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August, 2003

DeLay Want "Road Map" Delay
By Jim Scanlon

Fundamentalist Christian Tom Delay Republican House Majority Leader from Sugar Land Texas will be traveling to Israel, Jordan and Iraq the last week in August to meet with prime ministers of Israel and Jordan and address the Israeli Parliament according to the New York Times.

DeLay will lobby against the so called "Road Map" plan of the Bush Administration which envisions the establishment of a Palestinian State. DeLay is a member of the Christian Zionist movement composed of conservative Republicans whose support of the state of Israel is based on their interpretation of the bible which, the Times says, "sometimes puts them to the right of the Israeli government."

DeLay is actively, illegally and unconstitutionally using his position and office to interfere with the foreign policy of the United States, much in the same way as Congressman Charles Wilson did, as reported in "Charlie Wilson's War" (See Book Review in this issue of the Coastal Post."

Fundamentalist Christians believe that the re-establishment of Israel as a Jewish state is a pre condition for the "End Times", the return to earth of Jesus of Nazareth, the end of the world, the judgment of everyone who ever lived and the "rapture" into paradise of the followers of the Messiah. Everyone else suffers eternal torment of some kind.


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