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August, 2003

Feds Lose $1 Trillion? Please Sign
"Where's the Money?" Petition

I urge you to sign and spread the word about the new online petition ("Where's the Money?") that we are circulating to raise awareness about the huge sums of money now missing from the federal government and to build public demand that the money be found.

How much are we talking about? The petition tells the story and provides links to confirming media and government reports. But just to give an example: California's pro rata share of this missing money comes to $128 billion. That is enough to solve California's current budget crisis (over $35 billion) three and a half times over.

Serious sums of money are disappearing while our schools, healthcare and other public services are suffering deep cutbacks, and large numbers of people are out of work. The situation implies fraud and corruption of gross proportions, puts into question the creditworthiness of the US government, and is cause for deep concern to people across the political spectrum in the US and abroad.

Please sign the petition and do everything you can to build awareness of it among your friends and associates and relationship networks:

"Where's the Money?" Petition:

The US Government is missing $1.1 trillion and does not intend to find it or get it back. This is several times greater than the money needed to fund all federal, state and local governments deficits. We are launching a petition because we want to know where the money is.

If you are an American citizen, taxpayer or resident want to sign this petition.

If you are a citizen of a country which is financing America by buying US government and GSE bonds and mortgage-backed securities ... you want to sign this petition.

If you use or hold dollars or dollar-denominated assets anywhere in the world ... you want to sign this petition.

If America's need for capital as a result of corruption and fraud has affected you ... you want to sign this petition.

Catherine Austin Fitts



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