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September, 2003

Letters To The Editor

West Marin-Please get the Facts Straight!

Tom Lilledal of Inverness hit the nail right on the head with the last two paragraphs of his opinion published Monday, August 25th in the Marin Independent Journal! But he is writing because he thinks that the organization that is forming the future Business Improvement District to manage tourism, is doing something totally different. He thinks we are going after the masses, that we are going to pollute your area with tourists.

That is not the case! The strategy is to go after off season business and during the week business (not bus tours) to help an already hard hit industry to survive and to try to capture the loss in occupancy tax and sales tax that has so desperately suffered since 9/11.

People-don't you get it? This is a win-win for all but needs a City/County unified effort. We don't want to do anything to harm your environment.

The focus will be on people staying in lodging guest rooms but during slow times, not full times. People are driving through our county now to go to other parts of the state so why not have them put their head in a bed here. Taxes that benefit the communities are diminishing because we are not able to compete. Help us, by understanding that an unmanaged industry is an unfocused and failing industry. Why not support an organization that is trying to help themselves and at the same time-watch out for your interests? This is not going to cost any local a cent. The BID is funded by an industry self-assessed charge that will be passed through to a lodging guest when they pay their room bill at check-out. The premise of the Marin Visitor's Network (MCBID) is to MANAGE TOURISM and yes, balance tourism while maintaining the uniqueness and preciousness for future quality and visitors in need times. THIS IS THE STRATEGY and what has been in the planning stages all along!

Vicky Oyler

Member of the Marin County Transition Committee and BID Task Force


Investigate Prop 13 Again

Thanks so much for the great newspaper. Years ago you did an investigative article on the effects of Prop. 13. It gave the amount of taxes the county took in and the number of employees pre-Prop. 13 and the same numbers probably five years later.

A similar type of investigation would be interesting now with such inflated home prices and the large number of sales since Prop. 13.

It seems our supervisors have too much money to spend and have to look for ways to use it up.

Ed Rynders

Marin County

Recall Poetic Justice

The misguided Californians who blindly followed the recall pied-piper are currently wondering why he tearfully withdraw from the circus that he so enthusiastically organized and bankrolled. They feel betrayed. If it is any consolation to them, the pied-piper feels betrayed too.

His disappointment and frustration can be compared to that of a car thief who gingerly jimmies the door lock of a car, successfully jimmies it's ignition system as well, and as soon as the car's engine is running, finds himself elbowed out of the car by a muscle bound character with an idiotic grin on his face who drives away with it -- to nowhere.

What is the moral lesson of the story? Crime does not pay. Greed always ends up on the unforgiving scales of poetic justice.

Antonio Serna

Rohnert Park

Vote Your Conscience!

It makes me sad to see Mr. Bush in our state collecting millions of dollars for the continuation of his regime which is responsible for our young men and women being slaughtered in Iraq [along with] the people of Iraq [which is] estimated to be in the thousands. The astronomical effects on the fabric of our great country will last for years.

Try to imagine Shock ad Awe bombs raining down on any of our cities. How, in good conscience, would you want this man to remain in office?

We supported the Shah of Iran for years. He was equally as much a tyrant as Sadam but he did our government's bidding so his massacres of his people was no concern of ours.

Please, please vote your conscience. And if your conscience says Mr. Bush is your choice, then God Bless Our Country.

Catherine Davis, RN

San Anselmo

Saudis' Damage Settlements?

To: Tom De Lay, Majority Leader and Nancy Pelos, Office of the House Democratic Leader, US House of Representatives.

In regard to the announcement that Lybia has settled for damages to Flight 103 over Lockerbie by awarding each victim's family $10,000,000 (ten million dollars):

This should apply to the Saudis who supported and funded their citizens who bombed the WTC's, the Pentagon and destroyed the airline business. At ten million dollars per 3,000 victims, that adds up to $30 billion plus cost to NYPD, NYFD and Port Authority, plus people's health and apartments destroyed by dust, plus businesses that suffered damage, plus cost of Homeland Security, plus cost of two buildings to owners and other real estate destroyed.

