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July, 2003

Horizon Cable in Stinson

   Horizon Cable TV Inc. now offer a high-speed modem service and digital cable to its customers in the company's service area in the small coastal community of Stinson Beach in West Marin.
   The cable modem service allows consumers to communicate with the Internet directly via cable. On a two-way system, a phone line is not necessary; all data is transferred via cable. This allows constant connectivity to the Internet and eliminates busy signals and additional phone line charges. The new modem service is faster than dial-up, is always on, and offers high speed for video, music and games. The new service is simple to use, offers unlimited access and an annual contract is not required.
   The service is faster than basic DSL, offers three email accounts and includes 24/7 toll-free technical support.
   New digital cable customers in the area will receive free installation. Digital cable provides an interactive on-screen navigator and universal remote that assists with expanded programming options such as The Science Channel, Speed Channel, and Discovery Home & Leisure.
   Horizon is an independent cable company operating from offices at 227 South Oakwood Drive in Novato and provides cable service at Hamilton and in other new neighborhoods in Ignacio as well as West Marin. The firm can be reached at 415-883-9251.



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