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September, 2003

911 Caller Arrested, Dies
By Don Deane

A forty-seven year old native Marinite and father of three teenagers may have been killed due to actions of sheriff deputies on August 17 after he called 911 for help.

Cary James Grime of San Rafael who called 911 for assistance to locate his car sounded disoriented to the emergency dispatcher. But before a Novato officer responded to the call for help, a deputy sheriff spotted Grimes at a Novato convenience store and attempted to arrest him for being drunk. The deputy called for backup when he reported that Grime resisted arrest.

Two deputies subdued and cuffed the 5' 6", 138 pound man. At least one witness claimed the deputies used excessive force in subduing Grime.

Grime's alcohol level was well below the legal driving limit of .08. He had attended a wedding on August 16. Kaiser Hospital staff suggested Grime's brain may have been without oxygen for 10 minutes before his death.

Marin County Sheriff Robert Doyle said on August 27 there was both an internal Sheriff's Department investigation on procedures and actions around the arrest, and a San Rafael Police Department investigation to determine if deputies broke any laws.

"I don't know how long this is going to take," Doyle said. "Many officers were involved in the arrest and at the jail. The coroner says there are no obvious physical signs that would explain the death.

Doyle continued, "I know the Independent Journal is alleging there were broken bones. There weren't There were some abrasions on the face and arms, but no broken bones, no indication of excessive force."

Grime family members say Grime had a broken nose, a gash on his right arm and face, a broken arm and bruises and wounds to his genitals.




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