Will our Attorney General help us recover our losses caused by Saudis?

Who enabled families of Flight 103 victims?

Olga Goldsmith

San Rafael

We're Doomed With Electrical Obsolescence

Once again we are being informed that our electric grid is based on 50-year-old technology. About ten years ago, Congress addressed this threat to our national power supply and authorized building the Super Collider/Super Conductor Laboratory. After spending millions buying up property, hiring physicists, digging a 54 mile underground tunnel, etc., they changed their minds and torpedoed the only real long term solution to our electric grid problems. They pulled the rug out from under the SC/SC in its early stages because it was being built in Texas. They ridiculed the program in the media saying we didn't need no damn Super Collider.

When power is transmitted, a certain amount is lost due to resistance in the lines. The Super Collider was going to develop this Super Conducting material needed to reduce this resistance to near zero levels. The elimination of wasted power would leave us with an excess (cheaper) supply.

The largest blackout in the nation's history wasn't the fault of any lightning strike at Niagara, Ohio power plant or Canada. The reason our electric grid is in such bad shape today is because the Congress of the United States voted to scuttle the only real long term solution available for political reasons. It's their fault, and they know it. And we know they won't take the corrective action dictated by recent events. We're doomed.

Rich Martin

Crowley, TX

Taking Issue with Marin Social Services

As a taxpayer and a United States Citizen, I take issue with Marin County Social Services and the general treatment of Marin County's low income and homeless citizens. I, myself, am at this present time homeless ad disabled.

My disabilities are devastating and isolating; my prognosis is unfavorable. Yet I receive very little, if any, understanding or compassion from the social services that are in place here. I suffer from MCS (Environmental Illness) and exposure to chemicals can cause me to spend days in the hospital on breathing treatments, and to be severely physically ill for weeks.

However, this cannot be explained at the homeless shelters -- not only do they clean with toxic household cleansers and disinfectants, they insist that someone like me exposes themselves to these chemicals in the name of doing chores to contribute to the shelter. Don't you think that the risk of further chemical injury and possible death is too much to ask? And forget a doctor's note. I know someone who had a doctor's excuse and he was treated terribly as a result.

I was on the Section 8 housing list for eight years. Now I am told that Section 8 has been canceled for Marin County. People act like being homeless is some great mystery. Just get one catastrophic illness, no family to turn to, and there you are. Is that so difficult to grasp? Apparently it is.

The waiting list for mental health services is incredible. I am told that both the Psyche Unit and the Homeless Shelters frequently run out of beds.

So much for living in a progressive county, heart of the new age movement and all that. I am now moving after having spent the past twelve years here. Good luck to anyone who remains here and needs any kind of help.

Anna Ione

San Rafael

McClintock the "Must" Vote

After the initial circus hoopla, it's time to stop and think.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, full of good intentions and glib platitudes, is crudely trying to buy the election while his record shows he is so indifferent and so uninterested in bettering his state that he didn't even both to vote to improve California in five of the last 11 elections, demonstrating beyond doubt that he is the wrong man for the wrong job at the wrong time.

Bill Simon, with the stigma of a past loser, like Arnold, can only split the vote but cannot win and has, like Arnold, doubtful credentials for the job of saving California.

As with both Schwarzenegger and Simon, a vote for Arianna Huffington in reality is a vote to split the Republicans and would give the victory to Gray Davis clone, Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante.

The only one who combines demonstrated leadership qualities, solid integrity, political savvy and the legislative experience and clout as a senator which will let him deal effectively with a headstrong and badly divided legislature, is Tom McClintock.

A vote for anyone other than McClintock will throw the election back to the same Democrat machine that put us in the chaotic mess we're in today.

Fielding Greaves

San Rafael

CP the People's Forum

Happy new day! I received the July issue of the Coastal Post today. For the past two years, my friend Helena from Marin County has been sending me issues of the Coastal Post after she finished reading them. I enjoy reading your paper because I can always count on uncensored news and opinions.

