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October, 2003

Deja Vu For Junior
By Edward W. Miller
"Before I built a wall I'd ask to know
What I was walling in or walling out,
And to whom  I was like to give offense.
Something there is that does not love a wall,
That wants it down."
                              Robert Frost  (Mending wall)
    Bush Jr. today is facing the same dilemma as did his Dad, and about the same period in his presidency.  Having made several  uncomplimentary remarks  about Sharon's  225-mile, $1 Billion Apartheid Wall,  and even threatened to withhold that part of the recent loan guarantee funds directed at wall construction,  Junior has painted himself into a political corner. If he waffles, he stands to lose some  American voters, whereas if,  like his Dad,  he angers our Zionist parasite,  Jewish support in 2004 may  decline.
With Iraq a quagmire and the US economy  in trouble,  Bush is in deep doodoo.

   Arriving today in Washington to argue Israel's case are two of Sharon's  team:  Dov Weisglass,  cabinet secretary, and Amos Yaron, defense secretary.  Scheduled to meet with, Condoleeza Rice, they will  present,  as today's (22 Sept.)  San Francisco Chronicle reports,  a new plan for the  concrete and razor-wire barrier, "to deflect US criticism."  Rice, who has performed well as a Bush backpedaler in the past  is being relied on to defuse the crisis.

   Meanwhile, back at the OK CORRAL in Baghdad, another bomb exploded at the already wrecked UN headquarters. Most Americans were puzzled by the first  horrendous bombing of the UN facility  in the heart of  Baghdad. Why would  any Iraqi want to damage the  personnel and functions of such a prestigious human rights organization as the UN,  which for the twelve  years since the Gulf War, was  the  chief distributor of food and supplies to his starving fellow Iraqis?

   The answer, is that  Iraqis  on the street,  unlike brain-washed Americans,  understand  it was the UN , under the coercive hand of George Bush Sr.  which  unfurled the banner under which the  Gulf War coalition  marched into Iraq to destroy their infrastructure and kill their people, and it was the UN embargo that for twelve long years refused Iraqi engineers the tools required to restore potable water to their dying population. The  US-British remnant of the UN coalition  for last twelve long years has continued to starve, irradiate and  bomb the Iraqis, while  their children and elderly have died by the thousands  of water-born diseases. They were  prevented by the UN embargo  from obtaining life-saving  equipment, drugs and iv medications.

   It was  the devastation visited upon these desperate  people by the  UN "oil-for food"   program,  purposely  set  to near-starvation levels, that caused  the  first two UN Administrators,  Denis Halliday and then Von Trombek, to  quit  in  anguished  protests  against this  low-level genocide. The fact that the UN Security Council,  briganded by  the US and British into  overseeing this outrageous embargo,  explains why many of the UN's Baghdad staff , along with their chief, Sergio Vieira de Mello, paid the price with their lives.

   The Bush administration in Washington, while publicly lauding the United Nations, when it needs help,  has undermined its human rights programs and used  its veto power in the Security Council to  achieve  political and economic goals at the expense of the world community.  An excellent example of this bullying occurred this week. A  Resolution offered to the UN Security Council, drafted by  Palestinian envoy, Nasser al-Kidwa  and endorsed by the Arab and non-aligned  nations, demanded  Israel halt its threats to expel Yasser Arafat from the West Bank.  It was supported by eleven of the 15 Security Council members (Germany, Britain and Bulgaria abstained),  but  was  vetoed by the US.    Washington's UN Ambassador,  John Negroponte  excused the US position saying the  Resolution "failed to name such groups as Hamas and the Al-aqsa Brigades, which the US blamed for promoting  terror.
   On September 19th the UN General Assembly of 191 members, to which the Arab Resolution had  been  transferred,  after considerable  debate and back-stage politicking, voted 136/4  in favor. Fifteen nations of the European Union abstained. The  Micronesians  the Marshall Islands and Israel voted  "NO" with the US.  The measure demanded that "Israel, the occupying power, desist from any act of deportation and cease any threat to the safety of the elected president of the Palestinian Authority

   For the past half century, Americans, again and again,  have experienced the  feelings of both  shame and anger, as Washington, under pressure from  our
 Zionist lobbies, has used  its veto power in the UN Security Council to  prevent attempts to rein-in Israel's repeated human rights abuses.  An in-depth article from Australia  news dated March 8th, 2003)  which  covers 30 years of US-UN vetoes, lists some of the 60 such vetoes aimed at protecting  Israel, as  UN Council members  again and again  condemned her abuses of a captive Palestinian population.         

