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September, 2003

9/11: A Smorgasbord Of Shocking News
About Government Failures

It's been two years since 9/11/01 and most Americans willingly remain ignorant of what really happened. The Bush administration, congress and major media sources have been happy to leave us in our cheerful confusion, talking about Kobe.

There has been no massive public demand for a full and independent investigation with subpoena powers to determine the sworn truth of who, what, when, how, why and why not, those staples of journalism. The media has not pursued these questions, and only idly picked at the bones of the stories told about 9/11.

Most Americans think they actually know what happened. They believe this because they've been told ad nauseum the ever shifting government version. Yet minimal evidence for the official storyline has been presented and examined, only hearsay and allegations.

The evidence that has slipped through the nets obstructing a real investigation is enough for a fishfry of incompetent or culpable officials. The naming and blaming of specific government officials and agencies has not been served up to the public. No one has been held accountable or forced to resign because of the "worst failure of intelligence since Pearl Harbor." No one will be until we demand the hearings be televised. In that case "the Revolution will be televised".

The first congressional Joint Inquiry was formed only because the families of the victims of 9/11 demanded one. They were offered millions to just take the money and shut up, but the Truth about the deaths of their loved ones is all they wanted. They forced congress to create an "investigation" over the entrenched opposition of the Bush administration.

This Joint Inquiry was served lean with no frills. Many of their hearings were in secret and witnesses were not sworn in. The administration refused to provide important evidence or key witnesses, citing "executive privilege." The "smoking gun" of the Aug. 6 2001 presidential intelligence briefing was withheld from them, although the commissions members did learn that it contained specific information about planned hijackings by Bin Laden's terrorists and bombing American targets.

This joint house and senate committee recently released their 800 plus page report. The number of pages is misleading about how in-depth the hearings were, because enormous chunks of the widely spaced text were "classified" and blacked out.

Chickenhawks With Secret Sauce

This included 28 pages of information about the role of Saudi Arabians in the attacks. That gap under the magic marker is the most widely publicized section of their released findings, even though news about it is entirely speculation and leaks. From press reports you'd think only 28 blank pages were in it. This is probably because Bush's neoconservatives cabal wants to be "forced" to reveal those pages to fuel support for their goal of invading Saudi Arabia. Anonymous officials have already "leaked" damaging statements about Saudi Arabian individuals and government involvement in 9/11 allegedly in those pages.

What isn't classified in their report can be read online, although it is very bland. Whenever the inquiry seems to veer closer to spicy information those sections are deleted for "national security" reasons. The administration even "reclassified" sections based on previously public documents, available to anyone with a search engine and/or research time.

The press hasn't bothered to report on other stories in the 800 page document, preferring to focus on the tabula rosa of the Saudi section. The Saudi government has said, "bring em on" and declassify those pages so they can defend themselves, but the Bushies have refused.

The inquiry documents advance knowledge by the government of Al Qaeda plans to hijack airplanes and crash them into the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. These warnings were not "vague chatter." They go back to 1998 and continue right through until weeks before the attacks.

It's probable that the Aug. 6 briefing included specific information about the planned attacks, proving Bush, Rumsfeld and Condoleeza Rice to be liars when they claimed they couldn't "imagine" such an attack. Then how did "Condi" Rice know to warn SF Mayor Willie Brown not to fly on September 11 as Pacifica Radio reported?

The mainstream media has reported that top military officials were warned not to fly on 9/11, Salmon Rushdie couldn't fly that week, John Ashcroft couldn't fly commercial since July, Twin Tower CEOs were absent at benefits on Offut Air Base on 911, even taxi cab drivers and school kids reportedly knew the Twin Towers were targets. The media is not challenging the administration's repeated claims that they didn't know enough to take specific actions to defend the country. The press is harder on J Lo and Ben A.

Spare Ribs In Sitting Duck Sauce

The JI report reveals that individuals named as hijackers or involved in the planning were known as terrorists and tracked by intelligence agencies. In fact if standard visa procedures had been followed 15 of the 19 named hijackers should not have been allowed to ever enter the country.

Two terrorists known to the CIA were actually roommates of an FBI counterterrorism informant. These hijackers had been present at a terrorist meeting in Manila where their plans for hijacking planes and using them as bombs were discussed and taped by the Philippine government. The Philippines warned the CIA, which did not inform the FBI about these two moving into California for 18 months.

