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October, 2003


"Just the Two of Us"
   The bells are ringing for Ted Pelton and Michele Hawley (aka Chums). They will be wed on October 10, 2003 across the pond on the swaying palm tree island of Maui. Am I excited? Am I nervous? Am I joyful? Yes to all the above! Chums is my one and only daughter and I've awaited this event of a lifetime for years. Am I happy with her choice of a mate? Yes, yes and yes! Ted is one of the most positive-spirited souls I've ever met. The values he exudes are honesty, kindness and a peaceful nature that is very calming to be around and primarily beneficial for Chums who tends, through self-motivation, to have ten balls in the air at one time and accomplishes not only throwing them but catching them. I've always admired her energy but sometimes it leads to headaches and that's where the compatibility between the two of them comes into play.
   Ted's mother, Marylou Pelton, will be the mother-in-law from heaven. She's the classic Southern Belle full of graciousness, a witty sense of humor and loves to sip mint juleps occasionally. Knowing Ted and meeting his mother, the apple didn't fall far from the tree. They both have a twinkle in their eyes that says, "We're taking life seriously, but it sure is amusing, isn't it?" A bit of the leprechaun, I'd say!
   It started out subtly with Ted visiting me at home before they were taking off for a sojourn to Hawaii about one year ago, to be exact. I just knew it was coming as only a mother can sense these things so it was no surprise when Ted asked me for Michele's hand in marriage and said that he was going to propose to here in a special spot by the water.
   Well, after Ted left, I wondered maybe they were going to tie the knot on their trip. I said to myself, "Where is my late husband Bob when I need him?" I had adapted to being a widow but Bob had always stated excitedly that when Chums got married, he'd throw the biggest and best party for her on the Borello Ranch.
   What to do? Well, it didn't take long to find out when Michele called me from Hawaii all bubbly and had her wedding plans already aligned. They would wait a year, which seemed like forever to me, and I could deal with that -- a lot of time to get it together. It started without a bang but it slowly started gaining momentum with Michele leading the band. And what a job she did. I was so proud of her organizational skills and thoughtfulness that was put into every little and big thing that had to be done to make it exactly what she and Ted dreamed as their perfecto wedding. It made me tired watching her and the excitement started building. Like a great maestro, she conducted the symphony of her own creation to a crescendo of absolute harmony with piano, harp, drums and horns all blazing.
   Marylou Pelton, Ted's mom, threw a shower for Chums at her charming home in the East Bay where I met a lot of nice ladies that were close friends of the Pelton family and there were a few characters of utter amusement that stick in my mind -- Irmy, the German, can-do lady of everything; Sharon, the lawyer, who I'd like to debate politics with again, and of course, "Black Jack" and Buntzy and her nutsy, fun family of English wit and martinis.
   Two weeks later, I threw a bath instead of a shower along with the staff at the Old Western Saloon. The greatest team of all time -- there's Linda and Lauri Sturdivant and their Aunt Ruby, Kathy "Yummy" Sparling, Kathy and Rob Prokopec, who is Ted's best man, catered the bash with style, class and the most delicious food I've ever regurgitated -- of course, I'm just kidding -- it was the Mai Tai's!
   Chums had just asked that we should just bring "fun" gifts and fun gifts they were -- bawdy, kinky, and somewhat creative -- like the penis-shaped ice cubes that were dyed pregnant pink.
   Then comes the final party on the mainland at the Borello Ranch for family and friends that couldn't go to Hawaii and celebrate with all of us on October 10. What a lot of work and planning went into this. Two hundred people invited. Well, Ted and Michele pulled quite a team together and got it going. It was a superb effort with Jack Mathews lending a truck so Marty Medin could water down the road, Kathy "Yummy" Sparling painting huge murals of colorful scenes of a Cowboy-Hawaiian theme. Palm trees, tiki torches, coconuts and pineapples, hay bales, hula girls, etc. were all a part of the decor. It was the party of the century and I'm sure Bob Borello, wherever he is, was smiling as warm as the sun was on that fabulous day of September 20th!
   Indian Peach catered the shindig and it was fabulous. The bartenders were Terri Medin and Anna Veach, both had worked Western Weekends at the Saloon and they were whirling those lava flows like precision that only human hands and smiles can do.
   Josh Stevens made up Ted and Michele's invites to the Cowboy Luau, the party of the century! The invitations were designed very thoughtfully.
   I know I've forgotten to mention so many people who contributed to the team of players that it took to pull this party off, but it was great and thanks to all of you!
   Most of all, thanks to my daughter Michele, Chums, for bringing to our family, such as it is, a wonderful person to enjoy life with -- Ted Pelton!
   P.S. "Just the Two of Us" is Michele and Ted's song and listening to it very closely, I hope that it will just be the two of you traveling life together with big smiles, supporting each other in every way as you two do now.  -- Love, Mom



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