Recently I was locked in San Quentin State Prison's solitary confinement for 11 months for fighting for Asian American studies in the college program. The Coastal Post kept me abreast on current events, especially during the massacre in Iraq. I was able to utilize information from the articles to compose a poem.

Last month I had the opportunity to recite my poem on KPFA's Apex Express. I would like to share the poem with the readers of the Coastal Post.

Thank you for producing such an awesome forum for people to speak whatever is n their minds.

Eddy Zheng

California State Prison, Solano

Righteous Indignation Department

To: Representative Lynn Woolsey.

"America's Righteous Indignation" has been formed as a department of Redwood Empire Tax Committee to provide a channel so that I can show my strong objection that Pres. Bush is conducting wars as a way of muscling America's foreign policy like the world's bully and forcing countries all over the world to do our will.

Pres. Bush is turning a country formerly loved and envied by the world's millions and billions into the most hated country on earth.

We resent the nasty impression of us that is spreading around the world. We know that Bush wants us to be hated so that the nations will feel forced into the United Nations, in the form of a world communist dictatorship... his father's "New World Order," and the world dictatorship sought by Dr. Henry Kissinger. He and his bosses seek to create a world government with its reins in the hands of an elitist few super-rich multi-billionaire muscle-men... Believe us, there will be another bigger Gulag Archipelago with bigger slave labor camps with death at the end of the strength of the slaves and for all dissenters. We freedom lovers are already at war, we want the freedom that made this country great and for which we are again, willing to die! So help[ us, God!

William Pisenb

Santa Rosa

Love California-Vote McClintock

I've been a registered Democrat for all my life. From 1983 to 1989, I provided the Democratic Party with free rent and utilities in my Village Oaks Office Park in Westlake Village and free headquarters for congressional, senatorial and presidential candidates.

I was repeatedly awarded "Ventura County Democrat of the Year." One day the Democratic party announced in the newspaper that they were shocked that the "Democrat of the Year" was supporting Republican State Assemblyman Tom McClintock. I answered that I always support the best man, regardless of party affiliation.

If all Californians only knew what I know about Tom's record as State Assemblyman and State Senator, they would vote for him to be California's next governor. He is honest, hard-working, dedicated and innovative. He's sponsored fabulous state legislation and is now the most qualified gubernatorial candidate of any party. I'm so sure of this that I'm donating $1,000 to his campaign - because I love California!

When the Democratic National Committee asked me for a $1,000 donation a year and a half ago, I replied, "I will if you can guarantee me none of it will go towards re-electing Gray Davis." They never replied.

I not only signed the recall petition to oust Governor Davis but I contributed $1,000 to the recall committee -- because I love California!

Robert Felburg

Costa Mesa

One Sided Reporting

I am writing to protest the one-sided and very distorted article by Karen Nakamura which appeared in your August 1st issue.

First of all, Ms. Nakamura cites UNRWA as her primary source of information. We all know that the UN has never been impartial in its position on Israel, endlessly passing resolutions which condemn Israel and rarely behaving in any kind of balanced fashion. The organization she quotes is set up specifically to represent the interests of Palestine refugees so how could it possibly be impartial?

Yes, the proposed Israeli wall is a sad reflection of current realities but what is Israel supposed to do in order to defend itself when there are countless terrorist acts against innocent civilians and all of Israel's overtures and concessions to date bring only more violence? Witness the events of this week when over 20 Israelis, including many children, were needlessly murdered on a bus in Jerusalem.

If you are seeking to present a somewhat balanced view of events in the Middle East, it would seem incumbent upon you to present information which is slightly more even-handed and less one-sided than the perspectives of Ms. Nakamura.

Frank Kushin

Redwood City, CA.

