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August, 2003

Letters To The Editor

Thanks for Doing What You Do

Here's my small contribution to the Coastal Post, wish it could be more.

Thanks again for doing what you do in publishing voices of dissent against the Bush Administration's party line. It's good to see that somebody cares about what's happening in this country -- you wouldn't know it from the "balanced" media.

Pat Tunnaid


Bless Prop. 13

Contrary to the confused "Prop. 13 revisited" July letter by Kathryn Pack, it is not DOP (date of purchase), but purchase price that determines the amount of one's property tax.

Before Prop. 13, if a neighbor's home was sold at a higher price, it could cause the property tax on every home in the neighborhood to rise by about the same percentage.

Prop. 13 protects every home buyer as long as he owns his home, whatever his DOP, by limiting his initial property tax to 1% of purchase price, and limiting subsequent increases to 2% per year. Before Prop. 13, the initial tax was about 2.8% (nearly triple today's 1% tax), and the annual increase was anywhere from 7% to 12% per year -- in one case an astonishing 17% (many times today's 2% annual cap).

Renters should think about how such pre-Prop. 13 huge jumps in a landlord's property tax would, in turn, boost his rent increases.

Prop. 13 thus protects both home owners and renters. Home owners and renters should thank their God for the wisdom, foresight, energy and dedication of the late Paul Gann and Howard Jarvis, whose leadership gave us Prop. 13 and delivered us from the fiscal hell into which we had been thrown by rising home prices and consequent unpredictable tax hikes, combined with legislative indifference and incompetence.

Fielding Greaves, LTC, USA, Ret

San Rafael

Soldiers Still Dying in Iraq

Where is the anger and outrage that two months after we were told the war had ended, American soldiers are dying on the streets of Iraq? They are dying on an average of one a day! Doesn't anyone but the families care?

In an article in Nation Magazine ( "More Missing Intelligence" tells how this administration ignored CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the State Department who warned "post war Iraq would greet the occupying armies with firearms." (The Nation Magazine, July 7)

We need an independent commission to investigate our invasion of Iraq in a televised hearing, calling witness and whatever it takes to get the truth out to the American people. Senate Republican Pat Roberts (of Kansas, I'm sorry to say), Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, will hold secret hearings -- this is like having the fox guarding the hen house! Once again, the American people don't seem concerned.

This administration is the only one who has ever tried to blackmail the American citizens. "You're either with us or you're against us." Nonsense!

Our constitution gives us the right of free speech. Anti-war demonstrators were protesting what this administration was doing -- they were not against the military -- more lies by this administration.

Our family has served proudly our wonderful country since WWII -- my husband Bud and his brothers; Korea - three brother-in-laws, my brother in Europe; Vietnam -- daughter, son-in-law; son - far east and Gulf war in 1991, now granddaughter in service, so we back the military one hundred percent. But Bud and I do not support this senseless war with Iraq!

We know the weapons of mass destruction were lies to inflame the American people for war. Now we know there were none. If any are found in the future, the question must be, who buried them?

"More terrorist attacks likely since our attack on Iraq." Have the American people become wimps -- living daily in fear? This Homeland Security is a hoax -- waste of money -- look at Ireland in the past, Great Britain and Israel, they live with the dangers daily -- this is what we will have to live with as long as this administration is running our country.

Bill Clinton was almost impeached because he had sex with a young woman -- the good ole boys who were so angry about this we can only conclude were jealous that he got the chance and they didn't. If they're honest, they would admit they would, do and have done the same things.

During the Clinton administration, we were blasted over and over by the Republicans that no man is above the law, not even the president. Now common sense, clear thinking Democratic Americans are not as radical and vindictive as the Republicans but isn't it time for the American people to follow the lead of Ramsey Clark, former Attorney General in President Johnson's administration, and call for the impeachment of our appointed President George W. Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Attorney General John Ashcroft. Charges: high crimes and misdemeanors! See 1); 2); 3) All these have information on impeachment.