   A select few from  the list of vetoed Resolutions  is self-explanatory: 1972, condemns Israel for killing hundreds  of people in Syria and Lebanon  in air raids; 1973, calls on Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories; 1979, calls for return of all inhabitants expelled by Israel;  1979, demands Israel desist from human rights violations; 1981, 18 resolutions  condemning Israel's bombing of Iraq, and human rights abuses of the Palestinians;  1982, calls on Israel to withdraw from the Golan Heights; 1982, condemns Israel's invasion of Lebanon; 1995 affirms that land in East Jerusalem annexed by Israel is occupied territory, etc.

   Throughout  the last half-century  Israel has repeatedly  shown a total disregard both for the United Nations as an organization and even the lives of its officers and members.  On October 17th, 1948 UN Palestine Mediator, Count Folke  Bernadotte,  nephew of Swedish King Gustav V, and his aide,  Colonel Andre Pierre Serot were assassinated by three  members of Israel's Stern Gang while driving in the  Israel-controlled  sector of Jerusalem.  One of the three murderers, Yehoshva Zeitler, friend of Israel's Prime Minister, Ben-Gurion, explained the killing: "We executed Bernadotte  because he ...endangered the  status of Jerusalem by his declared intention of  turning her into an international city."  (see Alfred Lilienthal's : THE  ZIONIST CONNECTION  pg. 360).

   Not satisfied with the murder of UN officials, our Zionist lobby has  twice used its influence in Washington to manipulate the post of secretary-general of the UN, and punish two such officers who had the temerity to report to the UN on Israel's  anti-social behavior:

   UN Secretary-General  Kurt Waldheim was not only deprived of the accepted second term, but subject of a torrent of character-assassination by out Jewish-controlled press after he personally  investigated and reported to the UN Israel's  malicious  destruction of Kuneitra, a  Syrian city of some 41,000  in the Golan Heights,  just a week before it was scheduled to be returned intact to her Syrian inhabitants under a UN-brokered treaty following the 1967 War.

   In a more recent rather similar action, UN Secretary-General Boutros-Boutros Ghali, incurred the wrath of Israeli, and by  political association, the anger of president Bill Clinton and his administration because, Ghali, loyal to his duties as UN chief,  refused to bury the report of Israel's  savagery in Lebanon:  the shelling of the UN Refugee Camp in Qana, which massacred 120 refugee women, men and children.

   Both Kurt Waldheim and Bouitros-Boutros Ghali, despite excellent records as UN Secretary-Generals as well as  world-wide support, were denied their well-deserved and anticipated second terms by US pressure in the UN.  In  both cases  It was the Zionist lobby, which was the engine behind  these Washington campaigns of character assassination.
   Compliance has become the key-word in Washington. Today we have Secretary of State Colin  Powell, who, when first appointed, made a few honest efforts to restrain Bush's  mad rush towards war in Iraq, but  quickly learned and recently has been booed in public for  aping his boss in a   callous disregard for the truth. 
   UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan  is another example.  As reported in Alex Cockburn's  recent piece in THE NATION,  Annan, in  the  temporary absence of his boss Boutros Ghali, had been left with the "Key."  Annan  approved  Nato bombings  against the Serbs which were being  vetoed by his boss.  Cockburn reports: "When Kofi turned it (the key), Holbrooke  told Philip Gourevich of the New Yorker, "he became secretary-general in waiting" and eventually took Ghalli's  place."

   It's bad enough to have a  corrupt administration in Washington, but to understand that  many of these same  politicians are under the control of a Zionist  entity  whose  political and military objectives are dangerous to the United States is most unsettling to many Americans.



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