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July, 2003

Impeach Bush
By Frank Scott

   The danger posed by this court appointed regime is beyond that of any recent administration. It needs to be dealt with accordingly, and long before the 2004 election.
   The outrageous lies that gained support for the war on Iraq were obvious to most of the world, and a substantial minority of Americans. Still, only now are establishment sources beginning to question those ridiculous tales.
   But it is for that growing minority of Americans to take the offensive and demand more than investigations from a lap dog congress. The people must rally, demonstrate and press for impeachment. That may be the only way to stop these renegade fanatics, led by an election loser whose thoughts are in two syllables or less.
   When asked about global demonstrations opposing war, this strutting simpleton likened them to focus groups. But unlike market research inspired ad campaigns, which are the outcome of industry financed focus groups, these massive citizen expressions were about democracy. This growing international force, especially in the USA, must focus on that point, to stop the regime from further reducing the world to global market anarchy, under a godly despotism it calls liberty.
   An emerging majority understands that the real threat of terror comes from the fundamentalist leadership of the USA. The foreign threat is being used in its hard-core assault on national freedom, to create its soft-core form of national fascism. This menace from the imperial center is greater than that posed by terror attacks from its periphery. Democratically motivated Americans, however divided by other issues, must work through their differences to subdue this malevolent force.
   Small networks, in coalition, can overcome larger centralized powers. The new movements created in part by this regime can defeat empire by acting like those NGOs which, rather than curry favor from corporate power, work to replace it with the power of the people. What terrorism does, destructively, democracy must do, constructively. And with greater urgency .
   This minority cabal is reducing the world to more hardship and despair. Its continued rule may create dangerous conditions too critical to overcome. That rule must be ended quickly, and an impeachment drive may be the best way to speed up the process.
   The era of wreaking havoc on the third world while Americans go about their normal lives ended tragically on 911. But the pain inflicted by eastern fundamentalism, however great, pales by comparison to the terror practiced by western fundamentalism in its dominance of the world. Our fears should not lead us to accept repression, but to understand that we need an entirely different world view and practice to survive the present, and create a better future. That calls for real democracy, not the perverted thing that put this cabal into power.
   Its foreign policy that treats the world with arrogance and creates hatred where there once was respect, is an extension of its domestic policy which continues an assault on government that forces the majority to support the private sector. Its pre-depression economic theology of zealous faith in an invisible market force lowers taxes on the rich while raising deficits for everyone else.
   Public programs are being savaged by financial policies which lavish money on those who have great wealth, steal money from those who create all wealth, and deny money to those who have no wealth.
   These Republican fundamentalists make the gutless Democrats look good by comparison. They may also make them the choice of desperate voters who see nowhere else to go on election day. But it may be possible to infuse the nearly moribund Democrats with the life of newer constituencies, aligned with older ones which have long tried to transform that private limo into a public vehicle .
   The leadership fanatics, and their often innocent followers, are a minority. It is for the majority to understand itself as such, and organize to take power democratically. The difficulty of that task is nothing, compared to watching the world disintegrate before our eyes. Democracy is all that can transform a reality becoming more deadly, with one that can support humanity more justly than was ever before possible in history.
   Though there is plenty of reason for fear, this is not a time for defeatism and despair. The wretched conditions of life must change; for those who live in desperate poverty, as well as those clinging to a debt ridden middle class status only a lost job or serious illness away from poverty. That change means the system that treats all environments as markets dedicated to profit for minorities, needs to become one that puts well being for all before luxury for some. That would be history's first democracy.
   Long term steps in that direction must include ending the anti-democratic electoral college and initiating public financing of elections, as well as proportional representation and instant runoff voting. These moves would truly count all voters and allocate power according to majority votes, not minority dollars. Only then could issues be decided democratically, and not autocratically.
   The ultimate focus must be on uncontrolled capital, which is the root cause of most of our problems . Whether destroying nature or the social structure, it is this political economic religion which has brought us to the present condition. The movement for democracy needs to deal with this, even as it confronts single issues which seem more important for the moment. Sooner, and not much later, human survival will depend on transforming antisocial capitalism into social humanism.
   But for the present, democracy in America can best be exercised by moving to settle matters of the presidency, without waiting for the election of 2004. This demented regime needs to be disarmed, now. Whether a movement to impeach is technically successful or not, it will impede the march toward oblivion, and give people a chance to create a democratic government in 2004. Impeach Bush, now.


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