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August, 2003

Aging, Great Nastiness, And Davis
By Harry Holdorf

Again, aging sucks. Even needing glasses is unpleasant. All complaints, from earwax to star thistle, seem to flow together; but when the bigger, especially political issues become blurred, it's all that much worse. The first gulf war was bad, but they sorta deserved it. When we piled all the Iraqi ammo together and blew it up, we unwittingly created this large toxic cloud, which many of our troops breathed in, giving them Gulf War syndrome, meaning that most of the missing Weapons of Mass Destruction can be found within the contaminated GI bodies from the War Before. Talk about chickens coming home to roost.

There's great nastiness in doing all this damage to the Iraqis, and we're supposed to feel good about it? When George gets cocky and goads the Iraqis to "Bring it on,", is this supposed to make us feel better? George does his little smirk, and comes across as our second defective Baby Boomer President, lacking balance, statesmanship, wisdom. Letterman runs a series of shorts of George's jokes which aren't really jokes.

Then in California, Governor Grey Davis, acting like the worst sort of ineffective, corrupt Liberal, has done enough weirdness to make a million people petition to vote him out of office, including:

1.Deviously running ads during the last primary campaign against the strongest opposition candidate, in order to make his own re-election a cakewalk.

2. Freaking out and signing unwise energy contracts during the natural gas crisis, costing the state billions of dollars down the road.

3. Having prison guards as his biggest contributors, while making sure they got paid more than the state's teachers.

4. Just being sort of an unpleasant persona.

So in three months we'll have this ballot where the first part gets rid of Davis; then in the second part, for $3500 bucks anybody can get their name on the ballot. Grey will probably put his name back in as the only Democrat running, against a couple dozen Republicans, including the Terminator, and Grey might slide back in; leading another Issa with an extra million bucks to buy another million signatures, and we'll go through the same process again, clearly indicating to the world at large that California isn't precisely a functioning democracy.

So, let's quick try to figure out exactly what it is we're fighting for.



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