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Sat, Aug 30Buddy & Bohdi
Sun, Aug 31Labor Day Dance
August, 2003 - Volume 28, Number 8

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Former Intelligence Agents Call For Cheney Resignation
  By now you are all too familiar with the play-by-play. The Iraq-seeking-uranium-in-Niger forgery is a microcosm of a mischievous nexus of overarching problems.
US Troops Turn Botched Saddam Raid Into A Massacre By Robert Fisk in Baghdad
Obsessed with capturing Saddam Hussein, American soldiers turned a botched raid on a house in the Mansur district of Baghdad on Aug 27 into a bloodbath, opening fire on scores of Iraqi civilians in a crowded street.
New Tax Would Promote West Marin Tourism By Jeanette Pontacq
Back in the late 70s and early 80s, Supervisor Gary Giacomini helped facilitate the first small batch of Bed & Breakfasts in West Marin.
Developers Knock Out Marin City Community Programs By Carol Sterritt
Marin City has a new unique distinction. It would be hard to find another community in which over 89 million dollars has been spent in a decade to "revitalize" a neighborhood, and in which such an effort failed so completely.
Army Corps Plays Games On Hamilton Toxic Cleanup By Elena Belsky
The Hamilton Wetlands Restoration Project (HWRP) is an ambitious, innovative concept that, if done properly, could create a model for wetlands restoration.
Israel's Indecent Little Wall By Karen Nakamura
You've seen it on TV, that shining run of steel stretching miles. It's the wall being built around the West Bank by Israel.
The Last Minority To Stand Up By Stephen Simac
When the Supreme Court struck down the Texas law against gay sex, the last minority in America who can be legally prosecuted for private, consensual behavior by adults are cannabis users.
The End of Ground Zero By Jim Scanlon
What was once known as "Ground Zero", the smoldering, smoking pile of spaghetti like tangled steel that was once the World Trade Center, has been replaced by a bright, open, orderly, sunny space.
Extreme Weather Prompts Unprecedented Global Warming Alert
In an astonishing announcement on global warming and extreme weather, the World Meteorological Organization signaled last night that the world's weather is going haywire
Mountain Bikers Want Full Access To Mt. Burdell By Terri Alvillar
Mountain bikers again are demanding access to footpaths and horse trails, this time on Novato's Mt. Burdell trails, Dwarf Oaks, Simmons, Brookside, and Michako.
William Straus: Oct. 7, 1914-Aug 6, 2003
Bill Straus, patriarch of California's pioneering organic dairy family, died unexpectedly at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital on Sunday, Aug 6th.
A Biological Apocalypse Averted By John Robbins
These [genetically engineered] products are absolutely safe. For the most part you wouldn't know [if you were eating them] but the point being that you wouldn't need to know.
DeLay Want "Road Map" Delay By Jim Scanlon
Fundamentalist Christian Tom Delay Republican House Majority Leader from Sugar Land Texas will be traveling to Israel, Jordan and Iraq the last week in August.
The Utter Corruption And Decadence of US Government "Charlie Wilson's War." By Jim Scanlon
Crile describes in detail how Charlie Wilson, an alcoholic, drug addicted womanizer, ran amok on the House Appropriations Committee, the House Ethics Committee and the House Intelligence Committee, in Washington.
Rodoni Files For North Marin Water District

House Bill Will Leave Head Start Hispanic Children In The Cold
Nearly three-quarters of a million at-risk Hispanic children in California, Texas, Arizona and the rest of the United States would be left unserved by the successful Head Start program under a controversial US House bill HR 2210 that passed in a 217-216 vote on Aug 25.
New Lease-Purchase Homeownership Program
Effective Aug 2003. The Association of Bay Area Governments has announced the launch of California Home Source, a new lease-purchase home ownership program.
Dr. Ramirez Vindicated, Marin General Hospital Deficiencies Cited By State
After investigating allegations made by respected neurosurgeon Archimedes Ramirez, MD (Jan. 2003), the California Department of Health Services issued a 14-page statement of deficiencies identifying multiple violations of state healthcare laws at Sutter/Marin General Hospital.
Military Recruiters Get School Directories By Douglas Holt
When an Air Force recruiter recently strode out of Evanston Township High School with a student directory, it marked a major turning point for a school that had long resisted handing over the highly coveted information to the military.
Safe Milk By Monsanto?
Question: How is it that every industrialized nation in the world has banned Monsanto's rBGH as unsafe, but it's legal (and unlabeled) in the United States?
Touch Screen Voting: Promises Fraud By Beth Grimes
Suppose that after the votes are counted in the next election, candidate X, who received the most votes, is not declared the winner?
Feds Lose $1 Trillion? Please Sign "Where's the Money?" Petition

America's Blackest Day By D.E. Powell
Today, March 21, 2003, we have, deliberately and with the Bush administration's very specific intent, become a rogue nation.
Bully In The China Shop By Edward W. Miller
The Bush Administration's aggressive public relations campaign against North Korea is another example of the dangerous immaturity of our President.
MOO TOWN NEWS The Irony Of It All By Judy Borello

Guilt, Greed And Racism By Jeanette Pontacq
Do we all agree that Native Americans have been long-suffering victims of ill-conceived government policies and corruption over the last centuries?
Surealia 2003 An Up Experience By Jim Scanlon
Two performances of "Surealia" by the dancers of Oracle In Motion from Dance Theater Seven in Fairfax took place recently in the Veteran's Auditorium at Marin Civic Center.
Welcome To The Big Darkness By Hunter S. Thompson
Hi, folks, my name is still Thompson, and I still drink gin with ER Nurses at night-but in one particular way, I am a New Man, a different man, a more dangerous man than I was the last time we talked.
Aging, Great Nastiness, And Davis By Harry Holdorf
Again, aging sucks. Even needing glasses is unpleasant. All complaints, from earwax to star thistle, seem to flow together; but when the bigger, especially political issues become blurred, it's all that much worse.
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