We've given you areas to research and read, but be aware if you use a library computer or magazines -- Attorney General Ashcroft has the FBI watching what we're all reading.

For some non-conservative investigative reporting where you can learn what the administration doesn't want you to know,;;;

Enjoy researching and reading.

Bud & Lorraine Stewart

Troy, Kansas

Oh NO!

I was just listening to Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me, The NPR News Quiz and they quoted Arnold Schwartznegger about Nelson Mandela, He said...Nelson Mandela was never in politics and he got out of prison and then went directly to the Presidency of South Africa and did a very fine job of it. And he saw himself--like Nelson Mandela--coming out of the nowhere--(the prison of Hollywood Terminator Movies) to be the next Governor of California...


I could NOT believe My Ears!

I immediately called Jo Mennell, who made the wonderful documentary about Nelson Mandela that was up for an Academy Award a few years back.

Does anyone SERIOUSLY want to listen to the Bald Ego of Arnold Schwartznegger any longer. It's bad enough we have to listen to blame games and cover ups in Washington DC, and Narcissists and sociopaths in playing The Intelligence Game in DC.

It is time for all good Californians to come to the aid of their wonderful state, before all the joy gets sucked out of it and slay that Terminator EGO. Total HUMILIATION! Every comic, every wit, every democrat, brilliant strategist is hereby recruited to Save California from Termination! And we're in the hole nine ways to Sunday! And believe me, Arnold Schwartznegger is NOT going to be this State's Answer--unless we're not only ignorant but stupid.

Keep The Faith, People.

Michelle (with The Nut Inside) Sura


Citizens Need To Be Heard By College Of Marin

Last fall the Marin Community College District Board of Trustees sponsored community hearings at locations throughout the County. These successful events provided information crucial to Board decision-making. The hearings also served the equally important purpose of indicating that the voters' elected representatives, the Trustees, are interested in and responsive to their constituents' preferences.

Marin residents, whose property taxes are the District's primary funding source, should have the same opportunities to contribute to their community college facilities' master planning, now underway. Hearings, supplemented by written and telephone communications, are an ideal forum because they facilitate public dialogue and understanding.

The College facilities master plan, when adopted and implemented, will define the institution's infrastructure and collegial environment (including architectural design and campus ambiance) for the foreseeable future, significantly affecting our community college's ability to fulfill its mission, relationships with the community it serves, and its financial condition. It's essential that community opinions and concerns be solicited and considered soon, during the consultants' current information gathering phase, not after formulation of the facilities master plan has begun.

The Trustees and administrators of Marin Community College District will be well-advised to continue availing themselves of the impressive knowledge and talent that's free for the asking in Marin County.

John Myers

22 Cedar Avenue

Kentfield, CA 94904


Disturbing And Inaccurate

Harold Reimann's letter (Love And Hate, July 2003) is disturbing and inaccurate. Disturbing because he intimates that since he loves the Jews, who he claims are hated by the Arabs, then it must follow syllogistically that he, too, hates Arabs.

Inaccuracy One: Arabs do not hate Jews because they are Jews. They hate those Zionist Jews who have stolen their country, destroyed their villages and homes, and uprooted hundreds of thousands of income producing and sustenance providing citrus and olive trees many of them hundreds of years old. They hate those Jews for the cold-blooded murder of their children, mothers and fathers and kin, the torture of their loved ones, and the mayhem that they have inflicted upon the Arabs over the past 55 years, and all with our tax dollars and a Jewish-owned-and-controlled US Congress and Oval Office that has become Israeli Occupied Territory. We all should hate people who cause such horrific pain and suffering of millions of human lives.

