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August, 2003

America's Blackest Day
By D.E. Powell

Today, March 21, 2003, we have, deliberately and with the Bush administration's very specific intent, become a rogue nation. We have, despite the condemnation of the great majority of the planet, attacked a sovereign nation without provocation or proof of threat, paving the first steps down the road to a fascist state. We have abused our power, used it in violation of international law, ruthlessly destroying vital relationships of long standing. We have attempted to invalidate the UN, not coincidentally the most important organization for maintaining peace and sanity on the planet. We are at this minute killing innocents, civilian and soldier, not to defend ourselves against terrorism, or to bring down a brutal dictator, or to establish a bastion of democracy in the Middle East (the absurdity of it!) but to establish a New World Order. To launch a policy of pre-eminence and world military dominance in which Iraq has been the first target for ten years now. To make the world safe for capitalism, cheap Middle Eastern oil, and Israel. And to fatten the bank accounts of selected munitions manufacturers and certain construction, engineering and oilfield services firms, all on very intimate terms with the Bush administration.

This is the territory of dictators and conquerors, not of decent democracies. Respect for this nation fades with every bomb dropped on Baghdad, with every civilian killed, every child terrorized out of its mind. The respect we held for ourselves, despite our many mistakes, as a country that protected the weak, upheld justice, and strove to make the world a better place, is gone. With this merciless act of unprovoked aggression, our good reputation, for which so many have given so much, is gone. America was the only great power in history to never have abused its might by conquering another nation in self interest, as colonizer and aggressor. We did not because we knew what it was to be the colonized, to be the victim of aggression. And if it was an amendment to our Constitution that was never written, that we never misuse our power in that way, it was because the founders presumed this was one we knew by heart. We have become what we overthrew in 1778.

A light, our light, has gone out of the world. We will never again behold its like.

I am ashamed of my nation. May grace soon enlighten me for I have developed an implacable hatred of those who have extinguished that light, although I knew they have only but completed the course of corrosive rot that unrestricted access of big money to legislative power has caused to this revered but unfortunately not vigilantly defended system.

For its efforts in strangling democracy by judicial coup d'etat, running roughshod over the Constitution, protecting, serving and advancing corporate interests while weakening legislation designed to protect the public and the environment, deliberately obstructing all efforts to address global warming while promoting gluttonous consumption of fossil fuels, setting up housekeeping with Big Energy and bedding munitions manufacturers, launching a course of world conquest that if it were designed to do so could not be more effective in eliciting terrorist retaliation, turning a deaf ear to those suffering domestically under the worst recession since gee, what, the Reagan administration; the George W. Bush administration richly deserves recognition as a new low in the annals of the American presidency. They have disgraced the office and this nation, have brought us to the darkest trial our democracy has yet faced. Yet, as with another George, George II of England, they too can be overthrown. This time, with our votes.

So now comes the reckoning. How many of us will recognize ourselves as a plutocracy sliding down the path to capitalistic-driven fascism? And how many will continue to accept without question the lies offered as fact by the rapidly monopolized major network and print outlets, a propaganda virtually unchanged from what the Bush administration fed to them? This is the most important time in the history of our nation to act as a citizen and let your representatives know how you feel about these matters. This is the time when citizens' actions will make the difference in whether we rise as a democracy or fall into something we never thought ourselves capable of. Now is the time you should go to your phone and call, when time is so short immediate action is crucial.



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