Israel Must Think Twice

Secretary Powell's pleading for the help of Arafat to call off his thugs acknowledges the end of the "Road Map," Oslo. Wye Plantation and any other western attempt to end the brutal Arab Intifada. The Israelis now have justification to end once in for all the presence of Arafat just as the United States justified the extinction of Saddam Hussein as the provocateur of destruction in the Middle East. Frankly I believe it stamps Bush's initiatives not only in Iraq but also in the Middle East conflict a total failure. Powell admits what he must have realized all along that Arafat was in control of PA policy and that Abbas was nothing more than a puppet. The sooner Arafat is eliminated there may be a better chance for peace especially if the Arabs decide the way of Martin Luther King and Ghandi will be their tack. The western world is reaping the hell of making believe that Islam is a peaceful religion. All westerners would benefit from reading the history of Islam.

Dr. Norman Mann

San Diego

Loathing Democrats

The Great California Heist. The recall of Democratic Governor Gray Davis is being put on by Republican hucksters, not because he has done anything wrong, but because of an inherent hatred and loathing for Democrats and liberals by conservative Republicans. It's that simple.

Do we still live in a democratic state or has it become a banana republic? Republicans keep harping on that Gray Davis is the cause of California's budget deficit and energy crisis. Nothing could be further from the truth. What would any of the Republican gubernatorial candidates have done differently to stem the tide of a systemic economic meltdown. The stock market tanked and 41 states are reeling financially out of control.

Did you see any power outages in California this year? Gray Davis fixed what Texas oil and gas junkies had sabotaged. Through intellectual dishonesty Republicans have kept a distorted version of this alive. NO on the Republican recall of Governor Davis.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City

King Of The World

Arnold is the biggest story in the world. The sixth largest nation economically, the leading state in the Union, is about to have a German as its leader. We haven't seen anything like this since Germans were taking wheelbarrows full of money to the store to buy food. You have to admit, Rush, that times were worse then, even worse than when Reagan became President of a Carter America. Yet an Austrian brought Germany back in 7 years to take on the world! Arnold has 11. What can the combination of Germany and America do?

We are in the last days. A prophet like Elijah is to come before Jesus Christ (Malachi 4:5). A false prophet (the next pope?) will revitalize the Catholic Church and help bring on the last revival of the Holy Roman Empire. A Beast will rule it. And an Arab will unite the Muslim world as the King of the South of Daniel 11. The Beast (King of the North) will come against the Arabs like a whirlwind and defeat them. He will enter the glorious land, the holy land. Luke 21:20 continues with his armies surrounding Jerusalem and the abomination of desolation taking place. The Tribulation, the worst time in the history of mankind, begins against JACOB (Jeramiah 30:7). The Beast will defeat the two chief tribes of Israel, the US and UK and 1/3 of them will die of the war, 1/3 will die of famine and pestilence and 1/3 will go into captivity as slaves, Ezekial 5:12.

And you will be there.

Harold Reimann

Lucerne Valley

The Last Minority To Stand Up, Aug. 1

Excellent column, but aren't you forgetting some other minorities who will likely be unable to "stand up" until long after the marijuana users have reclaimed their rights? I'm talking about the users of heroin, cocaine and other currently prohibited drugs.

If the Bill of Rights means anything at all, the state has no right to punish anybody for ingesting anything, HOWEVER HARMFUL.

Alan Randell

Victoria, BC

Marijuana Users Denied...

Marijuana users have been denied the constitutional right to liberty and property. Marijuana users do not have a constitutional right to be protected from unreasonable searches and seizures.

I have a long history in trying to get the courts in Maine to recognize the marijuana laws violate fundamental rights. So long, that I have to get permission from the Federal District Court in Portland Maine to file a petition for declaratory judgment.

I have written twice to get permission to file a complaint because of the Lawrence decision.

This recent decision from Supreme Court of the United States is LAWRENCE et al. v. TEXAS No. 02-102. The resolution of this case was dependent on whether petitioners were free as adults to engage in private conduct in the exercise of their "liberty" protected by the "Due Process Clause" of the 14th Amendment.