Inaccuracy Two: Reimann alleges that Jews are like the Nordic peoples and the Europeans and that Arabs are like the Turks. Only the Eastern European Jews, or Ashkenazi Jews, fit into that category. They were once the people of Khazar who after being mesmerized by the Jews were ordered by their king to convert to Judaism in the 6th century. When Khazar was conquered, Jews fled to European countries such as Poland, Germany, Austria, Romania, and others, and the hateful and ultra racist ideology known as "Zionism" was created in the minds of those Jews. If it were the Portuguese that stole Palestine and caused such suffering then they would be the enemies of the Arabs and Muslims, not the invading Jews.

Arab Jews, known as the Sephardic Jews, came from various Arab countries where many of them still live in peaceful accord among their Semitic neighbors and many of them held high government positions. They became residents and citizens of those countries when Muslim-ruled Spain (711-1942 CE) fell to the Christians who tortured and murdered Arabs and Jews by the hundreds of thousands in their attempts to force them into converting to Catholicism. Arab ships arrived to rescue Muslims and Jews and the latter were given safe haven in their respective countries. That would never have happened if Arabs hated Jews only because they are Jews.

Inaccuracy Three: Arabs are not distant relatives of the Turks, who like the Iranians and Afghanis are not Arabs. The progenitor of the Arabs was Prophet Ismail, the first-born son of Prophet Abraham (as in "Take thy son, thine only son, to Mount Moriah where there he shall be sacrificed to Me as a sign of your devotion to your Lord." Old Testament). The progenitor of the Jews was Prophet Isaac, the second son of Prophet Abraham born thirteen years later. May peace be upon all of them. Thus Arabs and the Sephardic Arab Jews are blood brothers to each other. How closer can they be? The European Ashkenazi Jews, the real troublemakers here and in the Muddled East, are not related, nor were they Semites.

Reimann misleads this paper's readers when he espouses the US theft of Saudi oil fields, just as the US stole Iraqi oil. This is in diabolical contravention to international law. The US has already become a rogue state that defies such laws, and such defiance leads to extreme arrogance of the destructive hubris type that caused every great nation before us to collapse. The great empires of the Greeks, Romans, Islam (the largest), and the Brits are gone. The US is the new Empire, and our fate has been determined by the history of those before us, and only we, the proud and caring non-Reimanns, can bring about a change in our government's misguided policies. Call our President at 1-202-456-1111 and demand that the US impose the same sanctions upon Israel with the same threat that we gave to Saddam Hussein. It's a beginning before the inevitable end.

Yousef Salem


National Government Crooks

Lost causes don't bother me--they're usually the only causes worth fighting for. Folly aside, though, I am greatly annoyed by revenge disguised as piety; as America's most cherished delusion, piety has gotten us into more trouble than we could handle--every time.

No, it's ill-thought-out and executed revenge that makes things worse for everyone but these parasitic crusaders and the Dick Cheney/Tony Sopranos of the world they perpetually whine about.

Okay, so the White House and halls of Congress are merely an upscale version of the Bada-Bing Club. So what? You expected maybe Abe Lincoln? Get over it. Our national government is run by a bunch of crooks--has been for some time.

Granted, there's a big difference between crooks and thugs. At least Clinton didn't invite the "God Hates Fags" crowd in for breakfast every morning like W, and he didn't send the US Army to take over Iraq as an oil colony for his campaign donors to milk. Still, he was more than happy to help his pals to the resources of our neighbors through economic coercion; starve, but don't slaughter foreign competitors and domestic workers--sounds almost like a compassionate conservative.

The challenge is not reform, but removal of this cancerous corruption without descending into open and violent conflict. We've had one civil war and it wasn't pretty. Given the profusion of weapons, confusion and rage in this country today, the next one could get real ugly.

Jay Taber

Mill Valley

CP Worth The Price

The July issue of the Post should be called the BASH BUSH special edition. Leftist propoganda. The Post is definitely worth the price! God bless America.

William Hoffman

[email protected]

Another Letter To The President

President Bush: "BRING 'EM ON!" you said.