Even though their former roommate was an FBI informant and the men were listed in telephone pages after they moved to a nearby city, the FBI was then unable to locate them. Then suddenly their names and pictures popped up on the FBI's official most wanted hijacker list days after 9/11. Seven of the original named suspects have since come up with perfect alibis, six are still alive, one died a year before 9/11. Several of the hijackers, including Mohammed Atta, even trained at American military bases. One FAA official sat beside and helped tutor Hani Hanjour, another hijacker, because he was having difficulty learning to fly jumbo jets in a private flight school.

Senator Richard Shelby, one of the chairs of the Joint Inquiry wrote an 84 page addendum criticizing the report. On the last page of his critique he complains that although the commission had an "explicit mandate to assess the accountability of institutions and officials of government", even with "extensive findings documenting recurring and widespread shortcomings, "not one individual was identified whose decisions left us so unprepared."

The inquiry "shied away from its oversight responsibilities in refusing to provide more accountability of high level officials." Sen. Shelby then names current and former CIA directors George Tenet and John Deutsh, FBI heads Louis Freeh and Robert Mueller, and NSA directors Michael Heydon and Kenneth Minnihan as his choice for scapegoats.

Mad Calf Brains In Fly Agaric

Even what's not classified in their report provides grounds for hundreds of heads to roll for incompetence in the NSA, CIA, FBI, INS, FAA, and NORAD. Responsibility and accountability obviously rolls right up to the White House and the advisors who surround the cowboy in charge.

Even before the first investigation issued it's report, the families of the victims demanded a more in-depth government investigation. The joint inquiry was obviously inadequate to the task of getting to the bottom of 9/11, although even their skimming of the fat off the top could provide a feast of headlines.

The second commission began holding hearings this year. This investigation has been compromised by appointing members with obvious conflicts of interest, even after Henry Kissinger and Senator Mitchell resigned. The commission is minimally funded, not taking sworn testimony and already complains that they are being "stonewalled" by the administration, especially the Justice Department, which includes the FBI.

Mindy Kleinberg, one of a group of four widows who led the push for both investigations, spoke to the National Commission on Terrorists Attacks Upon the United States on March 31, 2003. She laid out the questions she wanted answered by them.

She pointed out that there was stock market trading that indicated precise knowledge of the attacks, including targets and airlines used. She wanted to know the still unknown identities of who was doing this trading. She obtained the applications of the 15 named hijackers whose visas were clearly incomplete or suspicious and pointed out the failures of the INS to follow their own rules and deny entry to them. Ditto with airline security.

She reported the official timeline proving utter incompetence and failure to perform their duties of FAA and NORAD officials. These agencies charged with protecting American airspace allowed the 9/11 hijackings to occur and crash into their targets by their delayed or failure to perform routine actions. She detailed the breakdowns in protocol for the Secret Service, Military Joint Chief of Staff Richard Myers, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Vice President Dick Cheney, and George Bush the current occupant of the office of the President.

She asked the Commission to "hold individuals responsible for this repeated pattern of broken protocols, and not doing their jobs properly". Kleinberg implored them to answer the families and the nations' questions.

Cornucopia Of Conspiracies

There is an enormous buffet of evidence, theories and juicy debate about 9/11 on the Internet including by foreign press and individual researchers. The mainstream print, radio and television media have mostly been swallowing and regurgitating only the government sanctioned narrative without questioning it.

Evidence that flatly contradicts the official version has been totally ignored or briefly reported on and buried immediately. Paul Thompson at provides several timelines of major media reports that blow the official storyline into scraps. The mainstream media has not chewed these more than once or twice before heaping the next entertainment or athletic star's scandalous behavior on their platter.

Only an in-depth, independent investigation with adequate levels of funding, subpoena power and the will to ferret out the truth can satisfy the families and citizens who want to know who was responsible or negligent and provide justice.

There has been a continual distraction of Americans from pursuing the truths around 9/11 by the administration, first by the bombing of Afghanistan and then by the War on Iraq, and with numerous side dish skirmishes in the War on Terrorism. Instead of careening around the globe fighting shadows that possibly were involved in 9/11, why not examine the evidence to prove who was at fault in allowing it to happen and whether foreign governments, Homeland agencies or individuals actively colluded. The citizens of America must demand a televised Truth Commission, at the very least because it will be an entertaining reality show.


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