.
   The Bush government is trying its best to put a closure on the 9/11 disaster. It is paying an indemnity of $1.5 million to each family with lost relatives in that tragedy provided they waive all rights to sue later. Forty percent of the families have accepted the offer but the other sixty percent have rejected it with intentions to go after the truth when a truly trustworthy investigative body is formed to do a better job of getting to the bottom of it. They want to know what the current authorities are trying to sweep under the rug. And why. They are waiting for the opportune time when we can freely connect all the dots and see where it leads us to. They owe it to their loved ones who never knew what hit them on that fateful day. If we do not learn the truth about this monumental breach in our homeland security, we will never again be safe. In the meanwhile, let us all hold our breath and wait for the truth.



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