The Supreme Court "deemed it necessary to reconsider its Bowers holding. The initial substantive statement in Bowers 478 US, at 190-"The issue presented is whether the Federal Constitution confers a fundamental right upon homosexuals to engage in sodomy. ," --discloses the Court's failure to appreciate the extent of the liberty at stake."

The substantive statement of Judge Hornby has been "it has long been established that the use of marijuana is not a fundamental right protected by the Constitution. See, e.g., United States v. Maas, 551 F. Supp. 645,646-47 (D.N.J. 1982; Wolkind v. Selph., 495 F. Supp. 507, 510 (E.D. Va. 1980); NORML v. Bell, 488 F Supp. 123, 132-33 (D.D.C. 1980).

The Supreme Court of the United States says keeping a private activity illegal because the activity is not a fundamental right demeans the claim of violating a person's liberty. The above court decisions, cited by Judge Hornby, do not appreciate the fact the enforcement of the marijuana laws violate rights to liberty and to property protected by the 4th, 5th and 14th Amendments.

I have been denied by the clerks office to file a declaratory judgment action. Marijuana remains illegal because the possession of marijuana is not a fundamental right.

How many people have died because organized crime controls the marijuana trade? How much crime is created by judges violating the rule of law to keep marijuana illegal?

How many people have died because US District Judge D. Bock Hornby and the Maine Supreme Judicial Court refused to recognize the marijuana laws violate fundamental rights life liberty and property protected by the 4th, 5th and 14th Amendments? To do so requires the court to review the constitutionality of the marijuana laws by strict scrutiny not the rational basis test.

Michael J Dee

Windham Maine 04062


Impeachment Most Serious

Impeachment cannot be approached lightly and warrants a more serious action than having sex in the Oval Office with someone other than your wife.

Even turning surpluses into deficits, constitutional rights into patriot act crimes, starving California of funds to turn it from envy to derision, pumping up today's corporate profits for tomorrow's campaign contributions and twisting disagreement into a test of patriotism may question one's sanity (quoting Hank, "It's time to put this nut back in his shell.") but does it warrant impeachment?

But the unilateral actions of the Bush Administration in waging and threatening wars of aggression do not serve the interests of the people of the US especially when it's achieved by lying to congress about imaginary threats. The billions of dollars being spent on war and not on education, health care or job training are taken from the working people of the US and funneled to the Big Oil and Corporate elite who are Bush's true constituents. Mr. Bush was (s)elected to promote the people's agenda, not vice versa.

Jay Lustgarten

San Anselmo

Crazy California

It's no wonder the rest of the country (and world!) think of Californians as crazy.

Republicans are trying to recall a Governor who was democratically elected, like it or not. They're getting behind yet another B movie actor, a known misogynist whose father was a Nazi, who supported Prop 187 though an immigrant himself, who doesn't have a program or any coherent ideas and every nutcase in the state is jumping on the recall bandwagon.

This Recall is not only heinously ill timed fiscally but anti democratic. If you don't like someone in office, you organize to remove them at election time, that's what democracy is about.

If we Californians want to remove someone from office we should start with GW Bush. He truly is deserving of a premature exit from an office he was never even elected to in the first place!

Meg Brizzolara

San Rafael

Safe To Come Home?

Mr. President: (calling on cell phone)

Come now George, tell us the truth. Just between you and me. Did you lie to us about fraudulent evidence which led us to war with Iraq?

Did Saddam Hussein really have Weapons of Mass Destruction in his possession? I heard that the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians fighting Custer had more WMDs than Saddam had.

And how about Saddam's alliance with Al Qaida? Is there really proof of complicity in the 9/11 attack? I heard they despised one another like an angry couple seeking divorce.

In your State of the Union speech you compared Saddam with Hitler and that he was a menace to the world and that we had only 45 minutes to get out of town before being nuked.

You convinced me. I'm still driving south. Let me know when it's safe