Atta boy, George. How dare they shoot at our U. S. patrols, set our Humvees on fire and throw rocks and bricks at them.

I can't understand why the Iraqi people haven't appreciated your freeing them from bondage by now? Ambushing and murdering our soldiers is a disgraceful lack of respect for what you did for them.

So they won't have electricity, proper food and medical care for a long time. So they've lost hundreds of friends and relatives through your SHOCK AND AWE bombing. This is a small price to pay for being liberated!

Because you dared the Iraqi militants to attack our American soldiers by exclaiming BRING 'EM ON, will you be going to Iraq to back up our troops as you did last May on the carrier Abraham Lincoln? Someone said that you have been too busy on a frantic fund raising tour crisscrossing the states promising more tax cuts so you could raise $200 million for your reelection. If this is true don't let the war interfere in achieving your goal.

Since you have declared victory in both Afghanistan and Iraq there have been endless killings and unrest in both countries as mentioned above.

In the future before hostilities begin could you offer a $25 million reward for the capture of the leaders of any country you intend to go to war with? It would save thousands of lives on both sides and billions of dollars as a result of not having to rebuild nations from out of the bombed out rubble... if Haliburton, Bechtel and others would agree of course.

Thank you for your anticipated consideration.


David A. Whelan

Forest Knolls, CA 94933

Billion Pound Gorilla

Did he lie, or was he duped? Or does it matter? Some of those calling for impeachment point out this is just one of many impeachable offenses, all of which have serious and deadly consequences.

Odd how the boastful manner in which the Bush Administration regularly threatens and bribes their opponents somehow manages to obscure its blatant criminality. You'd think, for instance, the murder of thousands of Afghans and Iraqis and the destruction of their civil infrastructure in order to award no-bid contracts to the Vice President's company and the President's campaign contributors might show up on the Congressional radar screen. It has on the International Criminal Court's.

I guess it lends credence to the adage that the only way to get away with crime is to commit really big ones--a tough act in the wake of Enron.

Still, things are starting to pile up on Cheney's desk: lawsuits over secret meetings with his oil buddies (probably about future kickbacks from the Iraq booty), withholding records and information from Congress, and apparently showing CIA director Tenet the latest in concrete footwear. Jeez, tell me Dick isn't starting to look more and more like Tony Soprano every day.

Author Phil Williams has some interesting stuff to say about transnational criminal networks in the post Cold War era. I'd love to get his take on the White House.

Jay Taber

Mill Valley

Bush Administration Is Ground Zero

The Bush Administration knowingly misled the nation into war. 10,000 innocent Iraqi civilians have been killed. The Iraqi environment has been contaminated with depleted uranium, and unexploded cluster bombs.

The Administration rained down an unprovoked blitz of over 14,000 Tomahawk missiles alone, at a cost of a million dollars each, on one of the poorest countries in the world the size of California, with a population that is 50% children.

The administration ignored international law. The voices of 40 Nobel Peace prize winners. The pleas of heads of all the world's main religions. The leaders of 90% of the planet's countries. Tens of millions of world citizens who marched against the war. The UN and a roster of prominent international environmental and humanitarian organizations who predicted the quagmire that the US faces today. The administration bragged, "It'll be a cakewalk...."

The Administration has bankrupted the US treasury. Hijacked the US Constitution, the US Bill of Rights, the government "of, for and by the people." While consolidating the "free press" necessary to democracy under control of a few corporations.

The Administration is the ground zero of corruption. It must go. Now.

