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September, 2003

Recall And Impeach
By Frank Scott

The political establishment is having fits over the recall effort in California. It is in danger of losing control of the process, and we owe it all to a rich right winger. Is the anti-democratic system moving towards political self-destruction? Not so fast, kids.

Make no mistake, California, and the USA are in trouble, and not only because of the court appointed criminal in the White House and the ATM android in Sacramento. The most bloody imperial policy of recent history is nothing new, only more blatantly conducted. And our deregulated, dysfunctional economy, which lavishes wealth on a minority while a majority sinks deeper into debt and depression, is also nothing new. But if California is any indication, and if impeachment moves from an activist call to a political response, there is hope.

The arch-conservative who financed the recall petition drive in California may seem the antithesis of those who confront the corporadoes of war and finance, but politics really doesn't make strange bedfellows; we all lie in the same bed. A crippled system produces crippled leadership. The dreadful governor and the disastrous president are the logical outcome of American politics, where Intellectual emptiness is joined with moral poverty and financial wealth, whether in Democratic California or Republican USA.

If the governor and the president switched positions, few might notice. Bush would speak broken Spanish, build jails, raise money and lower consciousness , while Davis would protect imperial capital, especially in the middle east, perhaps with less choreographed photo-ops, given his charisma disability. We suffer under a bipartisan dictatorship of devoutly financial fanatics .

Nationally, we're ruled by religious obsessives who are worried about gay marriage, though many of them are having intimate relations with an invisible man, while waiting for an Armageddon-rapture experience that promises the ultimate holy war. These biblical lovers of hate have, and use, more weapons of mass destruction than any other nation possesses. They pray to an imaginary being, as they prey upon the human race, so that the corporate rich and their upper class servants can enjoy success, while a global majority faces failure .

The court appointed cabal in Washington schizophrenically spends billions of taxpayer dollars, to allegedly rebuild a nation it has spent billions of tax payer dollars to destroy. As the situation in Iraq becomes more chaotic, with terrorists created where there once were none, it cuts public services at home, in order to lower taxes for private wealth. In such an environment of moral degeneracy, the principal pornographers of politics have the gall to label the California recall effort a threat to democracy. No wonder millions of Americans need prozac, booze and other drugs to make life bearable, if not understandable.

The political pimps who run our bogus democracy are criticizing the "circus" the California recall may produce, but it is the murderous "freak show" they manage that needs our attention.

California has sent a parade of political pinheads to Sacramento and Washington, so why should anyone worry if some Hollywood bicep-with-a-bankroll winds up as governor? In a race with many candidates, there is even a chance for a leftist to sneak in among a divided middle-right, but only if the state's two progressive candidates decide not to split one vote. But whatever the outcome, the California political establishment has already suffered a well deserved defeat, and that is good for democracy.

The alleged turmoil of the recall is nothing compared to our disastrous global situation, and our system's continued assault on the natural environment. Devastating heat waves, crippling power failures and diminishing fuel supplies are only some indications of a system nearing a breaking point. Baghdad, Kabul and Jerusalem have all suffered recent terror attacks, and the building of an apartheid wall in the Israeli occupied territory of the west bank has produced not a whimper from the Israel occupied territory of the US congress. Even the Democratic presidential candidates-including the pseudo and real progressives- have remained mute. This is in the mandatory fashion of joined-at-the-bible-and-wallet Usraeli politics.

In the face of this shameful performance, California threatens democracy only if it takes our minds off the disgraceful national government and our need to change it, first by impeaching the president.

The globalized capitalist empire has put civilization under a darker cloud of doom, and we need to think about systems even more than personalities. But there are some personalities we need to get rid of in order to affect radical change. The Democrats seek what they call a credible, centrist candidate, but our task is to get rid of this incredible, right-wing president, and long before the next election.

Whether the California recall turns out positively or not, it can help end monopoly financed politics, and begin moving towards a revolutionary democracy that could bring real social change. Despite its one man financing base, the recall movement should be seen as what it is: the process of people taking action to attack the political establishment and change the status quo, once given the chance. It would be a pity to waste that opportunity, or to simply allow the establishment to frame its real meaning in their own, shallow terms. More than one hundred candidates able to run for governor, at a cost of only 3500 dollars each, instead of 35 million, is anything but a crisis of democracy.

Concerned citizens, activists and other patriots should support democracy in California and the USA, by recalling the governor and demanding an impeachment of the criminal regime in Washington. Only in response to such a demand will the feeble congress and frightened Democrats take some action. It is time for radical change that transforms the threatening status quo into something approaching real democracy. Recall Davis, vote progressive, and impeach Bush.


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