Suzanne Nonamee

San Francisco Ca

Iraq May Very Well Wear Down Coalition

Any thoughts the Bush Administration had that anti-American violence would diminish in Iraq after the slaughter of Hussein's sons is simply ludicrous. It confirms the American lack of understanding of the nature of Islam and the Arabs. In all probabilities there is celebration in most of the Iraqi and Arab homes throughout the Middle East when US soldiers die. From the time of Saladin there has never been any love for Christian infidels. There is no reason why it should have changed over time. There will be more massacres in Iraq and there will be animosity towards any Arab Quisling so one can expect more and more killings. Israel has lived through this hate and Jihad. This is the Arab way of life since there is no room for outsiders in their Islamic domain. Fortunately there are no Western civilians in Iraq since they would be prime targets as in Israel. Bush has a problem. Democracy will not come regardless of US sacrifice. You don't turn feudal, autocratic systems around in a few years. The US better get used to the thought of either leaving now to anarchy or sitting in Baghdad for the next 10 to 20 years.

* * * *

China Has Three Textile Working Colonies Not Counted

The United States falling all over itself to rush China into the World Trade Organization is coming back to haunt the American textile industry. When you read of "more than ever, Made in China" you don't think it includes Made in Hong Kong, Macao or even in Northern Marianas Islands USA or does it?. From these extraterritorial sources our industries are getting hit with a triple whammy. For those who are unfamiliar with the Marianas USA I can only say that there are at least 50,000 indentured Red Chinese, almost slave workers, working under the protection of the United States and are not subject to Social Security, Workman's Comp, OSHA and Minimum wage. In reality we can call this America's aid to China. Coming to think of it the United States employers can export our unemployed to Marianas USA and get away with slave labor. Congress makes it possible for foreign governments to exploit and operate sweat shops and it is all legal. Hypocrisy at its finest hour.

Dr. Norman Mann

San Diego

Corporations Hijacking And Bankrupting Government

Our democracy now balances on the edge of a knife. Our government is being hijacked. Corporations have corrupted our electoral process, and many of our politicians. They now occupy the highest offices of our nation. These corporate shills are purposely bankrupting our government (i.e. us) with insane fiscal irresponsibility, to expedite privatization ..."Citizens, we've given all your tax money to the ultra-rich, and now your government can't afford you, so we'll just let the corporations handle your health care, OK?" No, it is not OK.

Imagine having to beg corporations for clean water, clean air, medicine for your family, or a social security check. That is when we will feel the twisting of the knife that is now being slipped so skillfully into our backs. They seek control over our health care, education, food and water, social security, environmental policy, and our foreign policy, wars included obviously. Every necessity of human life handed over to the same boardroom liars that brought us Enron. Will our voices be heard there? No, only the shrill drumbeat of corporate beancounters who have as much interest in our well being as Ken Lay had for the pension plans of his employees.

We the people must disempower the forces that have perverted our system and replaced our representatives with corporate puppets. If you will read your Constitution, you will see that American government is simply the people, taking care of the people. Corporations are not people. They are profit machines proven not be trusted with our lives and well-being. Politicians who bury us in debt, pushing for more corporate government are, by exact definition, traitors to the constitution they swore to uphold, and traitors to the people they pretend to serve.

David Singelyn

Warner Springs

Glad To Find You

During one of my Internet trawls I came across Jeanette Pontacq's article "What fools these mortals be". It was excellent and I'm delighted to have found another free and independant source of views and articles from the US (I'm British). Up until now I'd mainly been reading 'The Nation', while avoiding or laughing at much of the US mass media (especially Fox 'news'). Jeanette mentions the BBCs exposure of the Pentagon myth of Jessica Lynch's rescue, I wonder if you or she are aware of the current battle between the BBC and our government concerning the validity of the evidence for Iraq's WMDs. It's getting quite nasty.

Jeanette advises visiting which is an excellent left wing newspaper. However she also mentions, Watch out for 'the Times', while it is usually pretty unbiased it must be remembered that it's owned by Rupert Murdoch... Anyway, I repeat, an excellent article, glad to have found you.

Sean. S. Lyall.

Leeds. U.K

Genitals Or Guts?

Why is Jessica Lynch such a hero, and such a darling of the liberal media establishment -- while the war in which she fought is considered by that same liberal establishment to be an act of unconscionable imperialism by the USA?

How does an allegedly evil war initiated by an allegedly evil man (George W. Bush) produce a hero at all? Clearly, the liberal left worships Jessica Lynch not for her heroism or struggle in a difficult war, a heroism I am not attempting to deny. Apparently the liberal left worships Jessica Lynch because she's a woman. She's a poster child, at least in their minds, for women in the military. They hate the American military, but they love the cause of feminism more than they hate the military.

Let's face it: liberals love Jessica Lynch not because of what she did, but for the genitals with which she was born. Indeed, they love her for her genitals so much that they'll even call her a hero for fighting in a war they otherwise roundly condemn.

If this doesn't demonstrate the total bankruptcy of the movement called liberalism, what else will?

Michael J. Hurd Ph.D.

Chevy Chase MD

Fixing The Economy


While I heartily agree with your feelings in this matter, I feel obligated to follow up on your statement that makes me write this e-mail to you: "The system that treats all environments as markets dedicated to profits for minorities, needs to become one that puts well being for all before luxury for some. That would be history's first democracy."

The last sentence, above. is the first time I have seen that thought in print except in my own book (January 2003), The Power of Kings. In it I painstakingly traced the cause of all known societies splitting into a minority of Haves and a majority of Have-nots, each society eventually breaking down in chaos when the suffering underclass rebels, or when the political economy collapses.

Although I wrote the book between September, 1997, and when I sent the final revision to the printer in August, 2000, the conclusion presumed that if "we" (current generations) do not take appropriate and definitive action promptly, Western Society and democracy will enter a terminal stage likely to be characterized as an American Empire.

In essence, George Bush & Co. are a symptom of, and the result of, a flawed economic system, not the root cause of our woes.

The major changes that must be made are these:

(1) Get control of the population explosion before the next doubling of world population from 6 billion (October, 2000) to 12 billion (projected at 2050 AD), which can happen only at the expense of virtually all other life on the planet. Effective control could be achieved by US action alone, at the approximate cost of building and operating just one atomic, nuclear armed submarine.

(2) Get control of the formation, actions, longevity, and powers of all corporations. How to do so is contained in many suggestions in the book.

(3) Delete the current tax code, repeal the XVI Amendment, and hence forward derive government revenue from a universal land tax to be divided 30% to local governments, 30% to state governments, 30% to the Federal government, and 10% to be retained by the landholder for responsible land management. The means of accomplishing this, and a suggested Constitutional Amendment are in the book, as is a detailed explanation of the institutionalized errors of the Economics on which our government and laws are based.

I would be most pleased to discuss this with any of you -- Frank Scott, Don Deane, Jim Scanlon, or? In any event, please believe that current landholders or their ancestors are not the root of the problem. They are not necessarily power hungry or greedy, nor are they any better than anyone else. They are just rich because they collect unearned land rent (legally), and so everyone else must pay them the land rent in order to build a home, build a factory, build a school or a hospital or do an productive work. They have acquired the economic power of the kings of old, and are in the process of seizing political power, as well.

An effort to get the House to impeach Bush is a waste of effort that would be better used to elect a Democratic president and majority of the House in 2004, and to get the Democrats and the Progressive Majority together to start on the process outlined above.

Ted Hiatt, MD

San Rafael

Medicare Made Easy makes locating a doctor as easy as Barry hitting a home run. Imagine yourself at the ballpark while sitting at your computer. Step up to the plate by going to Send that ball flying into McCovey Cove by clicking on Participating Physicians Directory. Round the bases without breaking a sweat by searching for a doctor using various characteristics such as phone number, hospital affiliation and foreign language. Cross home plate victoriously knowing that you are in good hands because you found the right doctor for you.

Peter Bauer

San Rafael


Iraq Danger Greater Than Ever

The peace movement is acting as if it can take Bush's assurances that "the war is over" at face value. Activity over Iraq seems to be ebbing. That's a big mistake. The dangers in the Iraq situation are greater than ever. Now even the US brass are admitting that US troops face guerrilla war. While it's not clear who's behind the violence, and it almost certainly includes some folks (like die-hard supporters of Hussein) that the peace movement certainly can't support, it appears that once again the US government is putting itself on the wrong side of a struggle for self-determination. Just look at the excellent article "Quagmire between two rivers" in the July issue of Coastal Post.

Iraqis, justly overjoyed at the fall of Hussein's dictatorship, are increasingly impatient with US efforts to manipulate their future and seize control of their wealth. The US government is attempting to install a hand-picked "governing council" with no legitimacy while leaving final authority with the occupation regime. It remains to be seen whether this council will insist on real independence or function merely as a cover for US control.

The occupiers have already given no-bid contracts for reconstruction and are moving to impose long-term financial obligations on Iraq without Iraq's consent. They are pushing hard for privatization of publicly-owned resources. Peaceful demonstrations have been met with armed force. Scheduled local elections were recently canceled by the occupation forces, which instead imposed local administrators of their choice.

All in all, it seems that the ones really calling the shots are the US corporate interests hoping to make a killing off Iraq's wealth. So it's no surprise that some elements, perhaps including but certainly not limited to remnants of Hussein's regime, have promoted violence. Unless the US moves quickly to end efforts to manipulate Iraq's economic and political future, it's likely that increasing numbers of Iraqis will see violence as the only avenue of resistance to foreign domination.

The occupation not only places our soldiers in harm's way but is an affront to the values and traditions of our country. The peace movement has to act, demanding that the occupation be quickly ended and that Iraq's transition be placed under UN supervision. A good start, though only a start," to sign and circulate the petition for emergency UN action on Iraq at

Henry Millstein , Don Foster, Clarence Bracey

members of the PeaceNovato steering committee:


The Browns

Regarding the Davis recall ... Why don't the Demos put up Mayor W. Brown of SF or Mayor J. Brown of Oakland? Both would be able to cut a budget deal and get State government moving again.

Peter Bauer

San Rafael, CA

Empty Pockets

During the last six months The Coastal Post has frequently called attention to the drop in corporate profits. The paper has also sighted the difficulties in amicable reducing public budgets to live within the lessening income. The fact that Corporate profits' and the public budgets' are interdependent is frequently ignored.

May I respectively suggest that at least one of the major contributing causes to the reduction in public funds is due to the unnecessary waste in corporate advertising.

Unquestionable empirical evidence shows that in a time of economic decline advertising has become the most important variable component of a company's budget. Advertising is susceptible to the whims of individual managements, as consumers become more frugal in there spending habits. One of two radical changes occur when advertising budgets are either hyped or eliminated as the whims of individual corporate management dictate.

Extensive, often non-publicized market research shows that most companies advertising are inefficient and wasteful. Advertisers spend billions of dollars on advertising without accomplishing the full desired results. Sixty five percent of advertising today is ineffective according to research provided by the Advertising Research Foundation. Companies are pursuing attention not sales result. In the pursuit of name recognition advertising agencies and corporate advertising departments are flooding the current major avenues of media; television, radio, cable, internet, e-mail, telephone solicitations, billboards, movie theaters, vehicles, newspapers and magazines. Companies are focusing on flooding the market with brand recognition devices rather than persuading the viewer or reader that they should buy or at least try the brand in question. Further the current media environment continues to grow with modifications of new and existing technologies.

It is likely that the consumers will force a condensation of the expanding media from the many existing choices to a few major media. Companies today are wasting valuable time and money on ridiculous and repetitious ads which identify a product but do not contain a message that will persuade a consumer to buy the product. This failure is resulting in billions of wasteful advertising dollars that if properly employed - could increase sales and profits and provide tax dollars that would help the state budget crisis!

Charles Paul Gellman



[email protected]







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